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  1. Nuu Rushean

    Stüssy Recruitment Requirements Be mature No Toxicity Format - Copy, Paste, Fill out and Reply Ingame Name - AndreWannabe Hours on Arma3 - 1,383 on Gmod. 31 on clicker heroes Age - 12, in 6 days Short description on your play style - Kung Fu and a little bit of Muay Thai. Sometimes I helisnipe OG too
  2. Nuu Rushean

    name: ; ID: 3914-nuu-rushean
  3. Nuu Rushean

    12,12,12 f u c k 12
  4. Nuu Rushean

    Bug reports were good when they first got implemented by Connor but now it seems that they don't get looked at anymore ?
  5. Nuu Rushean

    "I could have gone on floating through space forever."
  6. Nuu Rushean

    Thanks chadd you the real g keep up the gr8 work nuu rushean out Engineer Chadd ??
  7. Nuu Rushean

    Area 69
  8. Nuu Rushean

  9. Nuu Rushean

    Settle down mate, krunker.io tonight fists only we'll see whos god
  10. Nuu Rushean

    you stupid man
  11. Nuu Rushean

    shush bruv
  12. Nuu Rushean

    Lights at bank

    Two of the lights at Westpac can be shot out, the other two can not. very annoying The ones circled are the ones that you can't shoot out.
  13. Nuu Rushean

    There is also this .exe which sets the FOV for you. Instructions are on the site. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21179
  14. Nuu Rushean

    Home Pro Poster Staff 50 104 posts Awards Steam Oats | Home
  15. Nuu Rushean

    no hate just love