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  1. Humaine

    With a lot of reluctance I have chosen to cancel my 24 hour event here at Strayagaming. I had hoped that I could continue this event here with the SG community, but after the last few months that I have been working on this project, I was finding it increasingly difficult to make some of these decisions by myself. And also that there hasn’t been enough support given to this endeavour. I have been approached by another gaming community recently. They have been aware of my event and our cause to raise awareness of mental health, and the support for gamers that is available. They are supportive of my project and are willing to put in the effort to help organise it with me. I would like to thank those of you who have asked about and wanted to help me with the event. Once I have finalised the details of this event, I welcome you to come find me online and talk to me about it privately, or when we are playing together again. I have made many friends here, and will continue to support SG and our community as much as I have. Thanks everyone Humaine
  2. Humaine

    Hi all, I'm looking at doing another 24 Hour session of Strayagaming Invade & Annex. The date of the event will be on the 18th (Sat)-19th (Sun) of December. 12pm to 12pm Midday. Like last time, we will be looking at doing some fundraising for the charity we helped last year, which is Checkpointorg (https://checkpointorg.com). A charity that provides mental health resources for gamers and the gaming community. (With all the 2020-21 going on still... some of us need this...) Here's their "About us" from their website: Like last time, I would like to invite Strayagaming members to join me for this 24 hour gaming session and donate if you can, during the event. But again, you don’t have to, if you don’t want or can’t afford to. It’s all good! I have some players that I talked to, that are keen, but might not do the full 24 hours. That's ok. If you only want to do part of it, is all good. I've also been discussing with the admins a few other things we might be doing. I'll give out more details as we get closer to the time. Keep an eye on this thread... I'm looking forward to it as always, and again... I'll be doing this at work, which was great last time... no one here during the holidays... hehehe. Hope you guys can join
  3. Humaine

    How to: Slingload to the FOB Again, the Basics for this. So players can help with logistics for the FOB. Heavily cut ... so sorry if its a bit disorientating when you watch it...
  4. My Stream client says I've done 3394 hours in Arma 3.... that's 141.42 days... WTH! I have to say that most of it has been on Straya, for the last 4-5 years. Even now I'm still learning things about the game... Side note: I know you can check some of your stats at Battlemetrics but is there another place you can check?
  5. Humaine

    Just an update about our donations, and a message from Checkpoint; Again, thanks everyone that helped with this charity fundraising. I think I'm still trying to catch up on sleep... lol Humaine
  6. Humaine

    Thanks everyone, the 24hours is done and we raised a bit of donations.... and thanks to caps, James_Xi7 for sticking it out and doing the full 24 hours with me. Hopefully we will have other volunteers next time And a BIG THANKS to all of those that donated to this awesome event and to the great charity. It means a lot to me and to all of us in the Strayagaming community that everyone cares and want to help with such a great cause. And a big thank you to the Strayagaming Organisation and to the admins that helped and were there to support this event. I'm very tired... i'm running on cola, mmpeanuts, old dark beer and pizza... I might take an hour sleep before I drive here from work back home.... I'm already planning one for next year. :)
  7. Humaine

    I thought I might start it... even though we're still an hour out from the start If others would like to, please donate if you can
  8. Humaine

    Right... I'm ready...
  9. Humaine

    Hi all, So a bit more detail about the 24 hour gaming I’ll be doing. I’m looking at starting tomorrow on the 27th at 12 pm (AUST) - Midday, after the server restart and going on till 28th at 12pm Midday. I was hoping to make this a charity fundraising event, which I hope others could participate and we could donate together, but unfortunately it looks like it will have to be individual donations. So I will be donating when I start playing. If you want to participate, I would also encourage you to donate to, but you don’t have to if you want to join in. The charity I’m looking at donating to is https://checkpointorg.com and here’s a bit of info from their “about us” page. I know this is a different charity to donate to, as most events like this is usually for sick kids or other groups, which are serious. But I think mental health is really important, and especially for us gamers and during this stupid year. And if this website/organisation can help anyone in our community and give them support, then I’m really happy to donate. I had hoped to get this posted officially as an event here at Strayagaming but unfortunately it was not to be. So I would like to invite members of our community to join me during the 24 hour gaming session and donate if you can during the event. https://checkpointorg.com/donate/ (choose the “one-time” amount option on the left of the page.) And maybe mention that you're a member of the Strayagaming community. But again, you don’t have to, if you don’t want or can’t afford to. It’s all good! I have some players that I talked to, that are keen, but might not do the full 24 hours. I’m also hoping that there will be some admin that will help us make the event fun during those hours. ( I would especially like a go-kart race during the event ) but only if they are available. During that time, I’ll be streaming on Youtube, hopefully for that full 24 hours. https://youtu.be/VbG20atRPHI (Edit: My stream worked, but Youtube has a limit on how long you can stream for :(... 12 hours max.... Sucky) I’m looking forward to this, and have gotten permission from my boss to set up and play at work…. LOL… they have gigabit fiber there… Hope to see you guys there.
  10. Humaine

    Change of date 27th to the 28th of December from 12pm to 12pm AUDST (2pm to 2pm NZDST) More info to come...
  11. Humaine

    I wonder if a Zeus is on during that time... we could have a custom side mission made? or a couple of them?
  12. Humaine

    Gonna do this again on Monday, 21st of December. Me: Solo; At home ; on holiday; Beer; Supplies What: 24 hours of Straya Invade & Annex (-30mins for restarts like last time) Who's in? I wouldn't mind doing this for a charity... but not sure how to go about that. Does Straya have a charity they support?
  13. Humaine

    Hey guys, were these textures going to be used? really want the bobcat one... hehehe
  14. Humaine

    How to: Use Mortars These are some basic instructions on how to setup and use the mortar. Please note, this is the basics... i'm not trying to make this complicated. This is so players who want to play the role can get setup and bring support for other players on the server.
  15. Humaine

    I could have gone on floating through space forever.