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  1. SeRaG

    Hello my friends i dont want to make this topic a long today i made my choice is to leave Strayagaming first i want you guys how much i loved this community members and staff I loved this community very much and you were a second family to me I spent much of my time here more than the time I spend with my family I had hoped that I would not have taken this decision again after I had taken it before when i leave in first, but today i see the same thing again like nothing after the promise Anyway I do not want to disturb anyone in my problems before I leave So I forgive all those who insulted me, my family my religious and my life, and even those who called me the terrorist anyway. I wish you a good time without problems with others. I apologize if you clash with someone. Before I leave I appreciate my friendship to some of the people here who have always stood with me and they are Enis roger purple vizzn orgug that lucky sob martin sam i am sam01 snowwie bang 321 flex greg mitch insand nevetos beaven nigel smokey true blue gon bow elite josh hatto axle matt Brid and dak commstar sorry if forget someone loyal for me you guys will stay in my memory as best and loyal friends Thank you for reading my topic and i hope you guys have the most enjoyable time in this community Bye Bye
  2. SeRaG

    #Make strayagaming great again
  3. SeRaG

    Well my opinion is move westpac to Brisbane... the reason why we should move it there, is to return the activities to Brisbane.
  4. SeRaG

    already fallow it all. Good luck to everyone
  5. SeRaG

    actually takistan is a gangs life and maybe only there is not really life of the war but the iraq has been invaded by 32 country it will make you fell you are in really war and dont wary about its culturally or not because its the fact
  6. SeRaG

    i disagree reason is you are a command team or SRT or ASIO thats mean you are know all police tactical and the communication then you know all police spots and breach and you have been trust and deal to protect civ not kill them and you ready all the time to be in charge from any attack from the rebel so basically when you are in SRT or ASIO you should to work and serve the cops duty if you dont need that you can leave that position because many people else want to join that unit and that will be not fear
  7. SeRaG

    Wow thats mean live the fight life and the war time in my country after 2003 thats pretty good idea i agree
  8. SeRaG

    wow very Good idea i will try my luck with you
  9. SeRaG

    of course and i believe every think will coming step by step
  10. SeRaG

    its actually nice idea but that action will be taken on the rebel or crim who is refuse to drop the gear and weapon like you do some role play with him you give a chance to drop his gear example (You have a three chance to drop the gear and the weapon on the floor if you not i will take it off from you) because they believe with out this action when they never drop it the cops will execute him and they will never charge
  11. SeRaG

    Hello guys i just thinking to ask dev team to add a new action for cops in windows key Menu its call putdown actually i believe it will help the cops very much because when the cops restrain the criminal or rebel he is dont need to unrestrain him and ask him to drop the gear and the weapon on the floor however there is no more issue about fail RP or RDM or fled away from the cops so if you guys agree with this idea write a comment or if you disagree with this idea keep a comment and tell the reason thank you guys for reading hope to see you again @vizzN @Envy @Sam I Am @martin @Connor. @insanD @Leopard
  12. SeRaG

    i feel bad because i will not present in this event my exams will began in 19/1 hope every one will enjoy
  13. SeRaG

    i really miss Alnc as especially you sam because i was all the time steal your strider then hide it and let you search for it
  14. SeRaG

    yes for store the guns and the gear because when they start fed we should to gear up all public slot so we should to store many guns and gear in vehicle but if we cant we will waste many time to gear up the public slot or other rank before respond to fed and thank you guys for listening
  15. SeRaG

    we need you to put old altis life uniform because its better like SRT uniform and Patrol Uniform ... and put the old weapon shop to the cops because its same thing maybe in cops lvl 1.2.3 mybe more iam sergeant and i cant buy hunter + ghost hwak and the other guns and please put the script to hide the backpack in cops and thank you for listening