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    1. shrike_

      CO-35_New_Findings_V5 By: Shrike MISSION: Year 2043, June, 23. An unknown enemy has breached our blockade around the island of [REDACTED]. We believe their main goal is the bunker, Site 34. Site 34 is located on the island which contains entity [Classified]. The hostiles have set them selves up around the bunker and are currently preparing to breach the bunker. Due to the hazard of being within 3 km's from the entity. No personnel are located in the bunker or on the island. Site 34 is monitored offsite via Cameras which are found throughout the bunker. For unknown reasons anomalies appear within 3km's of the entity. Because of the this, the entire Island is treated as its containment. No one is allowed to get 2kms close to island without authorization from level 4 staff. Any one who passes the blockade without authorization will be considered hostile and are to be destroyed. Lately more than normal anomalies have been sighted appearing on the island while the entity remains contained inside its containment. Investigating these may also aid us in understanding the entity more and maybe why the hostiles have chosen now of all times to come. As of 14 hours ago an unknown enemy consisting of 4 warships and 1 carrier managed to break through the blockade around the island. Due to the unexpected size of the enemy force, a large task force is put together and are teamed up with the american navy to take on the situation. You play as a member in Task force Hunter and are sent in with the aid of the American navy. You are tasked with the mission to eradicate the hostiles who have occupied the abandoned island and stop them from breaching site 34. The hostiles have fortified themselves on the coast line by occupying the pre-existing bunkers and setting up military platforms. They are also occupying the towns and compounds in the area. Mission success is when all objectives are complete and site 34 has not been breached If in the event the bunker is breached, the mission will be considered a failure. Any one within 3km's from the bunker are to be considered KIA. Teams outside the zone are to evacuate and prepare for the on site warheads to detonate. While in-containment, the entity can still interact to some extent with object on the island. Proceed with caution. Expect ANOMALIES Vehicles: 6 Assault boats, 2 Speedboats with gmg's are provided [IMPORTANT] You are to use the gmg' to clear up a landing area for the rest of the teams to land in one {piece} Do not extend outside of the AO as it is littered with anomalies. OBJECTIVES: Main Objectives - 1. Destroy the forward outpost, blow up the radar and HQ building. 2. Destroy the Anti tank guns to allow our ships to get closer. 3. Destroy the Anti Air guns so our CAS can get closer 4. Search the 3 story complex for intel (refer to in game) 5. Investigate the dome set up on the hill. 6. Clear the town of Dourdan 7. Clear the town of Houdan 8. search the office building that was built just outside of Houdan 9. Find and kill the office in charge. 10. Secure site 34 Side Objectives - 1. Assault the Carrier, kill the remaining crew member and kill the officer. search for Intel before moving on. Tell the commander about the Intel 2. Assault the Destroyer, kill the remaining crew member and kill the officer. search for Intel and before moving on. Tell the commander about the Intel MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: Malden SQUAD SETUP: 1x commander 4 squads of 8 Roles: Squad Lead [take on the best role of all and lead people to their death] Medic [you may go down a lot, (I did) medics are vital] LMG [AI can be suppressed, can be handy] Anti Tank [needed to deal with vehicles] Team Lead [expected to help the squad leader] Medic [you may go down a lot, (I did) medics are vital] Marksman [will be engaging AI between 2m all the way up to 900m] Demo [needed to complete most objectives] WEAPONS\UNIFORM: [Classified] NOTES: There will be very little Zeus Operating in the mission. everything is running through either DAC or pre-placed assets. Zeus will only be there as backup and to keep everyone in check. Stay inside the playing area or run the risk of running into stronger AI/ Zeus lightning bolts. Random Information pertinent to mission. Required from everyone: Play as a team. All roles are required in this mission. Medical: Ace medical basic Load-outs: Crates are in front of every squad on tables with different scopes, ammo and more. pick what suits you best from inside the crate. Resupply: there will be 2 crates in front of every boat with ammo and another with explosives and at. take these along with you as you may need them. Support: there will be another role which Shrike might end up taking which involves land a car on shore and delivering crates to squads further in land. (may change during mission) Enemy EXPECTATIONS: Expect at least a battalion of enemies (not a joke by the way) Infantry with some light Armour and maybe some light air assets. MODS: CBA_A3 ACE SHACKTAC Task Force Radio RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF JSRS (optional)
    2. shrike_

      The UAV operator has 2 remote controlled turret's that can be placed down (autonomous MG & GMG) . However the latest update does not allow the Uav specialist to pick them up. being an item that can only be used by uav operator I think its silly to have the unit unable to pick up a back pack which is for that role.
    3. shrike_

      worked for about 5 minutes then went back to not working. tried getting it to work later on to no avail.
    4. shrike_

      I've be using the Rhino a fair bit since it came out. What I have noticed is if you are using the ATGM's you can only pick up lasers from the Falcon. The other methods I have tried that do not work are Greyhawk, UCav, Darter, Remote Designator backpack, Strider (Strider doesn't work at all I think), Hand held Designator. Can we have the data link turned on (send and receive or what ever allows it to pick up the lase)
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