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  1. KillaLB

    That was us, and it was nice to not see people scream "FAIL RP" in side chat because they got shot, you know, while robbing a bank. What wasn't good was the time before that where I got taken to helpdesk for shooting 2 civs in a boat while they were right outside the bank, while it was being robbed and bullets flying everywhere. Because honestly, you wouldnt expect to get shot near a bank that is getting robbed by highly armed individuals would you (/sarcasm)
  2. KillaLB

    The hostage RP we had with the cops at Neri the other night was great. We got the money out because of it ;D Probably should have kept the hostage with us in the heli though, we were shot down on the way out when they came back for me. There goes my faith in the honour system
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    +rep Yaasss