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  1. Hatto

    "Well, bust my buffers!" This just derailed my day :O
  2. Hatto

    UMMMM Reference the Sydney siege at the lint café did exactly that
  3. Hatto

    Did the hostage die??
  4. Hatto

    That in being said civs and rebels need to make more reasonable demands like if you tell the cops to go away or you will kill the hostage do you think they would go away in real life....... just food for thought
  5. Hatto

    A big G'day and Happy Easter to all members of the community To say thankyou for being a part of this community and supporting Stray gaming, we will be entering Easter with a huge Blitz giveaway. This give away will include Gaming keyboards, gaming mouses, Starwars floating death star Bluetooth speaker and starwars book, Marty Mcflys hat from back to the future, a copy of Destiny on Xbox one and PS4, a Gshock watch and many more these crazy prizes are up in total of $700. As Easter draws closer more prises will be announced. To make things interesting the Starwars and Back to the future memorabilia will only be drawn for the die hard fans of these movies. I will be running a quiz on both of these series and you must get 8 out of 10 questions right too go into the draw for these awesome items. If you think you have what it takes to enter for the quizzes shoot me a message on the forums and ill put you down for the quiz. A date for the quiz will be set and announced soon. This Event and giveaway will be hosted by Hatto and the draws will be life streamed on strayagamings official twitch over the Easter long weekend on the Sunday 16th April. Strayagaming Twitch: twitch.tv/sgau Goodluck and Happy Easter from the Strayagaming staff
  6. Hatto

    chill people it is called banta and a joke
  7. Hatto

    I feel its easier to understand
  8. Hatto

    What do you fello cops think?
  9. Hatto

    The past couple of days I have been on people have come up and looted people as they are getting revived and just civilians not involved in the event and after it has been over do we have a certain rule set on when you can loot people and when you can't cause all yesterday when cops were killed due to trolls and as they were getting revived random people were stealing their kit and running off so is there a set of rules which determine the looting of bodies
  10. Hatto

    Hey guys and gals are you interested in a career in the Australian Defense Force and want to ask some questions hit me up on teamspeak or just shoot me a message on my profile.