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    1. 1LT Xiverta

      @Jay your about to catch these hands talking like that mr i&a, your as good as the bots you fight
    2. 1LT Xiverta

      any one else agree? Good days
    3. 1LT Xiverta

      Sounds just like HC KOTH my specialty, I might have to join in and rep Altis Life.
    4. 1LT Xiverta

      @Daywalker Actually if you remember what it use to be was Prob.con get sups on there mx and taser pistol that's how it use to be XD
    5. 1LT Xiverta

      yes please and can they be added to contractor? XD
    6. 1LT Xiverta

      thats too close to my gang
    7. 1LT Xiverta

      What the frick man why you godda call me out
    8. 1LT Xiverta

      @JagzZ well your wrong there, you were the one i killed on the rocks in the wet suit but i didn't put the clip in
    9. 1LT Xiverta

      @RadScorpionIf your interested join in and @ coco on the discord ill dm you
    10. 1LT Xiverta

      Name: Wolf Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): 76561198086432134 Date of Disciplinary Action: 08/09/2018 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Black list from cop Who were you Disciplined by: Fusionable Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Being Disrespectful and back chatting higher ups, Also telling Mitch to kill him self on while civ. Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] My Black list appeal should be accepted because i believe i have put in the effort to reduce my aggression and toxicity, Along with my past problems my major one was my attitude and maturity which i have also rained in. And over my time i have been gone i have re-found my fondness for playing cop and i would like to come back and bring great past memory to other OG cops and help the newer players learn to play cop. Along with as requested and the task i was given i proved my loyalty and dedication to a faction and showed i am a man of my word. Any other information: Its just as you asked for Corey i made it to ICP, i will be staying medic however i hope this means i can get that contract we talked about, thanks. @Corey.
    11. 1LT Xiverta

      @RadScorpion Yes, why?
    12. 1LT Xiverta

      Who are you
    13. 1LT Xiverta

      always keep marching forward, but if you ever look back we will all still be here for ya
    14. 1LT Xiverta

      dam it would be nice if we could have those LV5 for banks XD
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