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    1. Humaine

      Yea, I like doing the FOB Logistics... I think everyone else would find it boring...
    2. Humaine

      How to: Convoy to the FOB This was one of my successful attempts... others ended with everything on fire... from Enemy Vehicles camping a few hundred metres from the FOB... Makes it a real challenge...
    3. Humaine

      Is it possible for the Engineer class to get more then 3 vehicle activation's at base and not have to wait 5 minutes to activate more? Other players might suggest extras for other classes here...
    4. Humaine

      Yep all fixed for me too. Thanks Fitz
    5. Humaine

      Thanks Fitz
    6. Humaine

      I also seem to be having this issue, with vehicles and with the creates that you can edit the load. Did anyone find the solution?
    7. Humaine

      Well done Snohman, that was a great op. Pity i didn't record it. I enjoyed doing support, recon and ground pounding with @Jayb , @bonob and the others. Although some complained about not having the support, I didn't know that ammo could be loaded from the APCs and that was their function till later in the game. (Doh!) But anyway they should have made a request for the apcs to be in a position to do this, before moving. But other then that, It was a great op. I would like another one of these tank missions, and I'll run support again.
    8. Humaine

      I also would like to add an addition to the player class to Medical Drone/ Support UAV Operator. They would have no access to armed UAV/Drones.
    9. Humaine

      I've never tried to find it, but does the FOB have a vehicle inventory depot like we have at the main base? I was playing last night and found a few players that load up their vehicles before heading out, and wondered if we could resupply at FOB. If not, is it something that could be added? Also the addition of extra supplies, like the revive kits and the ammo boxes, are bloody handy but not many know they are there to load into your vehicle.
    10. Humaine

      Here's a Vid of the operation on last Sunday... 2 choice to choose from: Long Version Short...ish Version
    11. Humaine

      I think it might be part of the scripting, that militia do spawn in trucks or squads do appear close to your location, if you stay in a position for too long near an AO. I think, from times I've been a sniper, I've placed tripmines and claymores near me to keep the area "safe". (which doesn't work lol) As to the rest of the thread, I like more CQB and if I'm not a Sniper/Marksman, sitting on a hill popping off the enemy is boring af. As infantry I think we should be always pushing forward, getting to an objective, clearing it and regrouping/moving to the next. Reporting difficult targets to the snipers, the tanks and CAS... As for scopes, as a medic I mostly use the RCO but I do however keep the Nightstalker in my backpack, as its handy in many situations.
    12. Humaine

      Yea... not helping, when you trying to be all secret squirrel, but forget that you have no silencer. Been using it on Tanoa, which announces to all around me that.... I AM HERE!...
    13. Bourne's Group had a difficult mission...
    14. Humaine

      Single use tanks sounds good. Not sure on kuma, but I think light armored tanks and APCs should also be added. They could be spawned by bringing the Vehicle Repair Hemtt to the FOB.
    15. Humaine

      How to: Setup your Kit
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