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  1. Jacob Richardson

    Sadly boys nothing last forever Straya had its ups and downs and even with that said it will always be remembered as a great server.
  2. Jacob Richardson

    RIP Straya
  3. Jacob Richardson

    Where are the boys who make "decent" frag vids, this is just horrid
  4. Jacob Richardson

    Thats some astute logic champion, maybe think before you do something that retarded
  5. Jacob Richardson

    @Wiskey Being a SYD rat the only run i do are copper and out of all the times ive done them ive only been robbed once and that was at the crack of dawn. Now im rather lucky or people dont seem to be out and about hunting copper runners, if this post is for new players with NFI, getting them to start off with gems isnt the best advice, copper is quicker and pays well for someone who is new. Not to mention a full Hem and invy of copper sells for 740K and takes about 20 mins for me but im po 6 so someone new in a smaller truck probs closer to 30 mins and they will still make trip figs
  6. Jacob Richardson

    number 800 ****
  7. Jacob Richardson

    instead of craftable what about something that be purchased at KOS store and chuck a big **** off price on it so you can't just buy them willy nilly
  8. Jacob Richardson

    @JdawgZ no let us sook Glad to hear that they will be craftable.
  9. Jacob Richardson

    @Chadd This is Strayagaming mate no way rebels can have something without the cops getting it
  10. Jacob Richardson

    Corey our saviour 5401-jacob-richardson
  11. Jacob Richardson

    cya pal
  12. Jacob Richardson

    Much better than the vanilla montage's everyone is making
  13. Jacob Richardson

  14. Jacob Richardson

    Wouldn't be a FG montage without a stab at AoW
  15. Jacob Richardson

    what a shit drop