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  2. Metallic's Aviation Application Identification Name: Metallic In-Game rank and Callsign: Senior Constable - [K14W] Age: 16 Questionnaire Why do you want to join as an Aviation Officer? (Minimum 50 words): I am incredibly passionate about aviation in real life which explains my very deep interest in being involved with POLAIR. I want to join as an aviation officer as I am fully willing to train and teach people how to use POLAIR as an effective and useful tool for the rest of the entire force. What do you hope to achieve in as an aviation officer? (Minimum 30 words): I want to create a fantastic reputation for the aviation division/side of the APD. I hope I would create a POLAIR course that officers would be excited and willing to complete. What can you bring into the Aviation Team? (Minimum 50 words): Knowledge - I have over two thousand hours and have been on StrayaGaming since 2016. I have developed a lot of knowledge on both how the APD works and how POLAIR can be used as an effective weapon against retaliating civilians. How much experience with aviation do you have? (In and out of game): I am no pilot in real life but I do have knowledge on commercial aviation around the world and is my biggest interest. I do plan to become a private pilot and become a position in real life linked with aviation. I have 2,000 hours in ARMA 3 with most of it being involved with some link of air vehicles. Have you ever been kicked/banned/watchlisted on StrayaGaming? (If so explain): Few times for going AFK on cop. Have you ever been the subject of any Disciplinary Action within the APD?: Nope. Conclusion Recommendations? Fedora Any recommendations from other officers? Who likes this post - Sterling, Orange-inal, Fedora Anything else you wish to tell us?: Nope. Have you read the Altis Police Department PolAir Protocols?: All of it. By placing this application you acknowledge that any work you do for the APD can be edited by the Command Team and other Academy Officers without your consent. Any work you do for the APD remains the property of the APD. Any "Code Trivago" or confidential information you are given is to remain unreleased into the Community.
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    hi, you're very new
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    You could supposedly join us as the police and help protect Altis, we’re always open to new recruits
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    At this stage, it’d just have “SYD” in it. I’d love to see the callsigns on it but many worry it’d have a big hit on the mission file size. There are 2 variants, the black and the white which are the same but have different colours.
  8. Metallic

    Update: Police Car Prototype After an entire day of doing changes and modifying it after receiving TONES of feedback, I think I have completed the GD cars! All I need to do now is get the big boy police command's approval and the manager/senior staff approval. This might not be the finished product, I still might to many changes but this is what I'll be submitting >:D
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    @Prophecy Ignore how it's a very bright white, in photoshop it appears grey but it comes out a really bright white if it's not black xd
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    I will experiment with that >:D
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    Update: Police Car Prototype
  12. Red was here 2020

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    Update: Sydney Gas Station
  14. My development project called “Altis Life Enhanced” is a long term project I will be focusing on to completely refresh the map to make it more suitable for roleplay. Hello and welcome to the first part of the project! Reworking then Sydney police department, police skins and intercity has station. I’ve decided to rework the PD first as it looks bland and old. Prophecy and I have come up with a master design which is based on practically and actually looks really good. The new PD is fresh, colourful and is more neat. And the best part is people can no longer shoot out the PD windows lmao. I’ve also started working on new police car skins to replace the current 4 year old cruiser skins. On the side, Prophecy and I have also had a crack at the new intercity gas station. This thread is here for us to receive suggestions and feedback from you guys that hopefully isn’t extremely toxic criticism. FAQ: Q - Aight Metallic, your goal is to make the FPS even bad? A - The opposite. During the map cleanup, I am removing all unnecessary objects which both ruin FPS and look horrible like unnecessary scrapyards, abandoned military or industrial facilities. All of the stuff I make are static simple objects which are set to behave like map objects which significantly helps with performance. If anything, this project will help with FPS. Q - Bro, you’re not even a dev, why you even doing this? A - Myself and other contributors to the project are willing to make Altis Life better and more attractive for new players. This is plainly a community driven project that is working with official StrayaGaming developers and management of ingame divisions to implement our ideas and updates. Obviously I can’t update all the cool showcase images above so the image listed below is the most updated image of the PD being made
  15. Metallic

    just why