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  1. Channel Name: 1nv4d3 4n 4nn3x l0un63 38-nova
  2. Nova

    pretty sure if the UAV spawns on the ground the gunner AI drops the bombs and blows them up. Hence why it spawns in the air unless thats been changed. i havent played in a while
  3. Nova

    this video has aged well
  4. Nova

  5. Nova

    Oh yea so evil. wanting to pay all their employees so they can go home to their families and have dinner and live. big evil corporation forcing you to buy their DLC so you can play on community servers
  6. Nova

    once you start adding all the voice channels an shit it becomes such a cluster**** to navigate.
  7. Nova

    just looking at the staff directory aswell hes gone @Lachlan
  8. Nova

    havent seen him in a long time
  9. Nova

    dunno ay james seems to run things around here
  10. Nova

    before AL went public holy shit. i didnt realize you were OG SG
  11. Nova

    how the times have change
  12. Nova

    stop having fun guys. im serious
  13. Nova

    only problem is is that everyone needs it since its a map. will probably be a apex type situation
  14. Nova

    "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
  15. Nova

    theres no point loading CBA or achilles if you dont have zeus