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    1. Jacob Richardson

    2. Jacob Richardson

      @Anti-Wingman 2019 your year for the comeback?
    3. Jacob Richardson

      Fruit picking glitch

      When you hit Windows key to pick fruit everytime you bend over you get this weird visual glitch where you can see what's behind you, then flashes away and repeats every time you do the animation of picking fruit
    4. Jacob Richardson

      Y I K E S @Jo_ just **** up and play the game idiot what's this bitch fest in the formus going to do? if you want it dealt with do it correctly instead of being a spud
    5. Jacob Richardson

      ban him then champion
    6. Jacob Richardson

      Putting in the work mate @bouda118
    7. Jacob Richardson

      Poor Sparrow
    8. Jacob Richardson

      pretty funny vid mate
    9. Jacob Richardson

      Sad to see you go @Nevetos, cheers for the laughs we had in HD all those many months ago
    10. Jacob Richardson

      @geera so because mitch did his job as a mod thats why you want him gone? Don't cry to red about censorship when you and others handled yourselves like a bunch of kids with certain things that were posted. I've known Mitch for over 3 years within Straya and hes the sort of Moderator this community needs, someone that isnt a pushover and punishes those who deserve it and with the evidence that @Red presented everything that was done is justified. Please Geera have a sook off the forums and PM Red in the future please. :)
    11. Jacob Richardson

      Great points boys, should be interesting to see if there is any sort of reply :) #bringKOSback
    12. Jacob Richardson


      How long do you plan on having this server open for?
    13. Jacob Richardson

      Fair enough mate community has been rather poor for awhile now but who are you?
    14. Jacob Richardson

      @Jewbacca alright guy x
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