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  1. Hunterr

    Basics: - Name: Aaron Martinez TeamSpeak Name: Aaron Martinez Last Held Rank: Inspector and SRT lead a couple years ago, Prob-Constable recently Age: 20 Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198094741507 Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): Nicholai Questionnaire: - Why were you removed from the APD?: No Why should you be reinstated into the APD?: (50 Words Min): The reason i should be re-enlisted into the police department of Altis is because i am very good shot, good helicopter skills and a good tactical approach to any situation. I can also receive and follow out orders and can give orders if need be. I can also bring knowledge to the police force and I like learning new things. I can also teach people what and what not to do and can help anyone in need. I can bring good leadership to the police force making sure everyone is ok and that everyone gets out alive. If there was an accident i would try and resolve it and take responsibility for any thing that i may have done wrong. When was the last time you played consistently on Cop?: last year Are you up to date with the new Police Protocols?: Yes How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: at least 5 hours a week If you were demoted for any reason other than Inactivity, you are required to have at least two referrals from a Sergeant or above. Who are you referrals (@their forum name): Referral One: @Kev
  2. Hunterr

    Name: Aaron Callsign: S05E Date of Disciplinary Action: 26/09/2017 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Metagaming Issue - Join LAC when on civ and abusing officer. Who were you Disciplined by: The whole command team Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Join LAC when on civ and abusing officer. Why the appeal should be accepted: Because i need to tell my side of the story without 10 people in the channel. Any other information: N/A
  3. Hunterr

    Is there any chance that we will see a wasteland Tanoa on Straya?