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  1. Wizzy

    It was on a website called Rubeo wasn't it? Was a good feature
  2. Wizzy

    Would make things interesting to do a full wipe, Perhaps if you guys do wipe the server, Make a large update come out on the day of the wipe, Like those Tiered air drops and capture point towns etc everyone is always going on about.
  3. Wizzy

    My whole life just flashed before my eyes, I gave it 2 stars
  4. Wizzy

  5. Wizzy

    #8LY2V8L8 Clash Royale Clan 20+ Members for those interested
  6. Wizzy

    Agreed, And cheers for writing this
  7. Wizzy

    Go walk your crab xx
  8. Wizzy

    They don't want to fight us, Normally they run
  9. Wizzy

    The hokey pokey song does not even say "Put your hands in the air" xD
  10. Wizzy

    That first vid is old as **** omg aha
  11. Wizzy

    Or you could check out Aobe's level 5 clan ;) ;) #JLJQ9VYG
  12. Wizzy

    Aobe is claiming gang base 3 @Lotza
  13. Wizzy

    When 3/5 Of The Vouchers Went To Aobe Members
  14. Wizzy

    +1 For a nerf on tasers, Think real life, Someone wearing a level 4 vest, and a knockdown round is gonna one shot you down? xD PlzNerf2018