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  1. Randall

    "AREA 51"
  2. Randall

    Yeah I was trying to figure that out, I played a lot on AL in 2014 when Demigod/J17/Supanova were running the server, I think they moved to a new forum and when I came back I re-registered in 2016 and played when quantum/tiggati/luckyb33f/marc r/spectral/roger purple were running it.
  3. Randall

    Wow this james guy is very talented and handsome and very nice guy wow. Good job James and all involved.
  4. After the attempted fix of not being able to pull restrained players out of vehicles, a common bug has arisen. This bug makes players inside of vehicles restrained. Example: I had another player pull a hunter out, I got into it (when they gave me keys) and the game acted if I was restrained, I could drive the vehicle but could not eject/get out. (Got the owner to store = fixed). Most of the time i've seen it happen it only happens to the driver of the vehicle and anyone restrained inside of it (pulling out restrained players still does not work). Especially annoying for police whose job comprises of putting restrained people in their vehicles and attempting to pull them out.
  5. Randall

    Name: Randall Callsign: K09W Assignment: GD Training Completed By: Holski (with assistance from Truthy for practicals) List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Sterling Archer, Steezmaster, Icey, Adrizzle, James Southam, Jacob, Carter, Hank, Yukki, lilcuso, Aledrild, Angryasian, Lachlan Jay, NateOCE, Yuki. Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min): I take this very seriously. I am more than dedicated, I play from 6:30-12 every single weekday and more on weekends.. I want to continue to help train the newer members and I want to continue progressing. This will allow me to fulfil most requests from other members, allow me to further help the rest of the police force in a more impactful way. This is just the next step on the ladder to continue to contribute to the APD. I obviously take CO every single time I can, I do every induction I can. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Not sure how to answer this to be honest. I'll leave this up to you guys to decide.
  6. I play cop, some of the time you flat out cannot people out of vehicles (while restrained in PD etc) but have also seen this in public (there was someone who was kidnapped and they couldn't pull him out so we had to and it worked for one of us). I've heard of others complain about this and have had it happen personally 5 times or so, end up just storing the vehicle to get them out. edit: After speaking with James32, the function that stops restrained people ejecting -kind've works-, we'll ask them to jump out when we get back to PD and are stationary, sometimes it works, some times it does not so we store the vehicle to get them out (very problematic with other peoples vehicles at banks etc)
  7. If you want cops to not be able to see tags then you have to get rid of gang wide decs. As i've said the Sydney Bridge/Sydney gang issue can be solved by changing the declare rule. Gang wide decs on police and vice versa do not take effect inside City limits. This stops Sydney gangs bringing 10 people in and murdering the police force by sitting in 100 different buildings/spaces when one of their mates gets arrested for robbing/killing a random civ on the bridge.
  8. They "Rob" people because they know people won't comply most of the time and they get to frag them.
  9. Really would have 0 effect, they run around in civ clothing with backpacks and an smg in backpack, it's not for gear or monetary gain. Just about abusing dec rule and fragging random civs as a way to get to that.
  10. Sydney gangs and sydney bridge would 100% turn off new players. There's times where we literally can't do anything as Police because they all run around with SMG/Pistol in their backpack and pull them out and shoot us in the back when they're in a good position. You also can't stop them robbing/killing civs on the bridge because then, the same thing as before happens. I can't remember how the rules avoided this last time I played but I believe there was no gang wide decs. This allows police to do their job and not have to let it get to a level where 10 people can be in city limits killing cops because 1 guy was told to put his gun away by a cop or be arrested. Maybe changing the declare rule for inside city limits = not being declared on whole gang would stop this, we can stop them robbing civs without fear of a whole gang shooting us as soon as we restrain or taze one.
  11. Randall

    I think i've made my point clear and we're just about going in circles, i'm not saying anyone is breaking protocols. I'm simply stating a visible divide between some divisional officers and the police force as a whole which is exacerbated by the way divisions are setup.
  12. Randall

    As I said this is more to do with the setup of the divisions than the people. There are plenty of SRT that do GD, i'm not saying nobody does. I'm just saying if there's no benefit to it why would they? Why not do all the cool things that SRT was made to do? You won't see it if you're in the division, but trust me, I am not the only one that notices or comments on the divide between divisions and GD.
  13. Randall

    Of course, i'm referring to people who log on to do operations and log off when they're done, there's quite a divide between divisions and GD. This is exacerbated by the ranking structure for Divisions members, my understanding is the Director of the division controls their rank. What benefit does an SRT member currently get from going on GD in regards to their rank and division?
  14. Randall

    Naturally. i'd say SRT is more akin to military police than regular police because you're always chasing gangs with heavy weapons/gear/vehicles and as you said, there's no bounties unless you let the rest of SRT die and then get the kill. And of course, a 350k ifrit is a hit but more often than not you won't lose that. With this being said, being in SRT does not exclude them from GD, they just choose not to.
  15. Randall

    Just to clarify, this probably comes down to some division members that do little to no GD and only operations. (there's quite a few I imagine who have this problem). It is definitely very easy to make much more money than you require on GD. Most of the guys Divisions are dealing with would have charges well into the hundreds of thousands which even when split up would be enough but i'd say there is much less focus on arresting than there is killing (and some of the time not an option). This is just my personal opinion observing the cop force as a whole as a GD member, the large majority of them are only ever doing things with their division.