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    1. Bradley Rasic

      I hopped on for a bit but I missed that sadly Can't wait to start doing Tanoa on the regular
    2. Bradley Rasic

      Hi my name's Brass, I've been playing on StrayaGaming on and off since 2016 and I love the RP that both AltisLife and Invade & Annex provide. I've been playing ARMA 3 since I first got my Gaming PC back in February 2016 and I've got around 980 hours on it so far You'll most likely see me on Invade & Annex being the UAV operator or just hanging in the pilot channel doing JTAC I'm a weaboo and also play Garry's Mod sometimes when I'm really bored.. anyways, I can't wait to join back into the community and I hope to see you guys around! hmu if u wanna play somethin boi
    3. Bradley Rasic

      @Humaine Thank you , you should really post that in the guides section, it'd help a lot of new players, as @Dogofwar said. But, if anything, I'd say a medical pod should be implemented so infantry have more of an incentive to use the FOB for things other than vehicles / repairs depending on what is delivered to it. I'd really like to see FOB's being utilised more often, but they just aren't very useful to Infantry most of the time
    4. Bradley Rasic

      I'm guessing it's more to actually point out that we have a Tanoa I&A server
    5. Bradley Rasic

      "Call the UN"
    6. Bradley Rasic

      The life of a sniper on I&A
    7. Bradley Rasic

      I agree with Travesty. This setup feels balanced and will change up the gameplay and freshen up the pilot job abit. I honestly love to come and act as JTAC with the pilots and jets/CAS combined and it works very well 99% of the time. I don't see any need to remove the jets.