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  1. Charlie

    So after coming back onto the server after an arguably long break of about 8 months I thought hey this is a nice new forum straya must have changed right, wrong. I go on for a 2 hour session to see whats changed since I have been gone for ages and nothing has. All the cop force is made up of people power hungry and plain bipolar yelling at people for rushing a tower and getting killed. I understand Altis Life is supposed to be a "realistic roleplay simulator" but yelling at and abusing people for playing a game is a bit absurd. I go onto medic and get RDMed almost 20 minutes into playing. What I'm saying is nothing has changed in this server and saying oh we have made so many amazing changed to the server doesnt make it great its the community. This server hasn't changed one bit since the time it relaunched which is pretty sad.
  2. And Mr 1028x960 resolution can talk?
  3. Charlie

    You say RDM, VDM and shit like that is frequent, well duh your playing an un-whitelisted public altis life server that people can join straight away when they start the game, there is sure to be trolls but you just gotta look past that to the good in the server, tho occasional good and funny RP but yeah sadly a lot of those problems can only be fixed by making the server less accessible to people AKA 3 quarters of the AG population and the Admins aren't going to do that. There will always be trolls that's a way of life but you just gotta look past it.
  4. Charlie

    When its your first day on the job as a medic your sure to see some interesting things.
  5. Charlie

    Not saying they are but it isnt entirely unplausible
  6. Charlie

    Don't turn this into a flame war...
  7. Charlie

    I mean saying it goes into giveaways and the server is one thing but its easy to lie. Plenty of servers have gone through get donations and taking out increments for personal gain (cough A3L cough).
  8. Hey Everyone! Some of you may know me and some of you may not, I will be returning to SG for a small period of time to see whats changed, so if you see me say hi trying to start a fresh slate so anything i may have done before just see how I am now before you judge me for things i have done/said in the past. Thanks Charlie
  9. Charlie

    Just to add my last little bit, SP are not a un-coordinated gang by any means, if anything they are the best the server has seen, all of the other gangs that try to rob it always get rekt within half an hour cause they make stupid plays. If SP are un-coordinated why do they pull off so many Feds and Neri banks if anything the cops are un-coordinated. (Yep i just said the cops are un-coordinated from a cop point of view) and so what so many times we are, with no comms and people yelling over other people how can we stop people from robbing the bank, silly really.
  10. Charlie

    Even if these are all valid points, it still stands that Rebels aren't given 9.3 machine guns etc. for a reason, hey SP remember before the Altis Life remaster came out, FED was piss easy for ya'll because you all had Navid's that could tear through Hunters and Striders like a 1000 degree knife through ice cream (ridiculous right!?) that is why these changes were made to balance out the way you have to play and maneuver to win a situation like fed. Like @Magix said FED and Neri bank are a high risk high reward situation, (use big guns get big moola) without sacrificing some of these weapons that can take hours to source you are not going to succeed in robbing Fed, that was why SP is so successful, you guys don't care about money, you can just go make it back again in the old days or buy a new Navid. However now that the tables have turned and you guys have to work for these high powered rifles and machine guns, from my point of view the system is balanced as is. And as for whether rebels and cops should be allowed to log on and respond to Fed bank etc. ABSOLUTELY! After all the economy on the server it has been made for fun, trust me when i say it wouldn't be much fun to sit down in Sydney LAC or as rebel at rebel 1 while all your buddies are smashing Fed or bank etc. although i think some of the cop situations are a bit edgy when they have pulled out things that shouldn't have but after all the server was made for fun, not be be ultra realistic. That's where i think we all get caught up, yeah this might not be to real life scale but it is supposed to be fun. If you want something realistic go rob a bank IRL (just kidding don't) To finish off i think the system is fine as it stands and doesn't need to be changes and i think everyone needs to sit back and just have fun while they are playing cop or rebel and doing Fed or bank. Lose a lynx? WHO CARES after all its a game and everything can be regained and like i said Fed and bank are high risk high reward, if you aren't going to put effort or money and big guns into doing it you are not going to succeed.
  11. Charlie

    Not everyone is a SRT Inspector with a Navid 9.3mm Machine gun matey.
  12. Charlie

    Even with the current rules in never the less trolls will do what they want, this rule doesn't hinder their ability to ram cars and create havock just puts guidelines on rule abiding people around, even if there is a rule against ramming trolls will still do it, no matter what.
  13. Charlie

    I personally think that when this rule was implements it was absolutely stupid and not needed, however the reason that it was ripped from Altis was because of the amount of all of the explosions (cause of Arma's unique framework ) and this is why it was taken out. And although there are bad things about ramming after all cops have no way of stopping vehicles while in pursuit except getting another unit to go up ahead and spike the road and even then the spikes are so glitchy that often when sports hatchbacks go over them they still are not effective. Just a bit stupid that the ramming also includes blocking vehicles in to try and take out targets cant drive away like in Fed where i rammed a strider and flipped it and i got taken up to helpdesk (@Farensik ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )as i wasn't aware of the rule change is just a bit stupid, ramming has always been in and i see no reason why it was ripped out of Altis so fast without any feedback from the community.
  14. Heck yeah this looks sweet, will definetly be on.
  15. Charlie

    Me last night playing medic, Westpac goes on. All I see for 5 minutes in the kill feed was a cop getting killed by [SP] Leopard. But yeah would be interesting to have an RP situation with Westpac.