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  1. Humaine

    Hey guys, were these textures going to be used? really want the bobcat one... hehehe
  2. Humaine

    How to: Use Mortars These are some basic instructions on how to setup and use the mortar. Please note, this is the basics... i'm not trying to make this complicated. This is so players who want to play the role can get setup and bring support for other players on the server.
  3. Humaine

    I could have gone on floating through space forever.
  4. Humaine

    I need that bobcat skin... A few players have been asking about them too... Any plans to add it to area 51?
  5. Humaine

    That would be great if we could add that. There was also a suggestion for a UAV operator - Medic, for deploying the medical pelicans.
  6. Humaine

    Whats going on Nugs? I haven't got the new contact DLC on my machine yet. Does it stop you from getting on to the SG servers?
  7. Humaine

    Also I would like to help ... for I have dastardly plans for both sides of the fence.... muhuhahahaha!!! ?? Also... alcohol should be involved in some way... its Friday night drinkees... ????
  8. Humaine

    Everyone knows what day this is... and the massive meme it is... But because of the release of "Contact" and its related topic, I am suggesting that we have a massive server event for Friday, 20th of September... "Storm the Fences" I think if the new map can be used, I'm sure Zeus and the mission designers for Straya Gamiing Events could come up with something? Players being OpFor and AI being BlueFor... and a massive military installation. Doesn't have to look anything like the actual base.... What does everyone think?
  9. Humaine

    Yea, I like doing the FOB Logistics... I think everyone else would find it boring...
  10. Humaine

    How to: Convoy to the FOB This was one of my successful attempts... others ended with everything on fire... from Enemy Vehicles camping a few hundred metres from the FOB... Makes it a real challenge...
  11. Humaine

    Is it possible for the Engineer class to get more then 3 vehicle activation's at base and not have to wait 5 minutes to activate more? Other players might suggest extras for other classes here...
  12. Humaine

    Yep all fixed for me too. Thanks Fitz
  13. Humaine

    Thanks Fitz ?
  14. Humaine

    I also seem to be having this issue, with vehicles and with the creates that you can edit the load. Did anyone find the solution?
  15. Humaine

    Well done Snohman, that was a great op. ? Pity i didn't record it. ? I enjoyed doing support, recon and ground pounding with @Jayb , @bonob and the others. Although some complained ? about not having the support, I didn't know that ammo could be loaded from the APCs and that was their function till later in the game. (Doh!) But anyway they should have made a request for the apcs to be in a position to do this, before moving. ? But other then that, It was a great op. I would like another one of these tank missions, and I'll run support again. ?