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  1. That Lucky SOB

    I remember coming home from uni a couple hours after this happening and being told I was Commissioner by good ole Roger Purple, good times, good times indeed lol
  2. That Lucky SOB

    That's honestly sad to hear, a lot of the best RPers and funnest RP I've ever seen has been Rebels who put in the effort to roleplay and outwit the cops rather than gun them down
  3. That Lucky SOB

    This was not what I was expecting.... 10/10 got baited, but worth it
  4. That Lucky SOB

    *sits on my retirement rock and eats popcorn at people being salty at cops* maybe a special unit.... if you log out in jail you spawn in "solitary" where it is physically impossible to be broken out until your time is served (which resets back to the start as punishment for logging)
  5. That Lucky SOB

    Unfortunate.... would kinda be fun to see armed chopper fights (maybe an event idea.... Blackfoot cannon jousting)
  6. That Lucky SOB

    An armed orca? Do cops still have Titans and Blackfoots/ ghost hawks?
  7. That Lucky SOB

    yes, I know... that was more aimed at the Rebel(s) I saw baying for rank wipes of cops
  8. That Lucky SOB

    I personally think a wipe would have more pros than cons, but only if it came with a major shakeup of the economy to make roleplaying as an actual civilian (not a rebel or heavily armed contractor) more enticing and give newbies a better chance at getting established in the server without fear of having everything taken by rebels who like to club baby seals. make legal runs more profitable and viable means of income, maybe an extra boost for the lowest level runs (such as apples/Peaches) to give the newest players a quicker start pre or post wipe (the learning curve is very steep for newbies if they get seen by large rebel groups and the result is not pretty at all.) as for cop: DO NOT WIPE RANKS, this has been tried (multiple times IIRC) by previous managers and leads.... and only succeeds in driving away good cops & generally killing morale for the APD, which takes the poor sobs in Command ranks months to rebuild. wipe their gear if need be, but let them keep their ranks and tweak their incomes so they can still afford gear without any massive tickets or busts for a few weeks.
  9. That Lucky SOB

    *comes out from F01A retirement rock* These are absolutely golden hahaha
  10. That Lucky SOB

    A couple oldies from when I first joined Straya I&A
  11. That Lucky SOB

    A good idea, encouraging a decently sized civilian sector rather than only Cops/Rebs/Cartels (with some medics and the odd civ contractor sprinkled about) would make the game more fun for all and I know it has been talked about time and time again but never seemed to take off. Trying to get more RP in never hurts anyone and can make a welcome change from non-stop pvping or runs.
  12. That Lucky SOB

    I'm gonna come out from under my rock for a second: Cop went through a very rough 9 or 10 months with instability from not having a long-term commissioner, the resets drove away a lot of good cops who had worked literally months to attain their ranks, various rule changes and mechanics to limit their gear and combat/roleplay options in the name of "balance" it damn near killed the cop force. Rebels never seemed to complain when the could roflstomp the cops at will and had the ruleset heavily in their favour. I'm glad to see that cop force has managed to rebuild and rebalancing has made them an actual credible threat to the rebels of Altis, rebels will simply need to learn to adapt to having a highly trained and lethal cop force on Altis with Sydney locked down and under their control. pick your fights... the cops don't have to stay in contact until they all die or kill all the rebels. if they can do enough damage (i.e destroy a strider or kill a couple rebels then withdraw back to safe territory to limit their own losses is sound strategy and roleplay rather than just being baited and slaughtered). cops can bring a lot more firepower to a fight, rebels need to fight smarter in order to compete... they shouldn't outgun the cops or outnumber them except in extreme situations. Keep it up APD, send those rebels for the hills. A wild former APD commissioner appears and now returns to his retirement rock. my favourite SOB meme just for old time sakes
  13. That Lucky SOB

    one of the funniest roleplays i had as commissioner.
  14. That Lucky SOB

    my exact face when this happened.... especially when we're in a dec with two other gangs already.
  15. That Lucky SOB

    play stupid games... win stupid prizes.
  16. That Lucky SOB

    lol i wish i could give this post more than one +1. .... as consolation have some oldschool SOB doing cool Cop stuff when cops still had nice things: Rebels will unfortunately have to deal with somethings being off limits... personally if it was me I'd have disabled all banks until cop force had enough ranked up members to give the cops a fighting chance, but that might leave rebels a bit too bored for the weeks (maybe months) it'll take to fix the damage done. As for the design of Neri, it could use some work, if only to make the desk bullet proof against 6.5 and 5.56mm weapons (meaning you need a Sniper or marksman with a 7.62mm+ to take out Teller.)
  17. That Lucky SOB

    my first day back from my holiday... what do i do: go out and ruin rebel's days with my protege turned boss in some undercover stings haha.
  18. This has been a long while coming. but first, lets take a little trip down memory lane: It all started in May, 2016. A young rookie named SOB stole a pubslot (while totally not lobby idling) to take his first steps on cop. what followed were months of late night shifts with @orgug, firefights against the various gangs but mostly SP, Drug dealer and house raids, blowing up countless vehicles and drug dealer buildings, role-playing the absolute shit out of most situations and plenty of good memories made and friendships formed both within the APD and around the Altis Life community in general. I rose through the ranks quicker than just about any other cop did two tenures as the Commissioner of Police. But all things must end, even good things and I've decided to hang up the MXSW and Gas Grenades. I have now formally retired from the APD and focus on other things in my life and to allow other officers the opportunity at advancement. I've enjoyed the privilege to lead the APD through highs and lows and massive changes and hope I've had a positive impact on the APD and the server as a whole. I'll drop by from time to time and make sure things are going smoothly, so to the cops of Altis...do me proud guys. @FlexGood luck in your new role and congrats on being made Commissioner -SOB going 10-9 for the last time.
  19. That Lucky SOB

    will the old RedGull and "Go-karts Kill" adverts reappear?
  20. That Lucky SOB

    for the Spar Variants, would they be Black or khaki/camo? given that Black coloured ones tended to be reserved for cops for the cop weapon economy. Also big no from me and probably every other cop on putting spike strips into this shop or anywhere that rebels can buy or craft themselves.
  21. That Lucky SOB

    10/10 would watch again
  22. That Lucky SOB

    Utterly Hilarity, the perfect thing to wake up to haha
  23. That Lucky SOB

    I didn't know you'd met tracie
  24. That Lucky SOB

    if i remember correctly he got really into WOW and never came back lol
  25. That Lucky SOB

    future commissioner? I didn't realise i was going anywhere