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    1. Nuu Rushean

      Reset your HUD Layout in game, the notifications show off the in-game hint/tip thing
    2. Nuu Rushean

      Dude wth best montage i seen yet
    3. Nuu Rushean

    4. Nuu Rushean

      A traffic stop gone bad can involve roleplay in it too, lets say the civ pulls a gun on the cop and tells him to put his hands up, the cop has two options: Put his hands up and value his life or shoot the civ ruining the possible chance of a hostage situation where some epic roleplay could be had. If you comply, you do not die.
    5. Nuu Rushean

      Big ups to you Connor, you have done an absolute shit ton for this server and it wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today without you. You have an amazing talent with coding/developing and I see it getting you far in life. I wish you luck in the future regarding your health and your future endeavours in life
    6. Nuu Rushean

    7. Nuu Rushean

      0:19 "another one dead" mate thats your team
    8. Nuu Rushean

      Name: Blainey Steam 64 ID: 76561198125633509 Date of Disciplinary Action: 22/07/18 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Detective Blacklist Who were you Disciplined Commissioner of the APD by: Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Robbing a bank without taking leave. Why the appeal should be accepted: I feel like the appeal should be accepted because it has been a lengthy amount of time since the discipline, I understand what I did wrong (even though I don't agree with it) I spent a lot of my time in detectives working my ass off painting towns at 3am, sorting through evidence for house raids, organising documents & folders and just dedicating my life into detectives then one morning it all gets put to nothing because some stupid accusations about me leaking documents or something came out and because I made a stupid mistake robbing a bank without leave. Any other information: Even if I don't get unblacklisted I want you to know that I never leaked any documents while I was in detectives or afterwards, I spent so long working on those documents there is no reason I would try to do anything malicious that would possibly get them leaked, deleted, or modified. It feels pretty shit to still get told that I leaked stuff when I have to this day never been presented any evidence what so ever or even anything to begin questions/investigations about my honesty or integrity. whoever is replying to this if you deny it please at least tell me something more than the fact that the commissioner can discipline as he sees fit, I'd appreciate a bit more communication to come my way regarding my blacklist.
    9. Nuu Rushean

      Copying my song bruh what the heck
    10. Nuu Rushean

      I thought this at first too, but if you save an empty message with the same name as the one you want to delete then it will disappear.
    11. Nuu Rushean

      Gps fps drop

      I think a medic made a report on this a while back but it wasn't very clear, basically when you have your GPS open like in the screenshot it drops your FPS sometimes even by 20 FPS, pretty sure this only started happening when the new marker system came out at the wipe. It seems less impactful when there are no teammates or members of your group within the GPS range, so if you have 10 group members nearby and the GPS open it will drop your FPS majorly.
    12. Nuu Rushean

      Name: Blainey Player ID: 76561198125633509 Date of Disciplinary Action: 22/07/18 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Permanent Detective Blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: Aug-Nov / Mitch Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Playing on Rebel without taking a day of leave. Why the appeal should be accepted: I believe I should not be blacklisted from Detective because the punishment I was given did not match the punishments that are listed in the Detective Protocols. And because I was not punished the same as another Detective who previously did the same thing earlier. About one week before my punishment was handed out, another Detective was found to be playing in a rebel gang without taking leave, he was punished for it however he was simply just given a warning and given some restrictions on what Detective Ops he could do for a week, then a day or two later he was caught again playing rebel without leave, still not even a blacklist for him though, he was just kicked from Detectives and given a demotion from his APD Rank, he was then blacklisted after he leaked the Detective Database to his gang members. I don't understand why am I being given the same punishment as someone who played on rebel without leave twice even after being punished the first time and leaking the Detective Database to an entire gang. This is not me trying to get back into detectives right now, I am however wanting to have the opportunity in the future. It is also not me trying to avoid or undermine what I did wrong, I fully understand that what I did was wrong however I do not believe it is worth what I got. Any other information: I did not make another account to avoid being caught, I had the second account beforehand and I wanted to put it to use while also having a completely different account with no money and items. Hopefully, you can believe that seeing as I have been honest with everything so far. Previous appeal was denied, told to Re-appeal in 2 months.
    13. Nuu Rushean

      Broken jail anti-exploit

      When someone walks into the corner near church it sends them into the church and freezes them + alerts mods that they have tried to exploit out of jail when sometimes they haven't done it on purpose.
    14. Nuu Rushean

      Incorrect ammo in air drop

      When you get a rare MXSW in the Air Drop it only gives you 30 round magazines which basically makes it the same as a normal MXM and it shouldn't really be considered "Rare". If the 100Rnd mags were put in the airdrop to spawn with it then that would actually give it a benefit over the standard MX/MXM.
    15. Nuu Rushean

      Can't delete saved messages

      No way to delete messages after you save them from what I can see. Maybe im blind idk
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