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    1. 1LT Xiverta

      doesnt help when i keep going against p but i left all my gangs so im just a civ till i join another @Connor McGregor
    2. Name of person applying (In Game Name): Wolf Drivers Licence Number (Arma 3 UID - How to find it, click here): 76561198086432134 Phone Number (TeamSpeak UID - How to find it, click here) : ztD1GLbwJMYMhmR7h5iPGeI4MLg= Your Age: 18 Referrals (Must have at least 2 ICP+): Caboose, Iamjack, Drone boi. Hours played as pubslot medic (Provide an educated guess): 21 Why do you want to join the APS? (Min 150 words): I would like to join the APS because i find great joy in RP and i like to do serious RP, i am also extremely dedicated to a job or faction that i join / apply for. In the past around 1 and a bit years ago on September 17th 2017 and since then i have wanted to come back and play for again for ages because of the fun i had and the great people i met back then.Other than that i can also bring in my passion and experience of RPing that i have gained from playing straya for 4 and a half years. I also would like to join the APS because i have been playing Civ for around about 1 year and a bit and as much as i like to do farming and rebel RP it get quiet boring after a long time and i have never pushed hard to climb the ranks in the APS so that maybe one day i can teach people how to play and take a hand in leading the APS. What can you bring back to the APS? (Min 100 words): What can i being to the APS, well i can bring my past knowledge as a medic to the current team and expand a pon that knowledge and learn with others to improve and make the APS a better place for people to join and have fun. And as mentioned before i am extremely dedicated to a role or job and determined to end up places to help in leading and running the APS and i am bound by what i say i will never leave the APS until required, Also i live by my honesty and will always take blame for my actions and mistakes and will ensure to report any wrong doings. I can also as weird as this sounds us my ADHD and express it in a positive way helping people laugh and have fun on the job. How ever at times i can be dead serious and will ensue a task that has been handed to me at all cost and the the best of my skill. Have you ever been banned or received disciplinary actions (This includes server punishments and punishments within the Police/Medic Department): I was blacklisted from cop for being disobedient / questioning order - Being a little rude and mad.
    3. 1LT Xiverta

      @nclem remember when we roled with just lethal around neri bank time no knockdowns just kill. shoot to kill but taze if possible
    4. 1LT Xiverta

      Remember the killer brief case that people kept running into and dying or the exploding vans XD
    5. 1LT Xiverta

      🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂⛏ im sure the callouts will be helpful but we can’t “flame” each other or you get warned. (Pointing this out so no one else gets warned)
    6. 1LT Xiverta

      Sub to pewdiepie?
    7. 1LT Xiverta

      We need to land this missile in the ocean
    8. 1LT Xiverta

      @nclem holy shit i remember the old Logo and UI
    9. 1LT Xiverta

      @Chadd @bouda118 thanks a lot guys i really appreciate it
    10. 1LT Xiverta

      @bouda118 thank I’ll be sure to try them out
    11. 1LT Xiverta

      Maybe make an event with a major invasion force with 2 apc maybe and 80 soldiers and make them move from the shore to the nearest capture point or store? Idk just a hypothetical. And players can try take them out and claim the apc and gear
    12. 1LT Xiverta

      Pretty fukn wierd choice but A+ dedication in the heat
    13. 1LT Xiverta

      At this point everyone knows im pretty shit house at pvp but I have my moments. I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to improve so I and my gang don’t get rolled every time. (I know arma is a better ping and pc means better chance but outside of that any skill builders)
    14. 1LT Xiverta

      Oh you mean when wex was a pub slot and I put him through the windshield good times @Hope
    15. 1LT Xiverta

      remember when lead sin constable was a thing. or when vertigo that bad youtuber got us all demoted cause he didnt like how people talked and one kddo abused him
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