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    1. 1LT Xiverta

      I mean you made the post so yeah....
    2. 1LT Xiverta

      Oh thanks for reminding me i had to change that
    3. 1LT Xiverta

      If you want to make a montage, dont include you dying and getting knocked
    4. 1LT Xiverta

      Saying something is bad isn’t being toxic, sorry little snowflake
    5. 1LT Xiverta

      I don’t understand what you’re getting at or why you needed to ping me
    6. 1LT Xiverta

      shoots an unarmed man in the back running away and thinks he is good. LMAO get some skill then make a montage this is trash
    7. 1LT Xiverta

      Na fam im not woolie or rackers XD
    8. 1LT Xiverta

      No i wasn't actually, What i said was "Oh Asnee, i didn't know he was a medic now" And "Oh drone is black listed again last i remember he was pretty toxic". At no point did i say anything about the medic command team cause i believe it or not like the medics and the medic command team. @Asnee Sorry for the confusion but i believe some person not mentioning names miss took what i said, It happens no harm.
    9. 1LT Xiverta

      I was mainly a cop known as Wolf/Xiverta the only call sign i can remember having was K17W or as a Star member , Perhaps its best you dont know of my past ahahah
    10. 1LT Xiverta

      G'day peoples Hello again its me Wolf the well known hated former cop and STAR member, Just dropping this post to say sorry for being a toxic asshole for the last 3 years on straya. I'm Hoping i can make a new start with some fellow Vets and make up for my past as toxic teen on the community. Am i asking for you to forgive my wrongs? Naaa, I'm just looking for a chance to rebuild on the ruins of my past and make some mates. If you want to leave hate that's up to you, i should get some cop for being an asshole for so long. Cheers Cards/Wolf/Xiverta Apologizes go to the following for being a **** (Mainly cops) @Wex @JdawgZ @Kat. There are more i just cant really remember all names
    11. 1LT Xiverta

      Classic rackers, Chats shit gets in trouble gets banned then crys when the punishments become real
    12. 1LT Xiverta

      We have both been around straya cops long enough to know this has been happening since the start mate, Its straya cops what do you expect
    13. 1LT Xiverta

      @Jay your about to catch these hands talking like that mr i&a, your as good as the bots you fight
    14. 1LT Xiverta

      any one else agree? Good days
    15. 1LT Xiverta

      Sounds just like HC KOTH my specialty, I might have to join in and rep Altis Life.
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