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    1. Nova

      imagine jumping on to play for an hour and having to play entirely at night
    2. Nova

      petition to add a light house
    3. Nova

    4. Nova

      the inventory thing is from zeus. quik worked some magic to get it working
    5. Nova

      Quik is a busy man, give him a couple daysbefore you start posting asking where it is. FTFY
    6. Nova

      you post it here like the entire community really cares. instead of being dramatic just leave
    7. Nova

      already in
    8. Nova

      im still not sure what the point of this is? fitz has already said that a majority of players have apex. if people wanted to play tanoa they would
    9. Nova

      maybe the 5th attempt will work...
    10. Nova

      if people jump on the server. others will see it has a higher pop count so more will join
    11. Nova

      i'd say most people have Apex but its not as fun as altis
    12. Nova

      another "im leaving" post. instead of posting about it just leave? you ****s really that desperate for attention?
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