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  1. WestOz

    I’m guessing you mean civ slots, not civs in striders
  2. WestOz

    Military (I&A) deployed to eradicate extremist rebels/cartels from all territories, restoring Government and Police control so civilians can live & work in peace.
  3. WestOz

    I didn't see officer Quinlet discharge his weapon in the video, only restrain people that were boxing him in so he could escape. Later in the video his shown down, others running away or hanging around his body with weapons drawn.
  4. WestOz

    Voice audio replaced by music doesn't really help, however, imo it appears officer Quinlet was being harassed, others pushing boxing him in, getting up in his face etc, perhaps singled out, for some reason no other officer/partner backing him up? Perhaps Rule 2.7.1 "baiting Police". Considering the vision, compared to the alternatives other officers might take, I thought he handled the situation well. What happened later isn't really shown, but I suspect most of the group continued to harass him, chased him down like a pack of dogs when he tried to retreat.
  5. WestOz

    Enjoyed watching those guys work well together, milsim
  6. WestOz

    Plenty of good stuff on there from various channels (if you can find them), but for anyone who doesn't know FRANKIEonPC's work. He hasn't released anything for 10mths (no one knows why), doesn't even have playlists organised, yet he retains "3.5M" sub$. Goes (went) on some awesome servers (OS) with great RP and items available. Couple of Favorites; PRISON BREAK! REBEL ARMY!
  7. WestOz

    Not sure why it would turn into one, I wasn't having a crack @Jewbacca just agreeing with him and further adding my opinion from a marketing view. Sure, if someone knows their previous work, like it, go back for more, but for others who've never seen their work, like most things in life with so many options available, a good quality intro can help sell/draw/entice viewers in further, or they simply skip to the next vid (no like, sub, potential revenue), all relevant to marketing, like tv commercials or the picture used on a non-theater released movie cover.
  8. WestOz

    I agree, watched 1000's over the years since tube started, unfortunately a lot of crap to filter through these days, very messy. Depending on requirement/subject matter; No intro usually = poor content, hold, likes/subs. 15+ sec intro, some ~1min (skip) with poor res/editing and track, some that near blows your eardrums, but then can't hear content, usually = poor content, min likes/subs. A Quick 5-10sec max where its obvious they've spent a lot of thought/time on it, not rushed, creative/different/entertaining, catchy track selection most important, used consistently for a year or more (like the tubers who get Huge sub$) seems to be the sweet spot. I was impressed with your knowledge/selection of track grabs relevant to scene, very important for hold. Depending what area of the industry your working in, your employer/s would be crazy if their not taking advantage of it, perhaps they are.
  9. WestOz

    LMFAO! made tears come outta my eyes, loved the copshop bit "I'm not running mate, I'm just (something)" Then you had to do your own rights, lol, typical young bloke who's left one hasn't dropped yet had no fkn idea "I'll let you off with a warning" Thanks man, made my day!
  10. WestOz

    Kinda ~ yes the programing allows the mission to be won with a small group, but unlike Altis, is it really a victory when only 1/3 of the main objectives (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie) have been secured, then everyone simply camping there defending it from a few enemy until the magical time runs out, no attempt to secure the other two objectives, part of the mission. For me, it was fun the first few times, but until all objectives have been secured, its not really a satisfactory win. If it were a little more realistic, and the enemy holding the other 2 objectives were ordered to push in on us at the same time, like we'd do if holding 2/3, we'd likely be Fkd. Don't get me wrong, I love Tanoa and the new missions, makes a very nice change, got bored with Altis, I thank the guys for making it available, but it needs more players, and while ever Altis is still up and running, which I can't see changing anytime soon, I suspect the player numbers will remain low, unfortunately Fitz and the boys may soon (if not already) ponder if its worth maintaining both servers when one isn't really getting the numbers to perhaps justify its requirements.
  11. WestOz

    Being WST (3hrs behind atm), during the week it can be quite. IMO 15 is good fun for the side missions, but not so much taking on the AO, unless I can use AI, which can help if in Marshals, on the guns in a ghost, or attracting bullets on the ground, but not everyone likes them being involved, why I mostly use them on my own for sides.
  12. WestOz

    I'm with you, bored with Altis, love Tanoa, but like others said many can't or wont coin up for it. The I&A Tanoa server pulls a few now & then, but most of the time its empty, those that prefer/consider joining it are prob going to Altis because it has lots of players, so I've finally learnt how to control AI, sorta, stupid Fkrs. But it gets boring on your own in there after awhile, I'm over Altis I&A, so having a break and trying to relive the old civ life on AL (trying). But, most know that Straya servers are the most popular and well managed/scripted compared to others, if you went Tanoa and they didn't have it, I'm sure they'd prob work out away to get it quick, otherwise they'd be on lesser quality servers, missing out.
  13. WestOz

