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  1. Well done on Support team m8 it great to see u finally becoming staff I hope to see great things 

    From Ethan/Hodor

    1. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      Thanks man, Really Appreciate the Support.

    2. Dterroriser


      All good m8 people who do well deserve recognition.

      From Ethan/Hodor.

    3. Connor McGregor
  2. Dterroriser

    Hello I have been on the server since last year on September the 24th but joined the forums on the 18th of November and I have loved it and now I am hoping to own a big cartel call called Red Skull Association and we are gone be a brutal bunch. And yes I know this is a late intro. Roleplay Character: Hello I am 26yrs old and one of the founders of the Cartels called the Red Skull Association. When I was a child we and my best friends and we had were having a great life until the group of Russian Soldiers or rebels can to our little town in Russia and they gathered everyone in the town they killed all the men above the age of 19yrs and wrapped all the woman and then killed them but left all the children so Xpert and I was sad, lonely and very afraid. After a few months, later Xpert and I ran into the forest and live there for a few day's an old X Russian Soldier took us into his home like we were his own. It was 4 years later. Now that we are older Auf we were able to be trained into Elite Soldiers, for the next 13 years our father trained us in hand to combat, shooting, torture and merciless killing. One day a group of soldiers or rebels shot and kill our father and Xpert and I had found him just alive but before he died he told us his dying wish "Father said: Hodor Keep your brother safe and find those people and kill them and torture them..... Last breath.2-4 years later Xpert and I have been tracking these soldiers and found they have been living terrorizing the people on Altis so we are now living in Altis and now we have found out the name of this group and it is called the Somali Pirates SO TO SOMALI PIRATES WE ARE COMMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cop ranks: Prob Costampal Cartel Ranks: Founder/CEO Favorite quote: People are never gone as long as they are in your memories