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  1. Tiggati

    Is StrayaGaming coming back? is the real question
  2. Tiggati

    Events? Since when
  3. Tiggati

    Cheers for the reply. Thermal resistant items are good and work very well as I've had to use normal vision in my UAV to scout for people in thermal resistant clothes and it does make it challenging. The whole having a thermal scope on your weapon is a bit over the top as I've mentioned in my first post. The idea of making them a reward in missions is a good idea, and also the tokens are good. You just have to remember that people do stack tokens and it'll be no different than stacking cash from capture points. That's another suggestion too; Lower the capture cost. I've been wandering around the map and all of a sudden I've magically got 5-20k on my person due to our team capturing and holding 5-10 zones. I bank most of it and just use the free money to buy my items/vehicles without having to worry about the AI missions or killing others to get their loot. What's the point in running up to a dead person when you can just go to the store that your team is heavily guarding to get what ever you want with your easy money.
  4. Tiggati

    Thermals ruined wasteland once, and they'll ruin it again. I say remove thermals from the game and let people use actual SKILL to play the game, not some form of cheating. Yes I understand ArmA is made with thermals, and I agree they are amazing and need to be used. Just not on a wasteland server where it's PVP. Thermals against AI are good, but when it comes to using them against other players; it kind of ruins the fun and skill of the game. Vehicle/Laser Des thermals turned off is good, and drone thermals are a good feature but remove them in the form of using them on your persons like the TWS. Having thermals on a UAV is handy due to the TAB screen and other people spotting, but having thermals on your person/weapon is a little bit unfair. The reason I say keep them on a drone is it takes skill to be a decent spotter, and you don't have any thermal down the scopes, so the shooter has to actually use their spotter coordination and their own eyes, not just some bright heat signature that gives away positions across the map on a weapon. If you want scope thermals to stay in the game, make them loot from a hard mission or put the buy price somewhere around $500,000 and sell price to $5,000. if you can't use a normal non thermal scope, then you don't really belong in ArmA. #makewastelandgr8again.
  5. Tiggati

    I would like all my awards please. Global: Old straya vet, Straya Vet, Jack of trades, Helping hand, It's not a Comp-etition, Innovator, Staff Service 3 years, Big cheese Wasteland: Wasteland Vet, Dead Reckoning, Lethal Weapon, Crisis of Conscience. Altis Life: Are you gonna Cop that, 2nd life Invade & Annex: None.
  6. Tiggati

    Nah, it's just you're good at sucking arse lel
  7. Tiggati

    People make mistakes, You're lucky you had people protecting you, otherwise, I would have gotten rid of you sooner lol
  8. Tiggati

    Yeah nah, sorry Snowwie lel wotameme
  9. Haha this is too funny it's true, 100m prize pool omg
  10. The reason these types of topics always get locked/hidden is because all they do is cause flame war. It's not that the staff want to hear your opinions and reports on certain staff. It's just publicly putting the complaint out there normally ends up with the topic full of hate and negativity. We're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves but by reading a venting post can sometimes spiral some people into a hate towards all the staff when it was only one or two involved. These types of topics aren't welcome for these reasons. As Roger Purple has mentioned, just send the correct staff the complaint and they'll deal with it accordingly.
  11. I understand them pulling you into the issues channel about a potential rule break and had a chat with you all, but there shouldn't be any hostility coming from any staff member, as they should know how to handle situations and what to say in a heated situation. Especially an administrator of a server.
  12. Tiggati

    Would have to be @Thug Angel This bloke knows how to role-play, he's a beast of a driver, good shot and doesn't **** around with rebels. He may have been a bit trigger happy, but that's because when he was a police officer, the streets were filled with so much crime, he felt unsafe, as we all did.
  13. Tiggati

    Can use that as Mario karts, do racing courses and have one character each allowed in the race
  14. Tiggati

    I might make a dislike button just so I can dislike this post
  15. Hey guys, you'll all be happy to hear that we're now allowing all members to have a signature within our forums, with a few restrictions on the size limit. ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- 11) Pictures are allowed in signatures for everyone, except certain members/supporters are limited to certain sizes. Members: 400px X 100px Supporters: 600px X 100px Advanced Donators: 800px X 100px Super Donators: 800px X 150px Premium Members: 800px X 300px No more than one picture is allowed in a signature. Any text in your signature should be limited to no more than 4 lines. If you are still confused as to what is allowed in your signature, please contact one of the forum staff. ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------