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  1. Virtual_Seahorse

    Ahh, good to see so much has changed.
  2. Virtual_Seahorse

  3. Virtual_Seahorse

    AREA 51
  4. Virtual_Seahorse

    "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
  5. Virtual_Seahorse

    The thing with this is that we would have to use Task Force Radio which is a mod, as an Altis Life server we stick away from mods. Although this may be a good idea to some, i don't think it will happen purely for the fact that people will need to download external mods to join the server. And using different group channels in game just wouldn't work, everyone would hear the same people even if you weren't apart of their situation.
  6. Virtual_Seahorse

    Medical Checkpoint 5527-virtual_seahorse
  7. Virtual_Seahorse

    "We need to land this missile in the ocean"
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  9. Virtual_Seahorse

    //PENDING\\ @Jo_ Come find me on TS when available.
  10. Virtual_Seahorse

    @habib You currently aren't blacklisted on Medic, if you have BL tags come find me on TS. As for the rank, sadly 2 years is too long for you to reclaim it.
  11. Virtual_Seahorse

    Clickbaited ?
  12. Virtual_Seahorse

    //PENDING\\ @Jo_ Your app will be under review by the Senior Command Team. This process may take some time. Harassing any members to speed up this process may result in denial.
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