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    1. Lachlan

      Its called balancing your real life and Life on a server I learnt the hard way and i suffered badly from it so find the right balance between a server and IRL
    2. Lachlan

      there is a new Teamspeak in development which is going to be better it will probably be released with in the next two years
    3. Lachlan

      I was the one that provided him with some answers for some questions I know some people might know all the answers to the questioner
    4. Lachlan

      I know some answers I will not be present to provide people the opportunity to cheat
    5. Lachlan

      TBH what ever happend to the old days like myself and whole bunch of others would go around raiding all night ect. I don't know what happen to wasteland right now with a max pop of around the 20-40 mark back in the day wasteland used to get a max pop of 80 a night and there was a lot more weapons/Vehicles were in the server. but I think also with PUBG and fortnight nut wasteland has had some competition but i hope wasteland dose prosper again very soon I would like to thank @John Paul for the dev work of wasteland and in 2015/2016. (History note: I was the second staff member to be assigned to wasteland back in 2015 along with @Syveknz been the first staff member to be assigned wasteland server staff) Honorable mentions previous wasteland staff @Donkey Punch @Tiggati @Unit_3397 @Mozkelby (many others that i can't think of all the names ) For staffing wasteland back in 2015/2016/2017
    6. Lachlan

      this thread is over 3 years old time to move on go and make a new thread
    7. Lachlan

      but he's still owner though on his profile but the reason why he's in the founder tab is because founder is he's main group on the fourms so that's why he's in the section and I would image James are red would be keeping in up-to date in other means in regards to SG.
    8. Lachlan

      Lucky's still in charge though i mean if it wasn't for him SG would not be here today unless Lucky has left SG?
    9. Lachlan

      J17 resigned and supernova got removed from staff and Demigod resigned from staff. marc r, tiggati Resinged from staff for Reasons I will not state and refuse to comment on. roger purple, quantum resinged from staff. Spectral was resigned from staff (He was closed to been kicked from staff due to abuse of powers ect.)
    10. Lachlan

      well Luckyb33f is still in-charge of Stayagaming it seems like this plot failed
    11. Lachlan

      you still owe me that beer right?
    12. Lachlan

      Also SG was developing a Aram 3 life modded server at the end of 2015 which looked really good but was sadly canceled I was on the server in the early stages having a look around.
    13. Lachlan

      all you had to do was ask. Also on these forums is says i joined on September 14, 2015. This is due to the fourms getting wiped on this day but there are people that were here but are no longer part of SG there's only one person that would backup what i'm saying that person is ʝ17. Also this was 6--8 months before luckb33f came back to SG. back in the day there were hardly any rules at all. times were different the cop force had 5-8 people in it. and this November SG would have been up for 5 years if anyone wants any history lessons on SG feel free message me. should i write a noval on this?
    14. Lachlan

      Been here even before AL went public in 2014 it was still in Dev stage in November of 2014 on the last weekend the server went live and then in January of 2015 Wasteland was released and then in April of 2015 I&A was released.
    15. Lachlan

      I have just complete my Cert 3 course and graduated and now looking for a full-time job in telecommunication as well as me focusing more on my self and getting More IRL and not gaming as much. and I might come back to arma 3 soon just not yet not too soon. When I build my new PC in a couple of months. Also this November stayagaming would have been up for 5 years. Thanks for reading, Lachlan
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