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  1. Good to see the player count has been recognized, I'm glad to see someones doing something about it and trying to keep it alive ? keep up the good work
  2. DroolingOnU

    yes i know for a certain reson that i am not able to discuss
  3. DroolingOnU

    verry funny
  4. DroolingOnU

    i chose amd cus best price to performance and the new processors have got good specs for the price
  5. DroolingOnU

    benchmarks : Battlefield 1 2560x1440 Ultra (59 fps) Gta 5 3840x2160 Very high ( 70 fps) Doom 2560x1440 Ultra ( 56 fps) Csgo 3840x2160 Very high (170 fps)
  6. DroolingOnU

    hey guys/girls i put this build together if you're looking for a pc in the 3,000 price range this is gonna tear arma 3 apart (literally) it can be found here https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/3ZJZvV just ignore all the incompatibility issues as pc part picker has not yet updated the compatibility
  7. DroolingOnU

    what happened to it?
  8. DroolingOnU

    ahh rip
  9. DroolingOnU

    nice my dude
  10. DroolingOnU

    i just keep relogging uptil it works lol
  11. DroolingOnU

    thanks you legend
  12. DroolingOnU

    i still have a deathadder and its been going fine for like 5 years now sou yeah
  13. DroolingOnU

    thats a verry healthy ammount of mice
  14. DroolingOnU

    im 20cm my dude and i use a razer deathadder always have possibly try having a look at the death adder or the MX master
  15. DroolingOnU

    the Ouroboros is quite small saundo