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    1. Subnoize

      Their you go again making accusations and claiming stuff happened. Dude i reckon if half the guys you talked crap to came to your house you wouldnt even walk out the door. Yeah thats right we know what you look like but just dont care.
    2. Subnoize

      You consider that bullying? Quick gents get your tissues out I&A is too use to playing with bots they havent had human interaction in a long time. Be gentle on them as their having social issues and getting upset over spilt milk. Not even Peter Griffin can saver them here.
    3. Subnoize

      You know whats funny with that, the fact you I&A people actually bought it and continued to go along with it. Everyone else who knew what i was doing was just laughing at you guys. Report it to Peter Griffan because the joke is really on you guys.
    4. Subnoize

      The correct term is bullied not bullying. I was referring to a past occurence not a current one. You get bullied enough as it is by Peter Griffan why would i want to pitch in on the action, i just chose to ignore you 90% of the time because you make no sense at all.
    5. Subnoize

      I can post the entire slack log of him talking to me if you want, but im pretty sure it would be removed almost instantly. You can comment all you want on how im contradicting but unofrtunately for you all beef already has seen it all. Keep kissing red ass i know nova is good at it. His cheesy 1 liners he picked up from being bullied at school. ggwp.
    6. Subnoize

      Why dont you enlighten the community as to why i decided to leave as a staff member. Lets see, You decided to close down the esports side of strayagaming without consulting beef about it, then blatantly lied to me and said you did in which beef later confirmed that you didnt speak to him about removing esports. You then displayed an image of slack in which wasnt the entire story in which was proven once spoken to beef about the situation that infact you only showed what you wanted me to see. Funfact: You stated that the esports team in which i ran was you "Intelectual property" and the you stated if i did something wrong you would goto jail. Hmm meladramatic. You threatened to sue me "You listen to me or i sue your ass". Fyi if someone is running a team under a name and you have not signed a written contract with them then your not legally obligable to be at fault if an issue occurs. This is all coming from a guy that looks like " Peter Griffin " . Is this a guy everyone wants running a community that has no social skills but is quick to cover up anything that is put against him? Answer that Red.
    7. LIVE ECONOMY SYSTEM TRIAL Ladies and Gents i have been working on a live economy system to impliment within Altis Life for the past 4 months. Discussions have been made with staff as well as the leads in how to best impliment this system and we have decided to trial it. This will give us better feedback and allow us to make changes accordingly providing it is all successful to make an official release. Live economy System. What is it? Many factions conduct day to day activities throughout Altis Life that adds to the roleplay experiance that enhances everybodies experiances. We want to introduce a variable budget where particular faction leads are granted a sum of equity lets say 5mill for the week where they can utilise said funds to actively further increase there roleplay activities. What does this include sub? In order to effectively document and track funds that are given out to make adjustments on a daily basis it is a requirement that all involved factions that wish to partake in this service document all actions undertaken with the use of these funds and produce said document to myself every sunday. I will have a master spreadsheet that will document everything to do with the Live economy system that will be accessible by all relevent staff. How do i qualify? Factions include - APD EMS Civ Contractors Cartels Rebel Gangs You must be registered on the forums and be an active and trusted. If you have multiple members in your group that have broken server rules etc you do not qualify to access this system until your members reform and have a clean record for 2 months. APD - The commisioner is responsible for contacting me every sunday to get access to funds as well as providing me with a document on how the funds were used in the previous week. EMS - Head will be given funds and the same set of procedures apply as per APD Civ Contractors - Registered Civilian contractor group leaders will undergo a server profile check once they are a verified member and they have an active approved application in the forums signed off by an admin. The Lead will then contact myself for an interview and upon approval will commence training. They will then contact myself every Sunday for review and a top up. Cartels and Rebel Gangs will follow the same process as Civilian Contractors. Why is this happening? Im going to use the APD as an example. Many officers perform duties that are beyond there general duties requirements. These include: - Police Prosecution for the Judicial Government - Training of General Duties Officers - Police Academy - SRT Training These are just a few examples. The idea behind a particular faction recieving funding on a weekly basis is to reward those people that perform extra duties outside of there normal role as well as bankroll certain services that is a weekly requirement to further increase roleplay between all factions of the community. A prime example is a Police officer who has just joined the server and has minimal bankroll and wants to play cop straight up. The commissioner can allocate said funds to the particular individual in purchasing the minimal requirements for said person to conduct his day to day general duties as well as allocate funds for senior officers to train the individual. If people who are new to the server get looked after in this sort of way they apreciate the time and effort that people put in to help the member out and their is a extremely high chance that this will then carry on further which has alot of major advantages. How does this help with Civ Contractors? Civilian Contracting groups primarily base there ingame experiances through unique roleplay. I want to further enhance this with