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  1. Tungsten

    cus of you @Tracuer
  2. Tungsten

    The Rhino is powerful yes, but its not powerful enought to warrent a long respawn, its just so fragile compared to a tank even with the ATGMs, all it takes is 1 pass from the enemy CAS and its gone, where as both the T140 varients are pretty strong, and would unfortunately encorage solo tanking
  3. So i have taken some time to try pretty much any tanks DLC content i can use on the server, and here are my thoughts so far. Ironside: Spawns will need to be sorted out, as the balance of power has shifted quite alot, The Kuma and Slammer have barely any changes, while the Slammer UP and T100 have had a large survivability increase due to ERA , the Slammer UP also got upgunned to a 120mm gun, So maybe something like Spawn 1 being a Slammer/Kuma Spawn 2 being a Slammer UP or T100 and Spawn 3 being the Rhino, leaving the T140 as a side reward or 2 Rhinos and 1 Slammer Nyx: After trying them all out i think that the Recon Nyx needs to be a seperate spawn rather then being in rotation, its extreamly handy, while on the other hand the AA nyx is honestly crap from the few times i was actually able to locate a target cus it does not have radar, needing the Recon Nyx to send data over the datalink. and even then your chances of hitting a helo are pretty bad given how effective flares are against the missles and its not even worth trying against jets, the AT Nyx is not great, its not as reliable as the Gorgon, but its still nice to have, and the missles pack a punch, but the Autocannon Nyx is great helping infanry clear towns. AT Jeeps: Honestly, i think that we only need the AT prowler and MWD/Offroad, but the frequency of the spawn is rather low from what i have seen. CAS vs Armor: yep, this is rearing its head again like usual, with the abundance of armor and AT assets now, CAS bombing everything before everything gets there is going to get very annoying again very fast. Zamak MLS: Yet to try on the server yet, but i get the feeling its going to end up being a good compromise for a mobile artillery piece for FSG due to the fragile nature of the chassis, will bug you to give me one to experiment with soon Spawning SPAAG: Enemy CAS is becoming quite annoying, but i see that as an opertunity to add in a Cheeta spawn, as the Jet cant be everywhere and the AA nyx is worse then i expected it to be. Commander: So far, i can see it as a promising addition, despite what you see on a Public server, that said, while alot of the irritations are a BI thing, its rather annoying not to have a method of getting a proper idea of whats happening in the AO outside of chat and your map, which can be annoying at times when teamed up with BIs crappy default key bindings and commanding system, also gets annoying that everyone gets shoved into the default command group
  4. Tungsten

    im not "the best", but i am probably among them, and the standard slammer is nice and all, but its not as good as a T100 or Kuma
  5. Tungsten

    just to give some idea just how OP
  6. Tungsten

    might as well, since the infantry only want the support with the biggest bang for your buck at a moments notice And i know your not gonna add a mobile howitzer like i dream of having. clearly you dont know me too well, if the role itself was not in the position it is, i would be doing it all manually, hell i do it anyway for targets in visual range.
  7. Tungsten

    On the one hand, i dont mind using a mortar range table to do firemissions, its more entertaining and interactive But on the other hand, there are just so many problems that mortars and artillery in general have on the server that the loss of the artillery computer on the mortars basicly makes them reduntant. I mean, your generally having to compete with Air Support and Armored assets for the call in due to ROE, Which Air Support is the go to because its always available due to having both Jets and UCAVs equiped with GBUs, and all it takes to get Air Support is "hey i need CAS on this" if its a Ground Attack Jet, and a lase for a GBU drop, which can be responded to and dealt with in about a minute (even less depending on the pilots skill and a quality lase) Where as in the off chance that mortars get the call, even with the artillery computer you need a target marked on the map, you need to be in a close enough firing position that your accuracy is acceptable, you can really only engage stationary targets, or predict were they will be when the shells land using the information given by the requester, you need to call it in chat when you have fired and just before the shells hit, and you also need to be able to be able to warn the infantry about in flight shells because barely anyone can be assed to check the map, leading to a higher risk of FF, all this done by a single player who is doing the job of a whole team because there is only 1 slot for FSG, the gunner, and in the time it takes to do all that, CAS can have done the same thing better and when you take out the artillery computer, the proccess becomes even more complicated due to the nature of the server and the lack of man power in FSG as you need a spotter, an assistant gunner, in addition to increasing the time it takes to respond, and the extra time it takes to find and set up a suitible firing position with good line of sight.
  8. Tungsten

    wait, does this mean i can mount mortars on trucks without having to pester you now
  9. Tungsten

    clearly you have not tried the new AOs being tested on the tanoa server lul, not boring at all
  10. Tungsten

    Personally i find a Lynx using APDS from 1k+ away works quite well, pop the tires, then clean up
  11. Tungsten

    i think the radar for the easter egg cheeta is either bugged or disabled
  12. Tungsten

    I agree, from our airbase at its going to be 8 km to an AO at most, and the map itself is 15 x 15 km so jets are kinda pointless, most of the map seems to favor APCs/IFVs and Helo's then fixed wing CAS for support anyway, and the for the fixed wing UAVs the Greyhawk would be a much better option then the Sentinel, its fuel guzzling and high speed are a liability on Tanoa. And much to my displeasure, doing some rough estimates, base and FOB based heavy artillery would work be rather effective as well, i dont have an exact for the howitzer yet, but the MLRS on close covers about half the main island from base, with a good time to target of around 40 seconds with great accuracy, and mortars would be good as well, while not being a logistical nightmare like on altis, or alternatively have mortar batteries set up at the main base and at Kokoda and you pretty much have coverage of the whole island
  13. Tungsten

    when the fog rolls in "ERMAGERD ADMIN GET RID OF IT, I CANT SEE 5 M INFRONT OF ME, I CANT SNIPE NOW ERMAGERD" also, likelyhood of getting proper artillery assets considering CAS is gonna suck on tanoa
  14. Tungsten

    ewww CUP, full of bugs, glitches and unbalanced copy and paste ports