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  1. Killzone

    I completely agree with this and i think what needs to happen is some vlr on cops. Yesterday me and 2 mates took 3 cops hostage (one was wex :P) we took GPS and radio they surprisingly followed and when we saw cops roll up we were gonna kill the cops instead i decided to try to wait and rp with some cops. what happens a cop rolls up and kill everyone (including cops). on subject navids are brought out for banks and its a bit dumb since we only have lvl 3 vests now but its all for some fun thats what we gotta remember its not too fun for cops to get destroyed by a gang that is sitting 10m outside pc1 and its not fun for rebels to have to just farm money and grind (unless you are me i actually enjoy doing runs currently on 43million :D). i think they way to go is just bring back some shenanigans to sydney cops can ticket people make money and rebels can test their luck.
  2. Killzone

    cops have navids but so do rebels. yes i guess cops have more of an arsenal but they are the government and we are guerrillas just sit back and wait for the cops to go crazy for frags and kill them not too hard.
  3. Killzone

    dude who cares. From what i see you are just saying cops are bad, who cares lets just do some rp ya know ;)
  4. Killzone

    John the Baptist
  5. Killzone

    Bring back the pingas , uranium and IEDS for the 250k price, and the good ol' customization of vehicle (better fuel, gps tracker...)
  6. Killzone

    I wish to join the random prize draw - sssh just chuck me the money
  7. Killzone

    Like the aircraft carrier is cool and all, BUT look at them vests going around in a yellow vest who wouldnt want that
  8. Killzone

    Is the pdw going?
  9. Killzone

    FISHING YES, I would love to see a reason to just go out on a boat and relax
  10. Killzone

    Personally i would love to see the protector 9mm as a legal gun, maybe even with a few different choices in scopes. @ExcelForce.
  11. Killzone

    Welcome Back Cake
  12. Killzone

    Im not sure why but i have used all my houses within 3 months but they have all gone Rip 2 houses full of gear
  13. Killzone

    @ZipRaid We have had some good times on wasteland Back when you called yourself han solo and everyone asked "Arent you dead." This picture was the first heli we flew in and we made an entrance
  14. Killzone

    // ACCEPTED \\ Welcome
  15. Killzone

    Me and @ZipRaid have discussed with @Tiggati that there is room for a csgo/dota 2 team in this community. We would like to start recruiting anyone that wants to join just use this template provided. Steam Name: Steam URL: Game: Rank/mmr: Age: Timezone: A little bit about yourself: Hours played: Why you want to join: Mic (yes or no):