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  1. Bradley Rasic

    I hopped on for a bit but I missed that sadly ? Can't wait to start doing Tanoa on the regular ?
  2. Bradley Rasic

    Hi ? my name's Brass, I've been playing on StrayaGaming on and off since 2016 and I love the RP that both AltisLife and Invade & Annex provide. I've been playing ARMA 3 since I first got my Gaming PC back in February 2016 and I've got around 980 hours on it so far You'll most likely see me on Invade & Annex being the UAV operator or just hanging in the pilot channel doing JTAC ? I'm a weaboo and also play Garry's Mod sometimes when I'm really bored.. anyways, I can't wait to join back into the community and I hope to see you guys around! ? hmu if u wanna play somethin boi
  3. Bradley Rasic

    @Humaine Thank you ?, you should really post that in the guides section, it'd help a lot of new players, as @Dogofwar said. But, if anything, I'd say a medical pod should be implemented so infantry have more of an incentive to use the FOB for things other than vehicles / repairs depending on what is delivered to it. I'd really like to see FOB's being utilised more often, but they just aren't very useful to Infantry most of the time ?
  4. Bradley Rasic

    I'm guessing it's more to actually point out that we have a Tanoa I&A server ? ?
  5. Bradley Rasic

    "Call the UN"
  6. Bradley Rasic

    The life of a sniper on I&A ?
  7. Bradley Rasic

    I agree with Travesty. This setup feels balanced and will change up the gameplay and freshen up the pilot job abit. I honestly love to come and act as JTAC with the pilots and jets/CAS combined and it works very well 99% of the time. I don't see any need to remove the jets.