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  1. krypkii

    @nclem Don't ever do that AGAIN! :p
  2. krypkii

    Name: krypkii Callsign: [S01W] Date of Disciplinary Action: 15/11/2017 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: BLACKLIST from S.R.T and Detective and a suspension from cop. Who were you Disciplined by: Milkdud Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Playing rebel with [TSF] tags whilst not on leave whilst in a division, participating in an house-raid with TSF, and disobeying orders from a cabinet member. Why the appeal should be accepted: Firstly, I understand what I did wrong regarding the incident where I was playing Rebel with [TSF] tags whilst not in a division. I have had the previous history of it and was kicked from S.R.T for that specific reason, I, however, was playing on leaving S.R.T that same day but was having mixed feelings, which was why I was playing rebel but had not openly discussed my position in S.R.T. That same night I joined detectives and stopped playing the rebel up until last night where I wanted to camp coke proc but had no Aobe members to chill with I decided to join DJ_Joozbrorg and his gang so if I were decd upon I would have more backup. At this point, I had not taken leave which was my fault. Whilst down at coke proc DJ had hit off a house at Kalithea which was [BFB] house. I then flew over to the house with my intentions being to help in case of a firefight between them and [BFB]. I, however, had died before getting there. DJ ended scoring an RPG and a Navid from the burglary. I then taunted FarmerGeorge saying that we had split the loot. Which we didn't. DJ can confirm he sold both the RPG and Navid. This was then followed by a metagaming accusation as I was in detectives, however, I do not have access to house information as a Trial Detective. This was then followed up by a message from Milkdud in Teamspeak telling me I was blacklisted from 2 divisions. I joined the Melb LAC channel which was where he and other cops we're chilling so that I could speak with him. We got into a heated argument, one which I will not get into details but will say it was very very heated. Both Milkdud and I were extremely heated and he told me to get out of the channel, which I did not and I received a suspension. In conclusion, Milkdud put it perfectly which was actually one of the reasons I got pissed off in the first place which is that I am trial-moderator and there are certain procedures I must follow to do a certain thing. I, however, did not do the procedure of applying for leave and that one simple procedure that I disregarded, blew up in my face and left me with Blacklists and a suspension. Following this, I then disobeyed an order from the Deputy Commissioner. Which at the time only occurred because I was extremely pissed off. I have taken some time to cool off and write this appeal and I was not myself last night. The whole day was shitty for me IRL and in-game and I think everything just combined and I just took it out on Milkdud, and for that, I say I am sorry. Gracias.
  3. krypkii

    That is awesome! I love it!!!!
  4. krypkii

    T'was a good event!
  5. krypkii

    YEAH BRO +1
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  7. krypkii

    I used to play FiveRP. Although it was good, I prefer Arma 3 a lot more.
  8. krypkii

    Isn't it back already?
  9. krypkii

    Wouldn't mind a new milsim unit. My one is dead.
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  11. krypkii

    When I&A has better roleplay than AL.
  12. krypkii

    If you're asking about cop promotion the best way to do it is to just play man. :)
  13. krypkii

    How about stop being a troll????
  14. krypkii

    Name: krypkii Callsign: K01E Rank: Detective Leading Senior Constable Training Completed By: Training was completed by @nclem Why do you deserve a promotion? I deserve a sergeants position because I have experience. I have been apart of this community for a long time, playing as both rebel and cop. I have extensive knowledge of both APD protocols and server rules. I'm generally a relaxed and easy going guy but when needed, I can be as stern and as serious as I need to be. All up I have come along way since being a Probationary Constable, I've joined Detectives (twice) and am now a Leading Senior Constable, I have had fun along the way and I don't see any reason in stopping. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Jebediha Shepard | @Rhys Beckett | @kiwisniper | @nclem | @Daywalker | @Josh death