the live economy system so they feel like there being rewarded for implementing their unique roleplay experiance. There budget will rise or lower depending on how the funds are being used. Cartels? Cartels play a major part in Straya's roleplay experiance in the server. I want to promote them further by allowing them to spend more time at their drug field in implementing their unique roleplay by managing and taxing players that come through. By providing a certain bankroll we allowing them to spend more time at their drug fields and more roleplay instead of them having to go out and actively grind to fund what they require to manage their drug fields. Rebel Gangs? By funding approved rebel gangs i can grant them particular terms they must adhere to in order to recieve there weekly bonus. What im trying to promote here is a more positive and improved interaction. By funding rebel gangs they feel less inclined to revert to just going to Sydney. I want them to focus on more Roleplay outside of Sydney and their engagament with Cartels as well as other Rebel Gangs. New Rebel Gangs that have a clean record for a period of time would apreciate having access to weekly funds so they dont feel like their the underdogs going into a firefight, they also can proactively gear and plan the engagement of robbing banks. How is this system controlled? - You must have a clean record with the community and staff - This includes your members - You must produce a document on a weekly basis to myself outlining how the funds have been spent - Failure to produce a document outlining how funds were used will void your live economy contract with the admins - A master document will be maintained with all transactions and reciepts ( Group documents ) That all admins and above will have access to. This is a trial, we will be thoroughly monitoring this. If this system is abused we will pull the pin. Alot of effort has gone into making this system work, im here to promote positive roleplay as well as ensure that all new players are being looked after by their respective groups reducing the amount of problems that are brought into helpdesk. Im allowing players who have a bad record to reform and become a positive influence to other players. Those people who have continued to create a positive roleplay experiance on the server will now be further rewarded for their actions. Its great to see these types of thigns happening and we want to further promote it. How do i apply? For the trial you need to private message myself. Please read the above post carefully and ensure that your group qualifies for this particular service. If you dont currently qualify you know what you need to do in order to qualify. Thank you all and i shall see you ingame!
    8. MONDAY 07AUG17 This is what was brought up on monday fyi all Make striders exclusive for banks etc More types of robberies Remove Blackfish on Cop Pawnee ways we can implement it - - - - - - Sought out teamspeak and clear out inactive gangs etc Add AMS back to rebel store When opening body can you only access mags and med kits/toolkits // NO Lowering fed and bank cooldown times Teller dynamics .. . .. . Blasting charge Raising the monetary value of banks Tone down bank for civs Armoury that can be robbed for weapons AMS in rebel store ADF Force on OPFOR City Limits back to peach field ///////// Airdrops with a count down once or twice a restart and more rare items Time between cops going between banks and APD’s / Response times Flagpole to tp to each APD Tasers and declarations Limiting all guns to 30 rounds Cops reviving as medics Button so cops can remove weapon from player / Sieze Remove requirement for rebel takeover Knockdown rounds being bugged Jets - consider lowering the price on pulling out jet considerably 0_o Remove city limits completely for rebels bring back SRT button - SRT Button already present in the game Variety on Drug Runs EMS Ack message to civs for revive - make timer longer to respond????
    9. As most of you are aware i started the process of having a weekly scheduled Altis Life Meeting for the entire community. If you want to provide input or find out whats going on then you are welcome to showup and either listen or provide input. By no means is this mandatory, i have organised weekly meetings so that i can make everyone aware of whats going on within Altis Life as well as changes. The procedure for the meeting is as follows. -1830 AEST so 6:30pm Meeting commences - Administrators opening statements -Administrators go through last weeks points and announce changes as well as ideas that have been denied and the reasons why -Administrators discuss what is coming up in terms of events / Changes to Factions / Pricing of items / General Quality of Life changes -Open forum for the community commences ( Everyone has there say 1 by 1) - Administrators right everything down - Further points and rebuttles are discussed -Run over points and vote on each point - Meeting concludes The idea behind conducting a meeting every week is to bring the community together, discuss changes and make fixes. Information on forums sometimes gets misplaced or isnt read. We all want 100% community involvement because it is you guys who play and enjoy the server. The staff want to balance the server out as much as possible as well asd provide new opportunities for everyone. By getting involved you get to have your say. Their are a few house rules when you are participating in the meeting. - Be polite - Do not interupt anyone whilst there speaking - Your turn will come so be patient - No-one is to argue, you will be immediately removed from the channel This meetings is strictly for ideas and discussions in making our Altis Life server better. We are not here to point the finger at anyone or accuse anyone of anything. There is a time and place for that and its not here. Over the coming weeks we will look at getting others involved in the process. If your someone who continues to provide ideas and contributes to the community we will find some sought of reward for you in doing so. Everyone within this community has there own ideas, you do not have to agree with them however you must respect a persons judgement, its the best way of gaining everyones respect. I hope to see you all tonight at the meeting, Just look for myself in teamspeak. Thankyou.
    10. Subnoize

