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  1. Rory

    I mean, the gang wasn't a troll. They were just players that had a very great imagination of jokes. I don't see how a 'highway' division will do anything for cop. "CAN HIGHWAY DIVISION GO HIGHWAY" like what lmao Are they going to get SRT lvl 1 because they need weapons for highway? like...
  2. Rory

    So the idea of TEG was to get people to do traffic stops? lol
  3. Rory

    You can legit just tell normal GD not to get into decs, don't go too far outside and always have an eye out? Being in SYD is more dangerous imo, you have civs who just RDM, trolls that VDM ;) and many other people around. Whilst being highway is just driving on a main road and having a possibility of being dec'd on by a Strider, but if you're careful that doesn't happen! Woah, never thought of that one! "People that know how to handle themselves outside of city limits" ?? I've stated above, but it is legit no different, just don't do stupid things and you'll be fine. I have done it plenty of times and it isn't hard... Just seems to me that people want more power in divisions/cop overall. There has already been a division that dealt with traffic stops etc. and look where that went...
  4. Rory

    I'm not tryna be a troll but can you explain to me what this highway department does? Seems pointless when you already have highway units?
  5. The night light shone through the streets of Sydney as the sun went down, the shadows slowing sink to the night. I was sitting at the market square as the night went on, I was craving somebody to cuddle through this freezing night, I had only recently lost my boyfriend of 4 years, he was so cute and I just wanted him to come back to me. My ex-boyfriend Caiden, found somebody better, I only found out because my friend told me he was doing the hanky panky dance with my friend, Zesty. This is the lower I had ever been and didn't think it could get any worse. Suddenly, I was awoken by a siren blasting through the town, never had I heard something so loud. I hear them getting closer and closer, I faintly recall opening my eyes and and seeing a Hatchback racing through the city and before I know it, I was struck by an object of sorts, I can't recall what it was because it happened so quick. I was rushed to the hospital by the medical team, immediately put into ICU, my trauma was so bad that I had their top surgeon come in, his name was Elite Pangtang. After many hours of being operated on I finally woke up, abruptly opening my eyes to a bright light and seeing so many people around me. I had no idea what happened and why I was here, I look to my left and see this officer in a really nice uniform, he was so hot. He comes over to me and says in a low tone "Hey miss, i'm really sorry what happened to you yesterday, we were chasing a lunatic who called himself "TheUgandanPrince" we caught him and I don't think he is ever going to be able to do that again" I gradually opened my mouth, but no words came out, I was so taken by his looks that I didn't have anything to say, I closed my mouth with ease and rested onto my back and stared at the ceiling just thinking about that officer. It had been 3 days in ICU when I was moved into recovery, the officer I had dreamed about earlier came back to check on me, I didn't even listen to him, I was so taken by his looks that I was drooling over him. He left me his number and told me to call him if I ever needed help, it was about 3 days later that I finally got out of the hospital, didn't have anything there for me, I had to make it on my own, I think it is the fastest I have ever made a call. I called him and he answered quite quickly, he asked how I was and we had a fair talk, then I asked if he could pick me up and he calmly told me it was his day off and that he was on the way. After he arrived we kicked things off quite quickly, I couldn't help myself but to tell him I was into him, he said the same, I was so excited and out of the blue asked if I could stay at his place till I found somewhere to go, he told me that I could stay at his, but he only had a single bed. That was fine with me, but when we got there he said I could have the bed and he would sleep on the couch because I had only just got out of Hospital, I felt so appreciated for once in my life, my ex didn't even treat me that well. A week had past and I was still at this officers place, his name was Rhys Beckett, I started imaging my name.. 'Renae Beckett' it goes so well. He was at work and trusted me to stay at his house for the week, our relationship was moving well. It had been about a month since I practically moved in, we got to know each other quite well and started dating. It turns out that Rhys had also lost his parents quite early on and had to fend for himself, that's why he became an officer so he could protect kids like him, I felt a deep connection so early on. It had been about 4 years of dating before he popped the question, I ecstatically jumped on him and gave him the biggest hug of my life and holler 'yes' so loudly that everyone looks at us and smiles. We had a small wedding because money was tight and didn't have many people there, but his friend Jake was there because they have always been close since school, he is such a cutie too because he looks so young. The first 2 years of our marriage was the best, we didn't have any children so we were free to do anything and everything, but then a shock came, I was pregnant with our first child. We didn't expect it and it was a complete shock to us, although I think we were quite prepared. It was 18 weeks into my pregnancy that we found the sex of our child, it was going to me a boy. We were overly excited as we discussed that a girl would be too much work to raise. We named our son 'd0nk' which stands for a customized 71-76 Chev Impala which is our favorite car. It was a rough pregnancy, d0nk came out at 9.6 kgs which is insane! He isn't a small little gringo, he is the cutest baby though. It was a cold May night as we sat on the beach and had fish and chips from 'Eggberts Salty Sea Fish' it was the best we had every had, and the owner, he was a different species. He was so funny and d0nk loved him to bits, his name was Chadd and was running the families fish shop. It hasn't been that long since I met the man that made my life what it is today, but over the last few years I have been in the police academy training to be an officer so I can follow the lead of my husband throughout the job. People say that work doesn't go with marriage, but it will be fine for us, we love each other too much to let anything get in the way. xx What Rory does when he is bored and can't do anything because he is updating games xx I haven't proof read it so theres probably so many mistakes, I can't be bothered tho so theres probably heaps but thats all good 62 commas for anyone wondering x Comment for part 2
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  8. Rory

    Wow Luckb33f, you're such a nice person !! xx
  9. Rory

    get off me d0nk
  10. Rory

    lol, ok SRT 2ic. Don't come back, i'm not here anymore so it isn't as good xx.
  11. Rory

    Honestly just seems like a bad idea, couldn't see it working at all. Just go play other servers tbh
  12. They just tryna flex like ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  13. Rory

    There are back roads from Agios, where weed is located, down to the dealer and processor. Players know that there is a risk to illegal activities, to me it seems like you're saying let the civilians just do runs because they're new? If I were to not have tags and pretend I was new then I could get free roam of weed? There is a risk/reward system with weed, people won't do the drug if they don't want to risk losing everything.