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    1. Name: Connor McGregor Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198148166004 Date of Disciplinary Action: 2017 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: BlackList Who were you Disciplined by: Augnov Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Not Welcome in the APD. Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] I reckon that ive had my fair share of time off cop, Even tho i might still not be welcomed back but as a former command team member i can guarantee i can bring what i brought to the cop for back in early 17 - late 18, Even if people still think of me as toxic immature due to past behaviour they can think what they want about me but people who have actually taken the time to talk with me will see my true self, And i do apologise if i have affected any member of the APD. Any other information: Like i have said multiple times i know i wont be accepted by some, All im asking is another shot, Thankyou.
    2. Connor McGregor

      R.I.P Old Void
    3. Connor McGregor

      Not the best but had to clear SSD.
    4. Connor McGregor

      no way how do i join?
    5. Connor McGregor

      Just play with me...
    6. Connor McGregor

      aight sign me up @bodyboarder2528, @Havoxa.
    7. Connor McGregor

      +1 Think we have been asking for that for sometime
    8. Connor McGregor

      So as we all know the server is at it's lowest peek at this present time due to multiple reasons not only directing it to server-side issues, But as well IRL issues. This will be my Final post for giving out Suggestions for the Staff Team, If this post cannot get through someone's head on making a change than honestly i have no clue what will before i start you can take this as ''Connors Salty Again'' or I'm just a ''Toxic Retard'' this isn't a roast this is just the truth so don't take it to heart but take this post seriously. My first point will be Managers and Above. Your communication skill with the community isn't so good in fact its appalling every server up-date that comes out are thing's that the community had no say in, Its just what yous wanted to add because you thought it was right multiple people like @FarmerGeorge98 @Big Kev @Chadd @bouda118 @AceWinchester @MrMiller @JoshieYeezy @Jay, Myself and alot and im sure you know who you are. Now you say yous are talking about upcoming changes for Altis Life in the future, I dont see anyone even trying to communicate with the community only the people within the staff team. 1. Listen to people's post and at time you have which has actually really helped but at other times you just ignore it. 2. Trial suggestions for 1 - 2 weeks show that yous are willing to go to any extent to provide content for the server even if they are completely useless show us that yous are listening and prove us completely wrong. 3. Update the server alot more instead of every month yous have more than enough people in roles to fulfil the requests that get thrown at yous everyday. 4. Post Updates/Upcoming updates, Idea's on what yous could do to improve the current state of the server ''Communicate'' with us dont sit there whilst the server dies and realise at the last minute what yous need to do. 5. Have more community meetings discuss what you wanna see out of us and we can say what we expect out of yous. I've spoken to all of the current Staff Team Member's even if we aren't all on good terms i know your expectations for the server yet no one pitches idea's. Suggestions from previous community members/staff. Now these are multiple suggestions from multiple different community members as well as staff members and there are alot more to come, Now i have seen some responses and suggestions from alot of people including Managers + but has it actually gone any further than just a reply on the forums.... I'm unsure i cannot make that call but from my perspective I've seen nothing. We all are open to give suggestions and providing things for Staff that at times they can't and that goes the same way to us the community. Now you can choose to ignore this post or hide it if you think it is not needed or another way to rip at each others throats but all im saying is someone had to stand up and say something so like i said at the start this isn't to start a fight this is only to get your attention to sit down and be like maybe he is right maybe he is wrong idk, At this point im not the one to be criticising the staff but at this point over the past months/years i have given up on providing what i think the server needs. Please post down below if you think im right or wrong or just a suggestions, Thank-you. @Red @James32
    9. Connor McGregor

      .............................................................................................................................................................. Name: Connor McGregor Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198148166004 Date of Disciplinary Action: 2017 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: Augnov Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Not Welcome in the APD, Because apparently im toxic and i poison everything i join which was decided over and issue involving 2 members of command which i was blacklisted off cop whilst i was on civ. Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] Becuase i reckon i have had enough time off cop and i have no beef with no cop member and being a former Command Member i think i can bring what i brought to the APD back in 2017 - 2018 even if people do not approve of me i wont let that stand in my way of being a good cop and the people who i have had issues with which you all may know if you look at this i wish to put everything behind me and start fresh i dont care if it takes us months to get past the beef, Thankyou. Any other information: I know a majority of people wont welcome me back but if you could take a look at it but if you give me another chance than you wont regret it, Thankyou and hopefully you accept me back ..............................................................................................................................................................
    10. Connor McGregor

      @bouda118You are not the only one buddy
    11. Connor McGregor

      Tryna rack money off us yet offers us nothing
    12. Connor McGregor

      Exactly capture points are the post to be put at prime locations, As im sure everyone is aware some may not be it doesn't provide 1 type of game-play it provides multiple different ways of combat that im sure everyone would like to experience something different seeming all it is now is running up towers.
    13. Connor McGregor

      Yeah no problem im always here with ideas and feedback in shaping Straya, If you would like to have a chat @Fusionable im available at anytime, And like i said earlier this isnt a post to rant about how bad of a job Staff are doing and im not saying your doing a shit job its more of Communication that Staff lack with the community, Notice of whats happening with e.x capture points in the future should be explained so we have a general idea on whats going on, Instead of adding in content and leaving us with nothing.
    14. Connor McGregor

      Cheer's for the reply aswell as informing that there is a discussion on the rework on Capture Points, And ill always keep posting feedback aswell at ideas to help the server improve. @Red
    15. Connor McGregor

      To be completely honest, Im quite disappointed in the capture points that have been released am im sure a lot of people are aswell the idea's of Weapons/Small Money/Large Money, Are fine to me but the locations that the Management decided to put them at makes absolute no sense. In my recent post i had explained what capture point's should be and the locations that they should be put in yet it has been completely ignored which im sure there is reasoning behind it but at the same time i believe that there was no real issue putting them were the ''community'' wanted them. The whole point of putting them in the exact locations were to make ''KOS'' Island a strict Combat Zone, and out of the way were Gangs V Gangs can have a fun time aswell as receive better game-play and a new Meta of how CqC properly works and myself i have been trying to teach people a better way to perform in-game , But it still confuses me why Capture Points have been placed in the current position's such as. - Ghost Hotel - Gang Hideout 3 - Syrta Tbh this is not what we wanted personally i was happy to help the Staff decided on where they should be placed and the meaning behind it and aswell as that I was genuinely excited for this update and im sure a lot more people were aswell to see these capture points put in but in my eyes it was another disappointment, I know the Staff member's are trying to improve more on focusing on what the community wants and i respect that this inst a post to start shit this is simply another post to get out and about saying change the locations A.S.A.P. Please refer to my last post on Location's of Capture Points. @Mitch @Connor. If you want to see these Capture Points changed please comment down below.
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