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    1. Rezah

      surely i get Picasso :)
    2. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
    3. I could have gone on floating through space forever.
    4. Rezah

      Rezah | Netflix Zone 212-rezah
    5. i would love to look further into this
    6. Rezah

      I really liked you m9 but meh.
    7. Rezah

      We need to land this missile in the ocean
    8. Rezah

      it is very nice to see my veteran tags on forums
    9. Rezah

      Alright well, I have no idea who you are and I can tell from your profile picture clearly a virgin still * C Y @ * 2018 no one uses female pictures no more. And that name just adds itself
    10. Rezah

      I can just tell the community obviously want striders? don't see the problem why can't they have striders?
    11. Rezah

      yer there done but not apart of graphics no more
    12. Rezah

      Bye... So I'm quitting due to a few reasons which ill state below well I think the day I joined this community again as staff I felt I would do good for the community but since that day I haven't felt that way all I feel is slowness and clumsiness as well as this server is great and all but it isn't doing as good as it could be it just seems that a lot of sucking up to higher-ups accrues more then you think like not going to point names *Mitch* but when a community dislikes someone doesn't that say that clearly the community doesn't like him so by giving him moderator and skipping that in a few weeks to senior to then skipping it again to management clearly the community ain't going to like it but hey what can you do i just mean I would rather have no staff then allow staff members to skip the roles which have different power and responsibilities but I guess ill leave it here ill stop complaining but I did, however, enjoy myself the past few weeks but hey best to luck with the server people. Reason for leaving listed below The community is not as fun as it should be. Very slow at running the community. Staff don't listen to the community anymore. A lot of staff abuse power/abilities. Server deaded. A lot of staff get given everything for sucking up.
    13. Rezah

      Hahaha god love you
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