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    1. xGrubx

      I agree, Livonia is crying out for Enhanced Movement. The map is challenging enough to warrant it and id guess most that play it would have the mod already or wouldn't object to getting it.
    2. xGrubx

      Is this a Milsim server? Dont think it was ever the intention of making it so. By making further restrictions all you accomplish is alienating a lot of players, myself included. If they want to wear ghillies and bergens and pack AT and long range scopes it doesn't/shouldn't really impact on anyone. If you are sick of landing on a hill and sniping from there then dont, nothing from stopping you from giving different LZ locs to the pilot or driving in yourself or doing something different. Dont get salty cause players in a public server dont behave/play how you want them to play/behave. Problem is that everyone knows each AO and how each AO plays. Everyone knows the best sniping locs, everyone knows the best routes to take, everyone knows there are 6 enemy snipers, 3 enemy statics, 2 AA vics, Tower and HQ. If you want to change it up look at how the AO is set up and how the AI responds. I play on this server for fun and i play on another Milsim server for the immersion of what milsim provides. I dont believe you should confuse the types of servers you want to run. If you want to run Milsim do it and do it properly so that you satisfy the peeps that play milsim. And if you just want a muck around I&A server then keep it simple. combing the two types is just going to get peeps frustrated. Id wager most players that play I&A dont want Milsim type of restrictions proposed above because it is too restrictive and counter intuitive in a public server. However if there was a dedicated StrayaGaming Milsim server, id be in that. my two cents worth.
    3. xGrubx

      Lol dont tell anyone about Tanoa. i like it that it is very quiet. more kills for me
    4. Hey Fitz Tanoa is down again

      1. Fitz


        Yep, fixed now. Caused by typo 😞

    5. xGrubx

      Pilot with a Bergen, Maaws and Nightstalker scope - say no more
    6. xGrubx

      So, ive been purposely away from I&A for a bit. Came back on a couple of days ago and then again this morning and whilst im not overly surprised, the amount of flagrant disregard for the rules of the server were astounding. Both sessions i and many others, were deliberately killed by CAS and had to put up with a fair amount of shit from idiot pilots. It seems if you point out to them the rules re CAS in the AO you become fair game for pilots. this guy is one of the douche bags - HappyTriggerCops. the other douche bag was reported to Brid the other day when he deliberately team killed me and another 4 in my squad. Before anyone says it, yeah its a public server and this shit happens. But its one of the reasons i dont play I&A. if the assholes who deliberate team kill and just dont give a shit about the rules get perm or long term bans id be more interested in playing on the server because id know that their actions would be dealt with. Robocop seems to be ineffective, because i report these guys time and time again yet nothing happens. It appears that when there is no Mod presence the server is absolutely lawless - team killing, CAS doing whatever the hell they want, idiots destroying friendly vics and when all this shit is going on the server is just no longer enjoyable. The rules are there they just need to be enforced. If an admin wants more details send me a message.
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