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    1. Bread

      Well... At the start was a bit of a cluster **** when it was being organised at the assembly point, it really needed someone to tell everyone to shut up so staff could direct us to what they wanted us to do. The vulnerability of our armour didn't really feel like it was there as they came back after being destroyed (excluding the first marshall death I assumed they prob came from base, I didn't pay attention to if they got spawned in) - I believe it would be better for these players to not be able to bring another vehicle back thus forcing them to play smarter. These vehicles should be an important asset we need to be careful with, which is completely chucked out the window if their destruction has little impact as another vehicle is just going to take its place. I agree with Phalanx on the issue of people from outside the event, if you're trying to run an organised group for an operation people from outside shouldn't be allowed to be anywhere near it. I do think there was too much heavy armour spawned against us, I believe it would of been more suitable to have vehicles which infantry could reasonably engage against with their AT ( I don't know if we had any AT specialists with heavy AT to deal with the t-140's)
    2. Bread

      What would be the point of removing jets if you're just going to fill the CAS role with helicopters? Doesn't really seem to fix anything by doing so...
    3. Bread

      Hmm kill webbie... I expect heavy armour presence to rape us a little bit
    4. Bread

      I don't like the idea of forcing people into a certain squad, I would prefer there just be a limit set on specialist roles and being able to use the current squad system. If recon are going to be given differences to their non-recon counterparts then I believe they'd need to serve a purpose, such as being required to do side missions when they come up.
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