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  1. Jesse Wasabi

    +1 a great all round CO, both effective and efficient at communicating to those under his wing. Solid Senior Constable, well deserving of Sergeant!!!!!!
  2. Jesse Wasabi

    +1 wewy good gang, wewy good noodoo n wice
  3. Jesse Wasabi

    keep up the stream bro had a blast watchin xx
  4. Jesse Wasabi

    AOW ON TOP ****S. if this money is given to cops to spend on blasting charges thats 100% gei
  5. Jesse Wasabi

    keep in mind having uranium on you does slowly hurt you/decaying your health over time, so carry patch kits on ya
  6. Jesse Wasabi

    I need a goddamn medic!
  7. Jesse Wasabi

  8. Jesse Wasabi

    The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it
  9. Jesse Wasabi

    Well, bust my buffers!
  10. Jesse Wasabi

    Absolute babe
  11. Jesse Wasabi

    Bruh you had me wait 40 seconds to watch a trade ?
  12. Jesse Wasabi

    the day i got that m320 was the last i saw of it
  13. Jesse Wasabi

    I joke
  14. Jesse Wasabi

    **** I love you ****
  15. Jesse Wasabi

    it's as if it's the first time............