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  1. Neanp

    Where did joshua go?!
  2. Neanp

    Yikes, this sucks. Get good Honestly, yall be complaining about new players struggling to get stuff because top players waste A-10's on them... well, there's always ways around them. Like, us "Big Boys" have done it many times, just gotta know what your doing @Fubez
  3. Neanp

    @Joshua_Its true
  4. Neanp

    @Joshua_ was meant to say its fading
  5. Neanp

    Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus Or Money really doesn't matter when you have Nunny
  6. Remove Tokens then increase some vehicle prices to balances the ground fighting and air fighting vehicles, or Reduce amount of kills needed to get tokens. (E.g. 2 kills per token or 5 kill per token) For current server pop Add thermal to drones (Use Anti-Thermal gear) Add general store at old rogain general store Fix North vehicle store (Kill farm) Remove Money from token vehicles and increase token price Create a free rearm truck (Bobcat) Add 2 Pawnees, one with 2-4 ATGM's and one with 2-4 AA's More use for tokens.
  7. This thread is to look at what all the players need, and it's easy to spot what everyone needs. If you have any suggestions please plot it down below, i would like to see what you guys think needs to be added to the server that would improve the player base.
  8. Neanp

    Well, currently the poll is leaning towards 10 kills for 1 token and if i'm not wrong, it will continue to go in that direction. The chances that we will be adding this feature is rare, we will be adding other stuff, but we will not modify this. You said a noob grinds for 3 days, that should surely get more than enough tokens to buy him a A10 as it only costs 5 tokens, and if that noob was to save up for a longer time, that noob will have more than enough tokens. If saving tokens are such a problem, we can suspend access to buying token vehicles until we decide to unlock it.
  9. Neanp

    First of all, We did like 5 events this week, 2. We do not abuse or anything in that 3. The top ten always has 10+ kills. We haven't introduced any content as our head admin is on holidays and has the update files, Please be patience. Another reason why it is hard for me and invictiis to-do events is because we spend our own tokens on the server, not on ourselves.might sometimes spend it on ourselves but that's because some of us want to have fun. Please do not accuse us of hacking or abusing.
  10. Neanp

    It's not metagaming to kill your friend, but if they are not in the same group or team, then it is considered metagaming. But as invictiis has stated already that is a ban-able offence. If you see the amount of kills the top players normally get per restart, you will notice they make around 4-5 maybe in 7 a day. The chances that we will be adding the 1 token for every 100 AI is basically near to nothing.I would like other suggestions on how we can encourage players to hide in buildings less. Also James is community manager, not wasteland manager, yes he has an opinion, but it's up to nunny, me, jereleet, invictiis and jay to decide whether we are going to add it or not, and if we are going to add it will it harm future player-base. Yes i agree, the server looks like it is dying, but we are coming up with bigger and better updates trying to take it back to how it was before where people actually enjoyed their time on the server.
  11. Neanp

    The difference of farming tokens on AI and farming tokens on players are different, farming tokens on AI allows the player to gather tokens at a higher rate causing them to buy a lot more high end vehicles, which are not meant to be easy to achieve. Killing players to gather tokens is a much better method as it encourages you to have more fun in killing characters than could easily counter your attack. (AI stand and look at you until they get shot at) Although this seems like a good idea, it will cause the player to engage the AI, instead of the actual players that are wanting to have PVP. So, if you were looking for my opinion it will be -1.
  12. Neanp

    "Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion."
  13. Neanp

    "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
  14. Neanp

    Vehicle stores don't have ATM's as you are to take your money from an ATM to the Store location having the risk of losing your money. You're meant to have a chance of losing your money before buying the vehicle. That's my opinion though. Not all Shops have an ATM near them, otherwise it would be an easy method of receiving a item or vehicle that you would like. and because we decided to only have so many ATM's. But if you have any other Suggestions i would like to hear about them, maybe there are some good ones.
  15. That's a good idea, But it would make the game play more lazy. The idea is to make the players want to move around the map and not stay in one spot.