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    1. Tim

      What if you enable it for everyone but leave it ticket based, that way even if the FOB is right next to the AO the pilots still have to run supply’s for it to keep working. Also having unlimited tickets when the server population is low might not be a bad idea.
    2. Can a similar way of teleporting to side from base get added to the FOB seeing as the only way to currently spawn there is to have been killed, requiring you to run out of base into a field and blow yourself up, which doesn’t even work half the time because of Robocop.
    3. Tim

      Pumpkin Eater
    4. Tim

      We are now in this war. We are all in it, all the way.
    5. Tim

      You win some and Lose some
    6. Tim

      In SQUAD we trust
    7. Tim

      Cannon's away captain
    8. Tim

      The "bullet resistant" divers that spawn next to the uav for the secure uav side mission are slightly annoying
    9. Tim

      If the medical supply's for the IDAP mission are put into a vehicle and the vehicle is destroyed they disappear and there is no way to end the mission.
    10. Tim

      Get kicked from the server when using self destruct on a UAV/UGV Cant service the falcon at the fob Also can the falcon get short range AA
    11. Tim

      When joining as the UAV Operator a greyhawk is spawned and i have to relog to get a sentinel Sentinel does not respawn once destroyed Falcon never spawns Gunner on the sentinel becomes greyed out and inoperable after a team kill, respawning or servicing the sentinel doesn't fix it After respawning, the UAVterminal is removed and has to be re-equipped The stretchers on the UGV cannot be used
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