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  1. peersy

    @Loopy AU-NZ it was actually intended to explain the cost markup towards @Keenan But I definitely agree with the increased RP and i'm glad to see people putting themselves into a position where RP would be required. The biggest thing I can recognise that you need to work on is having the Items in stock ready to go (I'm guessing this would be happening soon once your business model starts being more so implemented and used). As the majority of people intending to use the service would be wishing for the ease of access and very prompt service to the items you are selling. I for one would like to see this service grow to something people will use on a regular basis. Best of luck with it all mate!
  2. peersy

    A computer from the likes of harvey norman is not worth 2k+ but a lot of people will still pay it. Although gold bars also hold value. I can understand the business model as it was something that a couple players and myself were considering. Factor these things into account; Acquisition of said items Insurance to cover losses / Robberies / Crashes Markup to make a profit The ease of accessibility of having said item hand delivered with no risk put onto you until you leave said safezone. Being a business within the weapons trade you must also realise (without metagaming) over a period of time police will begin to recognise people affiliated within the company, meaning searches conducted under the act of "probable cause" of weapon trafficking.
  3. Im going to make a statement. One that is preached among the majority of Altis life servers. NEW LIFE RULE! This New update however is preventing players from dictating how they wish to pursue their new life. Yes previously they may have been a serial killing pill popping psychopath. But maybe this time under the NLR they wish to pursue a legitimate role in society. I can understand the thought that this would increase roleplay, however if once purchasing a rebel licence you are a rebel even in a new life, then 90% of the playerbase are going to be rebels. I have a rebel licence, Yet the majority of the time I am kitted legally as I see it sufficient enough to deter police, hijackers and attempted robberies. This allows me to roleplay situations with police, other civilians and other rebels also. However if I know I am going to be entering into a situation or I expect to enter into a situation where more firepower is needed I have access to that. The largest misinterpretation here is the fact that in real life, rebels are not always going to stay to specific areas, they are not going to always wear softshell protection when entering a city. They will hide their identity and attempt to fit into society as any of us would to reduce exposure of both themselves and their affiliations. For all you know your neighbour could be an international terrorist, serial killer ect. I honestly believe this needs to be revised, as if we cannot even govern our own roleplay scenarios, the playerbase of those who actually roleplay will fade away. Just my 2 bobs worth.
  4. peersy

    @Leopard ahh but the police would also require someone to supply them with said product
  5. peersy

    The issue here being that this would open the trollgates. Previously I have been involved in one of these on another server, was going swellingly until a bunch (near 15-20) children turned up, just acting like absolute tools, ruining the entire idea. If it were organised with people whom actually roleplay, and can have a political method of overthrowing the police for a time period of legalised weed it could work well! Maybe even have the police regulate the sales and have a tax imposed upon it
  6. peersy

    Hey fellas it has been some time! But after many months of the trials of real life being a young father of 3 and planning a wedding next year I finally have the time to be... Active. Some of you may remember me from StrayaGaming, UEGL, Ozzygaming, ROT or god knows where else (MGC, ECS, ect.) Those who know me, know that RP is a given, Tactical game play is something that I see as a must (not this hero charge with p07 stuff we see all the time!), I have been involved in the training of tactical units within the Altis PD from other servers and will not deal with those not willing to obide by the rules or the orders given by their commanding officers! My intention is to make a good name for myself within the community, with no official affiliation to any gang, cartel or syndicate but attempt to retain contact with multiple of the groups. Cheers fellas, good to see you all again!