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  1. Ryan

    Ahh the good old days I thought I was special
  2. Ryan

  3. What a cheeky fella!

    1. Ryan


      I cant believe you've done this

  4. Ryan

    @Rogmantosh And May The Force Be With You...
  5. Ryan

  6. Ryan

    Why not just remove ammo for the ghost hawks and make them for transport?
  7. Ryan

    Most amount of learning I've had throughout my 13 years of education
  8. Happy




  9. Ryan

    Love this idea Bang, Keep up the good work <3 Ryan
  10. First Things First.


    How was your day today?


    Don't you just love Australian TV shows. The quality of acting is just sensational............

    1. Ryan


      My day, was quite interesting I went out with the lady lingerie shopping and then went to the gym and then... thats it!

      What about your self?

      And Australian T.V? You mean Neighbours

    2. Leopard


      All Australian TV. 

      The actors. 

      The scripts.

      The storyline.

      The scene quality.


      It's all a bit CAAAARRRINGE.


      Didn't go to school, went for a bike ride nearly got ran over a few times because of the absolute tosser drivers of today. Caught up with some relatives I haven't seen in a while. 


      Over all solid day. 


      Shame I have school tomorrow, psych assessment due and haven't started. YIP YIP.



  11. Hey everyone!

    Would just like to say that I've been a tad bit under the weather lately, I should be on tonight here and there mostly in help desk. 



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    2. CeeFar


      Get better soon bro! Hope to see you soon!

    3. Leopard


      How have your day(s) been recently Ryan!!!!?

    4. Loopy AU-NZ

      Loopy AU-NZ

      I feel you dude. Same situation for me atm D:

  12. Ryan

  13. How was your day today Leopard?

    1. Leopard


      Bloody brillian thanks Ryan. 

      Went out whale watching actually, on a speed boat, going flying over the freezing cold ocean uggh the wind was freezinggggg.

      Great fun, being the silly sod I am I got sunburnt.

      Apart from that a horse stood on my foot.


      Oh, and I found my new profile picture, I am truely in love with it!