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    1. Pezza

      Well that sucks, hopefully that 100m treated you well. Best of luck in the future, enjoy the retired staff tag :P
    2. Pezza

      Exile: Attempt Number 3
    3. Pezza

      . There I met
    4. Pezza

      Thanks Fusionable!
    5. Pezza

      I'd say it'll affect the way they do their job because nobody wants to work with them / under them. Hence resorting to lesser candidates.
    6. Pezza

      Sorry I needed to make things more clear, I understand I didn't say this before however, my intention was for Seniors Mods -> Mods, Senior Support -> Support, Admins ( Dependent ) -> Senior Mod, STL -> Support Team ( Unless Moderator ( Just remove their STL )) The right person to put in charge is a good natural person, ( was Nevetos ) If you put the wrong person in charge than you haven't done your job as a lead / senior manager. That's for them to figure out. If you remove all the people with an issue, you wouldn't have a staff team. You need to identify the problem so it doesn't happen again to current / future staff.
    7. Hello Everybody, It's been a while since I've posted on the forums, I know this seems like a weird idea, however, none the less just hear it out. I know I've been gone for a while, however it's allowed me to gain an insight on the opinions of the community and their thoughts on staff. NOTE: If there are any staff mentioned in this post do NOT take it personally, this is just a post regarding opinions, thus going to be subjective The post is aimed at removing inactive staff and for the Leads ( hopefully unbias ) to put "good" staff in charge of HR ( Human Resources ) and to manage the staff effectively. Nevetos was the best ( and only ) staff manager Straya had, however with rumors of his departure. There is nobody to fill the role. The current "Junior Staff Managers" ( Support Leaders ) are quite dodgy and have made decisions which previous staff members wouldn't even consider. This has changed the positioning of support within the community. It used to be a privilege and an opportunity to showcase your skills within staffing. It was a pathway to future staff, people were put into support if we could see them getting mod with the same attitude. This raised the bar of support, therefore having a higher quality. Recently the support has lowered "I only put an app in to **** around and see if they were dumb enough to put me in" - CURRENT support team member. The attitudes of players within staff has changed, including mods. It's become more of a "**** it" and "I'm never going to get that rank, however _____ has gotten it so anything is possible" these quotes are from people within CURRENT staff, showcasing the attitudes and the mindset. Overall this post was just to give an insight to the leads and people of this community what staff is looking like. The idea about resetting staff came from the idea of cop, they kept a few key members to help rebuild to what it is now. Staff would work similarly, put somebody incharge of support who is good and people actually respect, somebody who people want to work under, that they DON'T hate. Resetting staff would remove the staff that are on and off every now and then, it would improve the mindset of staff now that these positions are now vacant. Obviously there can be some exceptions to keep staff running, however this post is to try and increase the formal relationship between the community and the staffing team. If you're not going to comment anything constructive please leave. I'd love to have a discussion about this, please don't take any offense to this. As mentioned above this is a subjective post. This is just simply my opinion.
    8. Pezza

      Hello Everybody I've fully retired from staff now. I've enjoyed all the time I've had playing on this community. I'm not leaving the community just staffing. I'll try not to get community banned. Sorry to the people i've banned and the support applications I've denied. It's not fun banning people however it's apart of the job. Hopefully I've had a positive impact on the server and it can continue to grow. I'll still be on teamspeak just hanging around. Feel free to come and say hi. Thank you for all the wonderful times we've shared on this community. Whether it be running SRT or being promoted to Admin. I've had a blast and something which I can hopefully come back to in the future. Pezza
    9. Pezza

      @Caiden We understand that Cops will be overpowered if the server will be reset. There will be special precautions to ensure that the Civs will have a chance to recover and that SRT won't camp fields. I've spoken with Augnov and we're still coming up with solutions. If the server gets wiped, Cop and Medic will become VERY popular due to the large amount of money you're able to make in a short time. We'll be doing our best to try and make sure that Civs are able to have a fair start and that cops don't crush them. In saying that, if anybody has any good ideas regarding making the reset balanced from a faction perspective just leave them below.
    10. Pezza

      Basics: - Name: Pezza TeamSpeak Name: Pezza Age: 16 Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198202398325 Questionnaire: - Why were you removed from the APD?: I wasn't, I stepped down to pursue my role as admin. Why should you be reenlisted back into the APD?: I'd love to participate in the growing of the APD, I'd love to be able to have a positive impact and show what I'm capable of. I've been in a leadership role within Cop before. Coming back would enable me to play again and hopefully climb the ranks. I know most of the current cop force and believe that I would have a positive impact. When was the last time you played consistently on Cop?: December 18th last day as a moderator before stepping down. If you are enlisted into the APD, where do you see yourself in 3 months?: Hopefully within a role where I can have a positive impact on the server, and within Cop. I don't have a particular rank in mind however a rank where I could make a difference would be awesome. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department?: I can bring my positive attitude and my dedication towards the cop force. I can bring another cop that will follow the server rules and are willing to work through the ranks of the cop force. I can bring my respect and my ability to follow orders from a superior rank. Are you up to date with the new Police Protocols?: Yes How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: Since coming back to the cop force, this will bring me back to the server hence I should be a LOT more active then I currently am. I'm currently on holidays and should be able to dedicate a lot of time to the cop force. #InactiveMemes. If you were demoted for any reason other than Inactivity, you are required to have at least two referrals from a Sergeant or above. Who are you referrals (@their forum name): I stepped down.
    11. Pezza

