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    1. Lachlan

      just moved on in life not gaming as much
    2. Lachlan

      Hello all, for all of those who know me and are wondering where I have been over past little while I'm still around but just been Really busy IRL. I am doing well life is Booming I'm living and enjoying life if you don't know who I am don't go any further. let me introduce myself I use to be a staff member back in Late 2014 and 2015,2016 and then the early 2017 I Resigned due to Educational Reasons but I'm still here just not playing much anymore. If you wish to get in contact with me please PM I will PM Back when I'm un-busy Kind Regards, Lachlan
    3. I do miss the old day of the server when there weren't as many restrictions you could be more free but I do agree with what is saying there should be a poll made about the future wasteland updates. the staff who originally developed have moved on with there lives but the wasteland server dose need to go back to basic and start over with no restrictions and be rebuilt from the gourd up and a poll should be out to what the players want for updates. But remove artillery tanks cause there OP as anything.
    4. Lachlan

      i was here way before mozkelbys time i was one of the first wasteland mods and i was there for the relaunch of Alits life in November of 2014 and then in January of 2015 we lunched wasteland and then we lunched I&A in march to April of 2015 and then stayagaming was when i resigned from staff and still is the biggest Arma 3 community in Australia I believe. back in those days you cud just have fun without anyone getting up you and the rules we're lot more laxed as well.
    5. The best Lachlan to ever grace the strayagaming community :heart: Been over a year since i've seen your spelling on the forums, was starting to miss it tbh :cookie: stop on by ts big man and say hello 

      1. Lachlan


        yep just popping in


    6. Lachlan

      i belive it's due to people moving on to PUBG and Fortnight and other games like that. These games are similar to wasteland that might be the reason people might just want to move on for now. the same thing happens to our Alits Life in the early stage of 2015 where the population of life just died due to a gang becoming to op and kept killing civs. What we did was shut down the server for around a month or two (i don't remember exactly what time period was) And then we decided to start it back up again and then the people came back. so I believe we could try this exactly for wasteland this could work hopeful. This could work and give the devs time to try and make it better with better content and listen to what the remaining players would like to see and what they think they can make wasteland great again. (Just a suggestion)
    7. Lachlan

      it is sad . I was one of the first staff on the wasteland server when it opened back in January 2015. Rest In Peace
    8. Lachlan

    9. Lachlan

      i will do
    10. Lachlan

      Mate you should already know that. if not come on TS and have a nice cup of tea and a biscute with me and i will tell you who i am. XD
    11. Lachlan

      I know i was bee sarcastic or trying to
    12. Lachlan

      why do you need to be saved? I'm also a very friendly person, most of the time (that was a hint)
    13. Lachlan

      Hello all, for those who knew me before i took a break for a year or so. I will Be Returning to stayagaming and i will be popping around on the Teamspeak and now after my year break from arma 3. I will be looking to get back into alits Life, wasteland ,I&A kind regards, Lachlan Retired Staff Wasteland Veteran I&A Veteran Staya Veteran
    14. Lachlan

      thank you
    15. Lachlan

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