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  1. Lachlan

  2. Lachlan

    It was suggested another time as well, Back in late 2015 or early 2016 and we did trial but it didn't work out and failed to gain a population/staff and ended up been abandon
  3. Lachlan

    I said it 5 years ago the reason why the playerbase is decreasing is because: A) people have moved on from Arma 3 and moved on other games or younger people are just not interested in playing older games like arma 3. B) Some people don't want to play with default altis life or are board with playing with default Arma 3 vehicles and weapons anymore some people wound like to have more realistic affect to the game with mods like task forced radio and more vehicles, weapons and custom addons I said it 3-4 years ago Alits life will die out one day and so will Arma 3 eventuality and I said we need to branch outside of arma 3 and outside of alits life like two-three years ago we were working on a strict Arma 3 life server with custom addons that could have worked but was canned in the end due to the lack of Dev's. C) It's a Role play server Role play instead of shooting, Role play your way out of things and it shouldn't be about shooty shooty it should be about RP that's what alits life is about RP and making some money.
  4. Lachlan

    we did try a king of the hill server a couple of years back didn't work out it was only up for a week or two by memory
  5. Lachlan

    here's my 2 cents Sydney has been a mess for years it's been the center of the server for almost 5 years now maybe every now and people go out from Sydney to do drugs or rob banks. Back even when we had 10 people on the server Sydney has been the center of the server due to city been bigger then the others and due to how popular sydney has always been. Maybe Cops and civ should leave Sydney and go some where else but the issue with that is the map is to large and you won't see everyone and then there's no RP really happing and so on so your kind of stuck at a win and a loss so to put it to Basic terms. Everyone leaves Sydney Pro: Not center of attention and people and might encourage RP. people might be able to do more RP situations some where else. Everyone leaves Sydney Con: too big of map for RP server. potential lose of population due to not having a center meeting point or main town. won't see another person for ages due to the scope of the map. Also to add on the AL server has always been about RP but mainly shooting and this has been an issue for ages it should have been a strict RP server it's a role play which means create a person and RP like hell it shouldn't have revolved about shooting people 24/7. Yes SP robbed the banks a lot i think one night they robbed the banks 3X-4X times in one night. but the server has changed alot since i was last on (2 Years ago) staff can't always enforce RP to 90 players a night with the staff only been 10%-15% of the population of Alits life. The amount of Help desk issues the staff deal with on a night basis is crazy. But it's upto the players to make or do what they want with the server as a whole like if most of the pop don't want to RP out of situations and shoot then you can't do much it's up to the Player-base on what wants to happen if the players start Doing More RP situations lay down the guns and don't shoot as much and encourage RP then as time goes on people will notice and it might a change might happen but until then you can't change everyone but it's gotta start with the gangs/cartels/cops and as time goes on the server will change but at the end of the day I can sit here all day telling people suggestions for changing the server but it's upto the players on what they want and the staff/management to enforce and change the rules as they see. but hey I'm just a Old retired Staff member that comes on here once in a blue moon to see what's happing and comment on certain things. Thanks for Reading, Lachlan
  6. Lachlan

    I Haven't played in almost 2 years because of my PC is a potato and also I'm still burnt out of Arma 3 also personal reasons IRL that i will not comment on
  7. Lachlan

    AREA 51 AREA 51 AREA 51
  8. Lachlan

    Its called balancing your real life and Life on a server I learnt the hard way and i suffered badly from it so find the right balance between a server and IRL
  9. Lachlan

    there is a new Teamspeak in development which is going to be better it will probably be released with in the next two years
  10. Lachlan

    I was the one that provided him with some answers for some questions I know some people might know all the answers to the questioner
  11. Lachlan

    I know some answers I will not be present to provide people the opportunity to cheat
  12. Lachlan

    TBH what ever happend to the old days like myself and whole bunch of others would go around raiding all night ect. I don't know what happen to wasteland right now with a max pop of around the 20-40 mark back in the day wasteland used to get a max pop of 80 a night and there was a lot more weapons/Vehicles were in the server. but I think also with PUBG and fortnight nut wasteland has had some competition but i hope wasteland dose prosper again very soon I would like to thank @John Paul for the dev work of wasteland and in 2015/2016. (History note: I was the second staff member to be assigned to wasteland back in 2015 along with @Syveknz been the first staff member to be assigned wasteland server staff) Honorable mentions previous wasteland staff @Donkey Punch @Tiggati @Unit_3397 @Mozkelby (many others that i can't think of all the names ) For staffing wasteland back in 2015/2016/2017
  13. Lachlan

    this thread is over 3 years old time to move on go and make a new thread ?
  14. Lachlan

    but he's still owner though on his profile but the reason why he's in the founder tab is because founder is he's main group on the fourms so that's why he's in the section and I would image James are red would be keeping in up-to date in other means in regards to SG.
  15. Lachlan

    Lucky's still in charge though i mean if it wasn't for him SG would not be here today unless Lucky has left SG?