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  1. Kumo

    delete pls
  2. Kumo

    1. A 2. C 3. E (Holding entrance points, stopping police from entering the bank) 4. C 5. E (Doesn't matter, all banks should be different, the player should be able to learn the benefits of defender/attacking each bank. For example, if the banks in a low area, surrounded by high surroundings, stick to cover. Having different surroundings for each bank is good.) - Bring Neri back, or at least a similar water bank. - Make sure teller is protected from snipers and can't just get picked off. - Surrounding buildings are available and a lot of cover. - Teller is deep in the bank and not just at the front door. (Allows combat within the bank). - All banks are different and have advantages/disadvantages.
  3. Kumo

    Use a compression tool, you can save 50% by just using an online one with no noticeable difference in audio quality. So you can have two songs now instead of one. http://www.mp3smaller.com
  4. Kumo

    Thanks dude
  5. Good meme, this guy must of been pretty high. Enjoy ;)
  6. Kumo

    Can I please have my username as 'Kumo' instead of 'Kumo.' on the forums? @Kumo is a 2 year old account, what was created and never had any content posted on it. So if you could swap our usernames, it would be appreciated.
  7. Kumo

    I take a break myself and find this when I come back It's very late, but had heaps of fun playing with you and best of luck for the future. - Hunga Squad For Life <3
  8. Kumo

    @Gotenks Preorder for PC :( @Bang1324 Wanna make a guild on release? Pretty sure I already got you on b.net anyway.
  9. Yo, I'm guessing the guilds based on frostmourne... I was wondering does SG do PVE as well or planning too.
  10. Kumo

    I wanna enter cause all my wasteland cash got wiped and this would get me back into wasteland
  11. Kumo

    We had 2 gangs, one was maxed.
  12. Kumo

    Had cops do the same to me today! I had two hostages, they came in to vs 18 rebels, when we asked for them to leave or the hostages would die they didn't even care. They shot at us, without even caring about 'we will kill the hostages'. Honestly they just care about frags...
  13. Kumo

    Whoah so I won
  14. Kumo

    1. M320 2. BO2 3. Perth 4. KOTH 5. CreedJR