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    1. I know I am not the first to mention this in TS but I appear to be the first to mention it here, for the love of god, when even a Rhino MGS WITH SLAT ARMOUR gets one tapped by any AI launcher there is a serious power disparity here. It is not fair for the ironside guys who go and drive to an AO, only to get one shot by an AT guy, you end up wasting 15mins of your life that you will never get back. By extension, the countermeasures do jack shit to stop a missile as well. Not once have I had it stop a missile short. @Fitz, @webbie, @Nortcai We need to fix this asap guys. If it is an arma framework thing, you need to reduce your Anti-Tank team spawn rate as this is redicoulous.
    2. Luke

      Hey @Fitz Can we get these added to the server? These all look dope and @real has put some hard work into them. Let's give them some love on I&A! Anyone else with me here? Luke
    3. Luke

      Declaration of Application: - By placing this Application you are not guaranteed placement in the APD. Your Application for Full Time Enlistment into the APD may be Denied if your answers do not meet the minimum word limit, you lie in your answers, have an unsatisfactory history of Server Rule Breaches or fail to agree and acknowledge all statements and declarations in this Application. You Application may also be Denied after an Interview with a member of the Academy Staff. If you application is Denied a time frame will be placed after which you may reapply. After this reapply period has ended you may use your previous application, unless told otherwise. Acknowledgement of Declaration: (Y/N) Y Basics: - Name: Luke Walker TeamSpeak Name: Lukie Walker Age: 19 Hours Played as Pub Slot (minimum 15 Hours): 30+ Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198263456964 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Lukewalker952/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: @Sparrow. Referral Two: @Silentkiller Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): @silentkiller Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words min)?: I would like to join the APD because I believe that I can contribute to the APD in a positive way by creating a fun, yet realistic environment. I like having the opportunity to progress through the rank structure. I often enjoy a good role-play situation far more than just ticketing or sending a player to jail. I enjoy playing as a police officer and the day to day tasks that come with being a Police Officer. I enjoy working together in a team towards a common goal, I believe that if I become a police officer, I can make Altis a better and safer place for everyone. If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words min)?: I see my self as a well-trained officer at the rank of Senior-Constable or Leading Senior Constable working toward a position in either S.R.T keeping the citizens of Altis safe from dangerous rebels gangs. or in the detective's division searching through files to hunt down the Altis most wanted or raiding houses to clean Altis of weapons of mass destruction. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words min)?: I believe I can bring knowledge and experience of being a police officer and extend said knowledge into the Altis Police Department I believe I can bring the required skills in both PVP and in roleplay like the majority of the police force I enjoy taking time to roleplay other than the 'I'm going to give you a facial recognition scan because you cant provide me with ID'. I can also bring previously gained negotiation skills and investigative skills. Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: Medic As apart of the Straya Gaming Community I have been involved in quite a few hostage-takings and other role-play scenarios. I pride my self on my medical roleplay whether it be a common cold or a 30cm laceration across my stomach I can really appreciate quality roleplay and the time paramedics take to conduct these for us. How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: 8-10 hours per week Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: No, got a strike as medic tho once (lol) Conclusion: - Have you read the Altis Life Server Rules?: (Y/N) Y Have you read the Altis Police Department Protocols?: (Y/N) Y By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: (Y/N) Y Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T., Detectives, PoliceAir and Police Academy or promotion past Senior Sergeant: (Y/N) Y ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
    4. Luke

      Fitz, Any update on this? Kind Regards, Luke
    5. Luke

      Just 10 mins ago I was on I&A with not one, now two, but 3 Stealth Shikras and having 170 Transport points I thought..."Sweet I'll surely get a Shrika at least once" ***3 Wipeouts later*** FML guys we need to reward players who put the effort in to transport everyone and not just leave it to a random chance. Now I know some of you will winge and say "Oh you could have taken them all down with a wipeout....scrub, learn to fly." I am aware of this however there are countless situations where you need CAS based aircraft, such as during a defend, and times where you need to clear the skies of AIDS. I'm sure M9 and some of the other mods will back me up when I say this is an idea that could easily be planned, scripted and implemented. If you have any further questions regarding this let me know but seriously, come on guys, 160 points and 3 wipeouts in a row, just when you wanted an air superiority F/A aircraft. **** off arma.
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