    Hi Karen, Well, after a couple of years away on active duty (I&A) I've found myself a bit fatigued being around guns, explosions etc, many wounds, scars, lost a lot of friends, seen a lot of death (sorry to hear about your brother), diagnosed with depression etc. Thought I'd take some leave, go back home to a normal "LIFE" for awhile, do some fishing, diving, treasure hunting. Military pension doesn't go very far so maybe start a small business, work for myself rather than taking orders, as I've done for far too long. A farm would be nice, plants some crops, raise some sheep or cattle, but not a lot of options compared to illegal activities for good income. However, I arrive back home to find the place has gone to shit, someone else has moved into what was my house, the bank must have been robbed as my account is almost empty. The city is filled with unsavory characters, drug dealers, violence. The rural areas are filled with vigilantes taking advantage of innocent tourists passing through, many who will no-doubt leave the country never to return, or perhaps feel compelled to join in and do the same, perhaps for revenge, not good for tourism, or those who may have considered making it their home, start a business, make an honest living etc. The other day a friend, Jay, and myself went out and did some mining, I hadn't done it for years, thankfully Jay was there to retrain me, all my licenses had expired so it wasn't a cheap day. We then dropped into sell it to old Davo the remote buyer, we weren't there for 2 minutes when 4 guys rolled up in an armored vehicle fully armed with automatic weapons (wtf?), initially I thought they were armored couriers, there to pickup/drop-off money and items for Davo, but then started demanding Jay and I hand over our cash, off-course knowing me and with what I've just been through I laughed at them, stood my ground and told them to Fk off, which didn't end well, more scars, stole my car, later found out it was chopped. Whilst it was never perfect, it seems things have gotten out of control for the Police here, perhaps not enough of them, low moral, maybe lack of good leadership and Government support/funding, medical/health care is also lacking. Whatever it is, it seems the evil out ways the good, reminds me a lot of where I just came back from, civil war, which we are over there trying to control/stop, protect the innocent, yet while our armed forces are over there trying to protect their citizens, our citizens back here are experiencing similar, seems no longer a safe place to call home, but it is home, I grew up here, have to make the best of it. I remember seeing all this start to develop not long before I was deployed, contractors were employed to assist the Police get a handle on things, I gave them a hand now and then. I guess it didn't go well (more money in crime), but that's not something I'm mentally prepared to get back into at the moment, just want a quite recreational life for awhile, get my head straight for now, earn some money, buy a new house. Maybe, if all goes well I'll put some of my extensive training and experience back into good use, until then, perhaps best if you don't visit. Anyway, I trust this letter finds you well, love to you and your family, WestOz xo.
  14. WestOz

    HaHa! Thant's a great analogy, I like it, it can be very similar to Max Max at times (movie & game). Not that imo it's a good thing for a life server, more for Wasteland maybe. A few years back the server was more about making money to upgrade to better equipment, buy houses to store it all in etc, not last ~10min before getting harassed, robbed, killed etc. Sure you'd meet other gangs along the way, sometimes hostile, have fun trying to take over each others base etc, but we were usually more interested in combining/recruiting to hit the Fed, not kill each other, once done we'd go our own way until the next organized Fed hit. Back then the Fed would get hit at-least once every 2 hours, was a lot of fun, cops vs robbers etc. From memory, if we got the gold we then had a time limit to sell it, the cops would be waiting at the buyer for us, have to fight them off again before the time ran out so we could sell it. I've only seen the Fed get hit once in the past 30 odd hours of play, that I've been on, which I don't think they were successful, something has changed, not sure if for the better, but maybe people get bored doing the same thing, perhaps they need new challenges, rather than harassing and getting pocket change from newbies and others just wanting to do legal stuff. Odd? to be honest I haven't tried it lately, and getting a SDAR back then was easier, it did work that way a few years ago, maybe they changed it or its buggy. I did read in another thread somewhere when searching for instructions on how everything works, that apparently the timber sales a Bunnings is glitched out or something, not working, perhaps it's the same with Turtles? What and how do you craft with it? That's what I'm finding most frustrating, finding out what and how all this stuff works, I don't mind learning the hard way, go and do it until I work it out etc, but when you can't get 1k out of town before being Fk'd over, especially when we need to carry cash for licenses etc, lose vehicle to chop shop, left stranded or dead, start over again without enough cash, repeat. I don't want to be the annoying guy who keeps asking Q's on side chat, going to TS help deck asking the guys instructions I should be able to simply read on the forum (oh no, its West again, make him wait), maybe why most players tend to get up to no good, causing trouble, pissing people off etc (incl cops & admin), doing things illegally, because its simple and easy to understand how to do it, no instructions required.
  15. WestOz

    I thought about that half way through typing all that (questioned why I was bothering) remembering when I first got Arma, joined Life server in the very early days, I had no idea there was gaming forums. However I'm a lot older than most, hoping the younger ones who grew up with all this tech stuff from a very young age know more than I did. Be good if there was some way to direct (perhaps force) them to the forum to read the rules & stuff like this if they have nil hours played, but most likely wouldn't read it anyway. @pinejack & @Connor Thanks for that, I did wonder what rock was all about, I went there and mined it to see what the result was just in-case it gave Diamonds or similar, all I got was rock, thought maybe it and sand made cement, no idea cause there's no instructions anywhere that I can find (be good if there was), couldn't be bothered getting sand and whatever else for end result (assuming cement), doesn't pay enough, so dropped it and moved on. Now I know what you just explained I might give it another shot, but those license fees are huge hey. Anyway, at-least something good came from the thread, I learn't something. I'll add it to the OP when I get a chance, plus any other handy tips anyone cares to share re crafting etc.