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  1. MakingBacon

    I can see your point, but I think it'd be the equivalent of blocking or mining a vehicle store. People won't be happy if the vehicle they stored gets immediately destroyed or made obsolete by a few walls or an AT mine. I have no problem with people taking shots at the gunstore with their stored vehicles, it's only when they store the vehicle as soon as you return fire. Your solutions would only serve to make the gunstore harder to take and give reason for people to complain, where as a timer/cooldown would solve the problem of storing vehicles after taking fire, and would minimise complaints from either side. No disrespect. Just Opinion. MakingBacon AKA Sluggah
  2. There should be some sort of timer/cooldown on parking and retrieving vehicles from storage, far too often do you see someone pull out a tigris,varsuk or any vehicle alike take a few pot shots at the gunstore then as soon as you retaliate they park the vehicle. Not gamebreaking, just a massive pain in the ass when you get at most one rocket off on a vehicle before it's parked and ready to go again later. MakingBacon AKA Sluggah