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    Challenge Accepted....
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    Welcome to StrayaGaming, enjoy your gaming experience here!
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    Great fun @M_Dyet
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    Welcome, Charlie Green!
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    The Firm Application Age: 15 IGN: CoherentStorm Why you think you should be accepted: I believe my application should be accepted because I am a loyal and a dedicated player, I can bring my skills of combat, tactics and roleplay to the Firm gang. Scenarios. There are 4 gang members doing a bank robbery. (Lets say you're the leader of the group) How would you position the gang members?: Positions: 1. Main Entrance 2. Back Entrance 3. One robbing the bank 4. One watching for aircrafts and Vehicles You're a soldier doing some drug runs, you notice a helicopter circling around you. What do you do?: I would report this to other gang members online or our allies and ask them for some extra back up just in case the helicopter does anything funny, send the pilot a message telling him to go away if he doesn’t shoot him down You're a soldier, you notice other soldier conspiring with our enemy. What would you do?: I would tell the player who is currently in command of the Firm gang and tell him I have have found one of our enemies, I would knock the enemy out and restrain him for the whole firm group to mess around with him
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    we seriously need strict RP or RP lessons which I doubt no one will come to
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    Welcome to the StrayaGaming community, Hope you have fun!
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    Welcome to Strayagaming!, hope you have fun here!
  10. Can I tryout i'm a pleb at CS:GO but I can have a try xD
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    Welcome To StrayaGaming!, Hope you have fun here.
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    Welcome to StrayaGaming, Hope you have fun here!