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    1. Connor McGregor

      @bouda118You are not the only one buddy
    2. Connor McGregor

      Tryna rack money off us yet offers us nothing
    3. Connor McGregor

      Exactly capture points are the post to be put at prime locations, As im sure everyone is aware some may not be it doesn't provide 1 type of game-play it provides multiple different ways of combat that im sure everyone would like to experience something different seeming all it is now is running up towers.
    4. Connor McGregor

      Yeah no problem im always here with ideas and feedback in shaping Straya, If you would like to have a chat @Fusionable im available at anytime, And like i said earlier this isnt a post to rant about how bad of a job Staff are doing and im not saying your doing a shit job its more of Communication that Staff lack with the community, Notice of whats happening with e.x capture points in the future should be explained so we have a general idea on whats going on, Instead of adding in content and leaving us with nothing.
    5. Connor McGregor

      Cheer's for the reply aswell as informing that there is a discussion on the rework on Capture Points, And ill always keep posting feedback aswell at ideas to help the server improve. @Red
    6. Connor McGregor

      To be completely honest, Im quite disappointed in the capture points that have been released am im sure a lot of people are aswell the idea's of Weapons/Small Money/Large Money, Are fine to me but the locations that the Management decided to put them at makes absolute no sense. In my recent post i had explained what capture point's should be and the locations that they should be put in yet it has been completely ignored which im sure there is reasoning behind it but at the same time i believe that there was no real issue putting them were the ''community'' wanted them. The whole point of putting them in the exact locations were to make ''KOS'' Island a strict Combat Zone, and out of the way were Gangs V Gangs can have a fun time aswell as receive better game-play and a new Meta of how CqC properly works and myself i have been trying to teach people a better way to perform in-game , But it still confuses me why Capture Points have been placed in the current position's such as. - Ghost Hotel - Gang Hideout 3 - Syrta Tbh this is not what we wanted personally i was happy to help the Staff decided on where they should be placed and the meaning behind it and aswell as that I was genuinely excited for this update and im sure a lot more people were aswell to see these capture points put in but in my eyes it was another disappointment, I know the Staff member's are trying to improve more on focusing on what the community wants and i respect that this inst a post to start shit this is simply another post to get out and about saying change the locations A.S.A.P. Please refer to my last post on Location's of Capture Points. @Mitch @Connor. If you want to see these Capture Points changed please comment down below.
    7. Connor McGregor

      So what if im a Virgin, And im allowed to post my avatar of whatever i want especially when its my sister.. so * C Y @ *
    8. Connor McGregor

      Who the **** even are you @Rezah like doesnt really change the community if u leave... * C Y @ *
    9. Connor McGregor

      NO you are probably a sydney rdmer, I better not see this in suggestions again.
    10. Connor McGregor

    11. Connor McGregor

      lol i doubt he will do something @Jewbacca seeming he is corrupt himself.
    12. Connor McGregor

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .....
    13. Connor McGregor

      That's my Nev
    14. Connor McGregor

      !!CHECK VIDEO DESCRIPTION!! Hope you boys enjoy.
    15. Connor McGregor

      @Joshua_ What do you mean I've been on the server for 4 coming up to 5 years now and every single member of my gangs and just players in general have been posting non-stop on how the community and the server can change but noone has listened im not complaining im just stating that staff had put up posts like you saying ''How can we help change straya" we give opinion's and its not good enough because it doesn't meet Management's Standard on whats good for the server, When i was a moderator i did alot of talking alot of posting something that i wasnt good at doing but i did it cause the community needs a change and "F*ck syndey right off that shit was a hell hole it was a place for cops/civilians to break rules and a chaos for staff in general". If the staff team seriously want to help go back to my Suggestions 7 Months back and start from there.
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