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    1. Humaine

      "We need to land this missile in the ocean"
    2. Humaine

      @webbie @Noskire Keen to be on the film crew / support.
    3. Humaine

      opps wrong place... lol
    4. Humaine

      Thanks Fitz Got to use the medkit yesterday For those who don't know where it is....
    5. Humaine

      Hey all, Any word on whether this could be implemented? (e.g. medikit, tent or pod at FOB) Was playing sniper class the other day and survived an helo attack, but no medics were out 2k from the AO. Would have been handy to patch up from the FOB, and not have to drive back to base or respawn. First aid kits can only do so much.
    6. Humaine

      Bugger! Sorry really wanted to be there but RL at Christmas intrudes.... lol
    7. Humaine

      Bummer, didn't hear about it...
    8. Humaine

      @pkisbest was our illustrious leader last night... and then chaos ensued!!! (otherwise known as webbie) You need to lead us more oh eminent one... we were doing well last night... ... I also ran toward the sniper as instructed....
    9. Humaine

      Yea... last night kinda turned in to that... it degraded in to shit talk... I disconnect after listening to that for a while... not cool...
    10. Humaine

      Understood. I try to encourage more coms use, (You could say I talk too much lol ), but its difficult when some don't have mikes or others don't want to. Also players need to know that there's sometimes a glitch with ingame coms. If you join the server and it puts you automatically in a team, sometimes the coms aren't working and you can't hear anything from the group. ( I spent some of last night talking to myself about... you know... stuff... troops here, tanks there... angry triangles... hehehe ) To solve this you have to leave the group and join it again. But then another glitch is caused, as sometimes it won't let you leave the group. You have two options here; Join another open group and jump back into your primary group or head back to the lobby and rejoin. I also have a question, are players mostly using ingame coms or teamspeak? I dislike TS... (I like using the "Radio Management" Channels (Alpha, Ironside, etc...) on the "Home" button, great addon.)
    11. Humaine

      Was on again last night... I think we had about 10-15 players on. oh god we got smashed!!!... Was great CQC.... i'm sticking to my AKM with ironsights... lol Hope to be on tonight for T-Day!
    12. Humaine

      Last night a group of us that usually play Altis, had a go at Tanoa... WTH!!! How the hell could any of you guys see the enemy? sooo mmannyyy tttreeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!! I really need to play more on that server! It was massively fun. Not to mention what happened after webbie joined... ask him how many troops you can put inside a command building in a HQ! LOL They were coming up through the floor boards... hehehe Thanks webbie...
    13. Humaine

      Yep, a couple of us kiwis will be there...
    14. Humaine

      And you can use the AI to help you drive the Hemtt's over to the FOB. However the AI are stupid... and they have major issues with bridges... but if you can avoid those, and force them to follow in a column... you can usually get them there no worries. Does take a while... and you may need some protection, as roaming Nix's and rocket armed technicals are now on the prowl. (This is usually why I like doing logistics to the FOB) For those that want to know: Here's what each of the Hemtts do for the FOB. (Note: Vehicle = All Vehicles including Helos) 1. Medical Hemtt - Increases player respawn tickets at FOB - (and maybe a medical tent in the future? ) 2. Ammo Hemtt - Spawns Arsenal Box in the command building and Vehicle Ammo at the Helo Landing Pad and Repair Bay 3. Fuel Hemtt - Fuel at Helo Landing Pad and Repair Bay 4. Repair Container Hemtt - Allows repairing at Helo Landing Pad and Repair Bay (NOTE: the Supply Container Hemtt also looks the same as this, make sure you get the right one) 4.A. Vehicle Repair Hemtt / Bobcat - VR Hemtt It's parked next to the artillery vehicle near spawn, and can also be used to tow the containers (e.g. medical pod, ammo crate, etc) that are next to it. Bobcat is also classed as a repair vehicle and can activate repair services. Both can tow other hemtts.(Only a player can tow, AI can't) 5. Supply Container Hemtt - Spawns transport vehicles at the FOB. Hope this might help some Edit: Please correct me if I have this wrong guys.
    15. Humaine

      I would be keen to play on tanoa, but little freaked out by the trees and the AI being able to see through them.. ...but would join if others are keen. Can we run a poll on here? Machine, you want to start a poll to see how many have Apex or the other DLCs?
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