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    1. Cheers for the good times - Community banned d0nk x 2015-2018
    2. Excel


      Sending love xx

    3. d0nk

      full miss u nd shit

      1. Excel


        Brother it passed 1 year since it all happened just 3 days ago, missing you more ❤️

    4. d0nk

      Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
    5. d0nk

      Sometimes standing against evil is more important than defeating it.
    6. d0nk

      its ez to leave xo
    7. d0nk

      Soooo, KOS island?
    8. d0nk

      this makes me want to die, ashamed to call you dad.
    9. d0nk

      wtf no
    10. d0nk

      Did you read what I said? SRT was called when we called the protest.
    11. d0nk

      Considering SRT was called as soon as we declared the civilian protest on Channel 7, you expect us just to abandon it because cops press their frag button? That goes against what the whole protest was about.
    12. d0nk

      That thumbnail really looks like some good rp
    13. d0nk

    14. d0nk

      Everytime (Personally) we've tried to do a bank with more then 3 striders we have had a ghosthawk or HMG pulled on us, sometimes even prowler armed if people online can't get the latter. I'm not saying it is the main problem, I'm suggesting it be fixed cause it is a part of the reason that people don't want to do banks or feds. It's not the vehicles you pull out necessarily it's more the fact that externals are a major factor in banks/feds and with only 2 it doesn't help our cause the only thing it helps is the cops therefor making them even more powerful.
    15. d0nk

      Another thing I believe deters Civs away from Rebel is the prices. 750k for a Strider, 1.1Mil for a Navid, 1M for a processing license, whereas I compare these to cop it's 250k for a Navid, and 300k for a strider. I played rebel for about 2 hours last night and lost over 1m (Strider + Loadout) whereas I've played cop actively for the past 2 weeks and I've yet to a see a negative financially. As Wex said civ vs civ combat does need to improve and people have tried to focus on civ/civ but when the civs run away everytime they get decced on it's only reasonable to see why we want to fight cops. But we get to the bank or dec on cops and next thing you know we've got 25 cops rushing us in hunters. Banks are just civ's with pistols tapping and running it now because no rebel wants to hit a bank or fed. This sums it up, but replace the word cops with rebels. Although we have access to the same caliber it is rarely used by us for pricing reasons. Cops win 90% of banks/feds because they OUTNUMBER us, not because they use good tactics or skillful plays. It's now unfair to the point where rebels don't want to hit bank or fed because they know they're just going to get rolled by 25 hunters swarming them. So really I agree with the Apollo's point here. Cops are overpowered, we have too few rebel moderators and the ONE we did have was removed for "bias". Things need to be changed so that it's a fair fight for both sides. My suggestions are: Lower prices on rebel. The average player only has 600k it's not fair that a strider should be more then someones bank. Fix the escalation (@Wex) I know this more of an inter cop issue but I will still list it here. 3 Striders vs 20 hunters shouldnt call for a ghosthawk to be pulled or HMG etc. Striders although more armored then hunters aren't immune to simple bullets and good tactics and only being able to have 2 striders at a fed/bank means we can really only have 2 externals which if taken out means that everyone inside bank/fed is pinned by cops which allows them to roll us easily. We need to have more freedom to move in vehicles. Create a ratio of cops to civs at bank, perhaps a 1:2 or something along those lines. 6 Rebels at a bank vs 12 cops doesn't sound bad does it? As long as both sides play smart it shouldn't be an issue.
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