      Winner Winner Chicken Dinner https://gyazo.com/bec1d2f35d9cc2fb1ebb19234215fc2e
    12. Pezza

      Kerbal Space Program <3
    13. Pezza

      @Wex You can't say that people wanna have fun and that they'll go where gunfire is... Then support that monthly post where somebody gets killed by cop and suddenly all cops are shit?!?!. When you tell them to go away, you either get 1 of 2 Responses "Or What" - Trying to initiate a Dec so they can kill the cops "THAT'S A DEC FUUUKKK" - Then they go and kill the cops The fact that some Civs just go around in the city and get crossfired at the pure fact they hate cops and want them to get in trouble or just wanna kill them. This goes back to the same issue which I've bought up multiple times the trust between Civs and Cops. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're around gunfire, personally you deserve to be killed. And if you get annoyed at the crossfire.. If you're unable to look at your own actions and only look at the accident on the other side then there's something wrong. If you stay around the area where there's gunfire there's a reason it's called crossfire and there's no issue. You can't have a go at the cops for killing you if you're unable to see where you are and what you're doing. Especially at the Event on Straya Day where people would shoot then run into a crowd. You'd think that if you're truly innocent then you'd do 1 of 2 Things; Tell the cops who it is or leave the area. That's all I've got to say without making an essay. Pezza
    14. Pezza

      Hello All, Over the recent week, a lot of people have been asking me for my opinion on certain issues. I'm here to address as much as I can and hopefully clear some things up regarding Cop, Civ, and Medic. Cop The main issue that I've been asked for my opinion is regarding promotions and how they're being given out. In my eyes promotions are deserved, they're not something which should be given out for doing something for a certain amount of time. They're also not something which you gain for backstabbing somebody else. Cop has been really and still is quite competitive for promotions; This is good as it keeps people motivated. However, it reaches a certain degree of insanity as people try and backstab people for promotions or a chance to reach a top rank or achieve a senior role. In my eyes if people do something wrong, if it's severely wrong; yes report it to a high rank. However certain people going out of their way to ruin others reputation or report them for everything small thing they do. I love the promotion system however it's gotten to a point that people are trying to pick on other people or are scared they're not going to get promoted. This isn't a system where time gets you everywhere. People get places from being exceptional at doing what they do. Promotion is something which is a reward and not something which is gained by reporting certain cops or being apart of the APD for a certain time. Civ There's a lot to be said about civ right now. I'll try and keep it focused on civ's and not in their relation to the cops. I think the highlighted issue with the Civ faction is the ability either; Not to Help Each Other or Pick on the Cops Teamwork is an essential part of this game, it's something which can't be avoided in this game or in life. Being apart of a team is vital to surviving and exceeding in this game. You can't do it alone. However, you're able to use the group "Civs" to help you go places. Instead of robbing them, tax them. Make them work for you, where they get some cut. It's a situation where they're new to the server and are trying to establish a working knowledge of this server and how things work. I know @Rhys Beckett is very good and kind when it comes to new players. He see's new people, invites them to his gang. Teaches them the ropes of the server and helps them get on their own feet. Whether it's giving them money or even not trying to kill them. This can be beneficial as it keeps them on the server and increases the population. It's good right now, as there are a wide variety of gangs on the server. With the new gang base system it should create some competition, however shouldn't stop groups from working together in other aspects of the game. Ok, something I wanted to avoid however here I am finding myself writing about it..... The relationships with Cops. I'm not sure who was on last night, nobody was aware of this, however I was running a bit of an experiment on Cop and Civ. Whilst on Cop: I went out and manned CP1. I walked towards the old PC1, within 23 seconds of walking outside city limits I found myself surrounded by 5 striders. It's a situation where the cops don't want to fight however just want to explore the world outside city limits. This will lead back to another post where Civs can't have nice things due to a bad relationship with the cops as they know they're always being baited to situations. Whilst on Civ: I was under an alias just standing at Syd bridge it took 4 minutes for me to be cross-fired and killed by a cop. Now I know in both of these scenarios these accidents are waiting to happen. However just wanted to come in and see how bad it really was. Medic Where have the Medics Gone? As much as it sucks to say, they've been poached to another server. They were offered high ranking roles in another server and they took the chance. That's there decision to make, however, that's where everybody's gone and I'm sure they'll be back soon.
    15. Pezza

      Hey Guys, Just curious, what are some events you guys would like to see coming to Altis life? There are the usual; Purge, Race, Amazing Race ect. Does anybody have any out of the box thinking for an Altis Life Event? If you do please Comment Bellow or forward your message to myself or a Community Team Member! Thanks Heaps, Pezza
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