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  1. ASAF

    3. Intentional teamkilling will not be tolerated.
  2. ASAF

    if higher ups are doing this they should be removed from there rank simple as that, if i was put into the commissioners shoes i would instantly start demoting everyone that simply joins to do fed then leaves.
  3. ASAF

    to add onto my comment, as rebels if you are robbing the bank/fed you are normally doing it with everyone online at that time to increase chances of getting out with the gold/money, you will rarely see gangs doing it with only some members, so if a gang member gets on and the bank/fed just goes off its almost always because they JUST got on, and not to help with bank/fed.
  4. ASAF

    From reading most of what people have to say about cops logging in and responding to bank/fed it has come clear that some people don't understand whats really going on (This is a rebel point of view*WARNING*) Let's first be real with ourselves, when Bank or federal reserve is hit off on a slow day, morning or at night, you will always see at least 2+ Police Officers jump on, let it be known the came on not to patrol, not to go out with another officer and clean up the streets, but purely for the action that commences during bank robberies and federal reserve heists, and most of the people that log on for said purpose are not staying long after, this should not only be against the rules(although if you think about it, it technically is), it should also be frowned upon by higher-ups as people in the police force that work as a officer of the law to just get some action in during federal reserve or bank is not what being a whitelisted officer is about, and as someone who barely ever plays as a cop or medic, i still understand that.
  5. ASAF

    Coming from my point of view (Pure Rebel): When there's a minimum of 6 cops online there's normally very few rebel gangs with numbers that exceed the police, when there are 6 cops, it's either late night or early morning, both times of day affect both parties, so there is not a disadvantage to either side. The only way i can see a disadvantage is when a gang plans a fed early/late when theres the minimum police force and there are Gang members exceeding the police by a large amount. Now when cops log on purely for the reason that bank and federal Reserve goes off, it is infact meta gaming, pure and simple, and we all know meta gaming is a rule that is not meant to be broken, which leads me to another point, When we go to loot cop guns we kill, they instantly respawn when we walk up, they shouldn't be able to do this so quick, sometimes i think cops have less of a wait then civilians after they are killed (Normally we get 2 minutes or 25 seconds) while i rarely see police having to wait that 2 minutes which i think is unfair for us as half of our income is from police firearms and other things such as attachments. Which brings me to my next point: I feel like when you die, your gun should STAY on the floor for at least 5 minutes so both parties have time to come and regain there lost firearms, Not to comeback (NLR) and get them, but for fellow officers and gang members to use again, i can tell mixed feelings for this will come up from the police as there guns are dirt cheap compared to us, but its my opinion.
  6. ASAF

    a new face!!!! Hehe.
  7. ASAF

    More cops, loved the 3 episodes up, i expect the future of the series to be great! I think you should do more serious police interaction, like responding to bank/Fed, or marshal law and gang on gang warfare!
  8. ASAF

    Any idea if this fixes the Rahims and 4-Fives?
  9. ASAF

    APSS Split up, best chance to get anything close to what AINC was is by joining Evolved, they are a Cartel rather than a Civilian Contractors but they still hold a similar role when it comes to interaction with police, obviously since they are a cartel its more criminal but its as close as you are going to get right now.
  10. Would love a BF1 server in the future!
  11. ASAF

    AINC left the island of Altis and their wealth was transferred to APSS (Altis Protection Security Service) which then split into various other gangs/cartels.
  12. ASAF

    More jobs for people that don't want to be rebels, EMS or APD, Civilian jobs like helicopter flights(which i know people do but make if official and get the server to hire good pilots for it.) and things like that, this will decrease the amount of kidnappings by people that ask if you need a ride, like a uber or something similar. Shooting ranges, more events for civilians rather than events only rebels can really do (Airdrop,underwater boat), events for civilians will be strictly legal, not giving you illegal guns, clothing etc etc.
  13. Title speaks for itself <3
  14. ASAF

    I had a house i was using just yesterday and now its gone, so what happened there, it had gear in the inventory and everything. @Roger Purple So was it everyones houses or is this just an error?
  15. Just gonna get my last words in as i have expressed my opinion enough: If you really think the Altis Community are mature, I invite you to our five-star show at Rebel 1, or a nice relaxing evening dinner at Sydney market.