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  1. Are police able to question the drug dealer? Do they have drones? If travelling near an Illegal area atleast 200 meters away. Does this count as doing illegal activities? I came down the hill from sydney drug dealer and was instantly fired on by SeReG or SeRaG unsure. With no declaration to stop until after I asked what he was doing. I asked to speak to another officer and he came and told me they had spoken to the drug dealer to get my name and that they had a drone above watching me. Are these actual features or was I just wrongly arrested? Plus the Police had already conducted raids on the Weed Field,Processor and Drug dealer I thought that there was a 1 hour cooldown after a raid was done?
  2. I thought you were obtaining this info on assumption and that you just wanted to arrest me. I'm sorry for how I acted and next time this evidence is presented to me I will act more appropriately.
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    Yea my apologies I had asked and got no response.
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    First incident was VDM I was chased without being delcared on clearly seen in the video and they started off the chase by trying to come into my lane and ram me. Second incident was after being revived by the EMS and robbed and a kidney stolen by the same guys while I was in TS you can even hear as i'm being called in the TS. Not sure why the second vid was so small maybe because I was alt tabbed in TS during the robbery so had no chance to comply or get the full recording of what he did while alt tabbed. ArmA 3 09.24.2016 - ArmA 3 09.24.2016 -