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  1. orgug

    Arma 3 Physics @InfamousNova
  2. orgug

    There is more !! @Sam01 @Axle_Tiaky @Flex
  3. when @Sam01 want to push a tower in bank
  4. orgug

    I will miss you !! SOB was my best friend in the police . From my first day on the police i knew he would be the best cop ! . I miss the days we was pubs and we go on patrol and you show me How to drive on the other side of the road Dont forget me and come visit !!!!!! @That Lucky SOB
  5. orgug

    My favourite cops are : @That Lucky SOB A really good friend, I know him from my first day in the community.and a good Commissioner. @nclem really good cop and funny guy ! And the Best Assistant commissioner @sirgeneralj !!!!! And ther is more good cops like : @Bang1324 @Enis @Flex *josh @Moygstar
  6. orgug

  7. orgug

    @That Lucky SOB / @vizzN
  8. orgug

    haha the day you want to drive because I was not used to drive on the left side @That Lucky SOB and the days We wait to go patrol together Because we want to drive
  9. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/177161941182100927/DD71A55D7E427948B7AED8D6146C875793D791E8/
  10. יום הולדת שמח Guggy, hope you have a great day today with plenty of pressies and celebrations

    1. orgug


      Ahhaa love you SOB I really appreciate it :x

  11. Happy birthday my dude! Have an amazing day! :)

    1. Rory


      Happy B'day Orgug!

    2. orgug


       Thank you guys !!:D

  12. orgug

    Well done smokey!!
  13. orgug

    FaceBook - Done Steam - Done Youtube - Subscribed twitter - dont have instagram - following
  14. orgug

    Good luck man . nice trailer !!