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    1. Nova

      "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
    2. Nova

      theres no point loading CBA or achilles if you dont have zeus
    3. Nova

      so 14th of march 2020?
    4. Nova

    5. Nova

    6. Nova

      if people dont want to get out then fly away. if they want you to land somewhere and you dont then just fly back to base. if you force them to get out they will most likely shoot you just sayin
    7. Nova

      7 ironside slots means 7 people can 1 man a tank
    8. Nova

      just make the slammer UP spawn. probably the weakest tank. and only have 1 spawn. so that we dont have 6 friendly tanks in the AO
    9. Nova

      if key checking is not turned on you can join
    10. Nova

      just play anyway everyone will be naked and floating around
    11. it has been an issue from day one. maybe be a bit more careful where you sit. try a fully crewed tank if you havent already, a commander can shoot infantry easier
    12. Nova

      you can add almost any mod to a server without everyone requiring it. problem will be is ****s floating over walls if you dont have the mod
    13. Nova

      long time ago
    14. Nova

      1000 aight bois we done
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