      The past couple of months we have seen a lot of changes come about on Altis Life. Their have been numerous changes made to the server to help bring about new positive changes. We have come a long way in making Altis Life a different experiance to what it was. People have worked day and night to make sure the content was delivered in a timely and stable manner. Their are still some bugs here and there (Thanks Bohemia) but improvement is made almost every day. Cannot thank the people involved enough considering the amount of effort that was required to get to where we are today. The community has reached out and put forth ideas that not only have had a positive effect in game but have built a solid base to continue moving forward. The APD has a complete structure now in place and is run by Wex. The handover was only days ago. The time and effort involved in the writing of all the documentation and working through every procedure rebuilding from the ground up for many was a slow but methodical process. What has become of the new APD is a strong structured environment in which people who are new or old to the community can see positive change. The balancing wasn't easy for those involved and i believe they are still developing new strategies and techniques to further push the envelope in terms of development. Our civilian population has grown, we have many new players and even older players joining us to help in further developing Altis Life to make it better then what it ever was. Its great to see people helping new players find there feet and provide assistance where necessary so that they can enjoy there experiance. It would be great to see some of these new players migrate into the already established Rebel gangs / Cartels. This is where you guys who are looking for potential new members can recruit those that are new to the server and show them what a great community we have. The staff are more the happy in assisting those gangs in doing so. Events of of late have not been very frequent if at all. We are going to run regular events that benefit all factions, again we encourage you all to post your suggestions on events so we can encourage more interactivity not only in a roleplay sense but create unique experiances that can be shared by all and become not just a rare thing but regular with changes to how the event itself unfolds. Over the coming days i would like to sit down and have a chat to you all. You cannot be productive if you do not talk to your community. I would like to hear from you all, my goal presently is to further buff the Rebel populace and have cartels recognised again. There have been alot of new rules put in place for Cartels that have made for positive changes, if you havent read the rules on Cartels as of late i would reccomend having a look. You guys can Rob banks now! Civilian Contractors, those of you who are currently Civ contractors are doing a great job. Ive noticed a few contracts that have been put in place and it seems to be healthy. I would like with the other staff to again sit down with you guys from our last conversation that was conducted with Martin to hear further feedback on how you guys are going. Again i would like to predominently sit down with the Rebel Gangs and discuss how we can all adopt a strategy of forming a stronger presence for Rebel Gangs so we can bring back the rivalry and competition between Rebels. Im all ears. If you post in this topic it needs only be constructive and honoust feedback. Any post that is off topic or contains irrelevent information will be hidden. The purpose of this is not to start a flame war or people fighting. Its about working together as a community to make things better. We have an AL Manager that will be reading over this topic and listening to what everyone has to say. We will try to respond to everyone as timely as possible. We want your constructive feedback, not tomorrows meme. Thank You.
    11. Subnoize

      Cables bro, Your opinion is important to everyone in this community because you are apart of it mate. I have messed around with you in Arma and i also play alot of LoL with you. Your a good bloke and you will make it. There are going to be plenty more of these moments in your life but if you fight them you will always win. Im here too mate just like True. You wont get sympathy from me mate, you will get a good kick in the ass to keep trying!
    12. Subnoize

      Inspector Smokey, The Attorney Generals Office has acknowledged you have concerns in regards to aforementioned case. Chief Justice Nevetos has directed you to the documentation outlining the stipulations in which to make an appeal. You can do so and forward said documentation to myself and i will facilitate the requirements to conduct a review on the documentation presented as well as accept any further evidence. It is important to note Inspector Smokey that the courts are not responsible when both parties agree to conduct a court case. The courts are not responsible for managing the time of either party nor preparation needs. In regards to renumeration for said funds that were lost due to Westpac Bank being robbed. Your very own Assisstant Commisioner was attending said court case and was released immediately upon the bank being triggered to conduct his duties as required. It is the rights and responsibilities of both parties to adequitely prepare themselves to be seated in court and ensure that any engagements from the outside are put on hold until court has ceased. Furthermore compensation for bank being robbed will not be granted, Westpac bank is a federally funded organisation in which they are fully insured with the Australian Government. The funds dont directly reflect the APD nor do they cause a negative impact on the economy or budget the APD has. For any further inquires feel free to contact the Attorney Generals Office and we shall speak further. I expect to see the documentation for an appeal on my desk tomorrow morning. Regards, Bevan Gluesniff Attorney General Attorney Generals Department (02) ts.straya.lif
    13. Subnoize

      NTR basically is SRT. Again you cant be SRT and conduct rebel activity so you guys need to sit down and make a decision where use want to be. SRT or Rebel
    14. Subnoize

      I donno the only people i see currently camping the KOS zone zcting as rebels are currently the majority of members who are suppose to be SRT on cops? So what is it rebel or SRT. You cant have both.
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