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  1. surey

    Name: Surey Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198161240980 Discord ID (E.g Kev#9424): Surey#4464 Date of Disciplinary Action: around 6 months ago What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: @Big Kev Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Handing out cop gear Why the appeal should be accepted (50 Words): The scenario which caused it was Kev, May(civ at the time) and myself where in the pd Trolling a lower rank saying may was a cop and i was a rebel, when the other cop walked away to get something from the shop me and may switched gear to confuse him. After all of us laughing for 5 or so minutes may was restrained and patted down for the cop gear and said gear was seized. i understand that the gear swap was a bit much but at the time we were all having a laugh and may is also a close friend with us so nothing was being risked.
  2. surey

  3. surey

    //Pending// I will have a talk with my team and come to a conclusion
  4. surey

    //Accepted// Welcome back to the APD hope to see you soon
  5. surey

    //Pending// i will have a talk to the people that blacklisted you and come to a conclusion Sorry this was your first experiece
  6. surey

    //Pending// When The conditions are met from our talk you will be unblacklisted
  7. surey

    //Pending// I will have a talk with my team and come to a conclusion
  8. surey

  9. surey

    //Accept// Welcome back to the APD
  10. surey

    //Pending// Please talk to Daywalker and myself
  11. surey

    // Denied // After a discussion with my team we have decided to deny the application as you have appealed within the month of being removed. Please put another application in on the 12/1/2018
  12. surey

    // Denied // From a discussion with my team we have decided to keep the Blacklist in place for now, as your attitudes towards the APD has not improved since you where removed. Please feel free to reapply in a month 15/1/2018
  13. surey

    suz's surprise because i payed for it so i'de like to keep it
  14. surey

    corleones, SP, NTR that's a lot of SRT members
  15. about the gang Bases they have always been you have to have an outstanding reputation and to earn them, and the most recent change was reputation and the cost of 50 million if u wanted one and currently only 1 gang base is being used, so instead of re-purposing them maybe adding in smaller bases for the contractors which could include garages and a whitelist only contractor shop which they can only use those items whilst on a contract.