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    1. Nuu Rushean

      Settle down mate, krunker.io tonight fists only we'll see whos god
    2. Nuu Rushean

      you stupid man
    3. Nuu Rushean

      shush bruv
    4. Nuu Rushean

      Lights at bank

      Two of the lights at Westpac can be shot out, the other two can not. very annoying The ones circled are the ones that you can't shoot out.
    5. Nuu Rushean

      There is also this .exe which sets the FOV for you. Instructions are on the site. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21179
    6. Nuu Rushean

      Home Pro Poster Staff 50 104 posts Awards Steam Oats | Home
    7. Nuu Rushean

      no hate just love
    8. Nuu Rushean

      What’s the point of having a role play server with rebels and the ability to rob people if it’s then against the rules to have a vendetta against them and try get revenge by robbing them back or killing them etc. as for cops impounding there vehicles. Unless the heli crashes to a bug or something out of their control they shouldn’t get it back, i have had several comp requests get denied where me dying/crashing wasn’t intentional and sometimes due to a bug but mods decided that it could have been prevented by not unflipping a vehicle or not jumping down a hatch etc. Even if the crash is due to a bug, it isn’t the cops responsibility to determine whether or not they should get their own heli back, that is up to a staff member who deals with the comp request they are supposed to put in. btw sorry for typos and shit I’m on my phone
    9. Nuu Rushean

      You owe me Mar-10 @Rackers
    10. Nuu Rushean

      No news about AL
    11. Nuu Rushean

      Msg me discord tonight & I’ll give you mine
    12. Nuu Rushean

      why is it 480p
    13. Nuu Rushean

      Most of the fights we have been at recently there have been a good number of people using level 1 vests.
    14. Nuu Rushean

      Even just a discount for the gear like there used to be
    15. Nuu Rushean

      Ticket three guys for entering PD and you got yourself a spar16 without even leaving the safe zone. I get what you are saying with the MX being 10k that’s a bit odd but 30k really isn’t anything to complain about.
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