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    Hey there! I go by the name Vallenx or Val, either is fine. Im a 28 year old Web Developer from Melbourne and I'm only just getting into ARMA3 so if you see me on the servers, don't follow me, haha. Recently a community I was with for over 2 years shut its doors which somewhat brings me here. I climbed the ranks there from Server Admin and Moderator, to Head Moderator, Community Manager and then finally an Executive, but unfortunately with lack of funding and player base we decided to our already tarnished name to bed. (multiple owner changes etc) I mostly play CS:GO but branch out to other games frequently. Im excited to join a thriving community and look forward to being a contributing member!
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    It was probably because you have a new user group. Whoever approved your new group just let them know and they'll update the settings in the ACP (Backend)
  5. I strongly disagree with the suggested removal of the entered zone. And no, its not because I fly jets and helicopters but because I like to snipe and travel between gun stores and pick off enemy players. And while the jets are ridiculously annoying, I just tend to move on to somewhere different because just camping at a base is as boring as watching paint dry. Although I do understand that some people enjoy building their base up etc. And that's perfectly fine. As for making a level playing field.. Decrease the amount of flares the aircraft can deploy. Make the rocket launchers more obtainable. Spawns in vehicles or cheaper at the store. Increase the cost of the ammo for the planes. (If it even costs money, I actually don't even know) Somehow limit the amount of planes available to use. Something really needs to be done though.. I've seen people numerous times leave the server because they can't actually spawn in their area without being bombed out.
  6. I won't be pre-ordering but no doubt i'll get it.
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    Yeah just waiting on a staff member to update it.
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    For those who haven't seen it, BI have the Apex pre-order available on their website. https://store.bistudio.com/products/arma3-apex The release is set for Q2 2016 and will cost $27.99 USD. What do you guys think about the price and release time?
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    I wouldn't concern yourself unless a ban request is issued with proof, to which you can show your side anyway.
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    So are you saying you're banned? Or just clearing up an accusation before it happens?
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    Yeah I think I'll wait for a Steam sale or check out G2Play closer to the date.
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    Yeah I'm also prepared to pay the expansion.. Hoping that everyone else does too! This map will be insane.
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    That necro bump tho.
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    Cheers guys, thanks for the support.
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    Massive hours! Welcome to SG.. Might see you on Wasteland.
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    I have it, its just not really my genre. Happy to give it a go with you guys though.. Whatever server we end up with!
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    I don't play GMod, but the only one up there that interests me at all is the Hide and Seek one, because I loved HnS on CS:S
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    Well done to management, a great milestone.
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    Hey Coco, welcome to the forums
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    I agree. Its one thing to be shot at by a heli or a plane that won't leave the area around a gun store or territory, but mortars on top of that is too much. I don't want to take away from the game and this wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't happening so frequently.
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    I feel like my eyes are trying to adjust, but I like it. Keep up the good work J. EDIT: The only suggestion I could make is making it about 10-20% wider.