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    1. Nuu Rushean

      Msg me discord tonight & I’ll give you mine
    2. Nuu Rushean

      why is it 480p
    3. Nuu Rushean

      Most of the fights we have been at recently there have been a good number of people using level 1 vests.
    4. Nuu Rushean

      Even just a discount for the gear like there used to be
    5. Nuu Rushean

      Ticket three guys for entering PD and you got yourself a spar16 without even leaving the safe zone. I get what you are saying with the MX being 10k that’s a bit odd but 30k really isn’t anything to complain about.
    6. Nuu Rushean

      It's Official but yeah thanks love u too.
    7. Nuu Rushean

      ; - 3914-nuu-rushean
    8. Nuu Rushean

      Name: Blainey Steam 64 ID: 76561198125633509 Date of Disciplinary Action: 22/07/18 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Detective Blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: Retied Commissioner of the APD Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Robbing a bank without taking leave on an Alt account. Why the appeal should be accepted: It's been like 7 Months since I was blacklisted & I think I have made up for the dumb shit I did back then. After the last appeal I made was denied I messaged Augnov and asked when I could possibly be unblacklisted & he replied saying if I made an application after the new year I would most likely be accepted Any other information: N/A
    9. Nuu Rushean

      Reset your HUD Layout in game, the notifications show off the in-game hint/tip thing
    10. Nuu Rushean

      Dude wth best montage i seen yet
    11. Nuu Rushean

    12. Nuu Rushean

      A traffic stop gone bad can involve roleplay in it too, lets say the civ pulls a gun on the cop and tells him to put his hands up, the cop has two options: Put his hands up and value his life or shoot the civ ruining the possible chance of a hostage situation where some epic roleplay could be had. If you comply, you do not die.
    13. Nuu Rushean

      Big ups to you Connor, you have done an absolute shit ton for this server and it wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today without you. You have an amazing talent with coding/developing and I see it getting you far in life. I wish you luck in the future regarding your health and your future endeavours in life
    14. Nuu Rushean

    15. Nuu Rushean

      0:19 "another one dead" mate thats your team
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