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  1. Godbless <3


    1. Cpt. Duck

      Cpt. Duck

      m8 ill come to ya dumpster of a house and poo in your pillow you little shit


  2. Cpt. Duck

    I gotta get someone to lock the thread so there is no redo
  3. Cpt. Duck

    Basically I took every gym in a small town in Victoria tonight.... Ignore the name btw <3 Love my brother Harambe <3 RIP his soul
  4. Cpt. Duck

    You guys did a great job, it is sad to see you leave but don't leave feeling like you you have failed the community at all, love both of you <3 keep up the good shit -Cpt. Duck
  5. Borrowed my mates GPU, game runs just as well as it did with my GPU which was newer and worth 3 times as much... although I did have to change the graphics to low... should be active a lot more now guys! sorry about the absence <3

    1. Gotenks


      your gpu is only for the graphics! its only going to change ur rendering and the graphics of things. Your CPU is what runs the game and thats why its not making much of a difference. 


    2. Cpt. Duck

      Cpt. Duck

      yeah I suppose but thought this game would still require more GPU power than it does...

    3. Gotenks


      not really. only if you run on like high or ultra. Turn off shadows, lighting, clouds etc and you should be fine. 

  6. Cpt. Duck

    My favorite part of our community is the fact that I can say 'our' we are all apart of it, we all contribute, some think severs are run by the staff and the staff alone, without the community there would be no staff team, there would be no Straya gaming, I have been in this community since the very first Altis life server which was around 2 years ago now... the reason that I unlike many other staff members have chosen to stick around is because the community is like a family to me, I get messaging all the time just saying hey and whats up... when I am absent for more than a week on the community I feel like there is something missing and that I am constantly bored. This community literally keeps me going, I am literally in year 12 and should be using all my time to study which is why I am absent half of the time... but I would rather be here with all of you than work my heart out to get a 2 digit number that defines the next six months of my life, you guys all mean more than that to me... plus I am poor as shit as my gpu just broke :'( and cannot afford apex <3
  7. Cpt. Duck

    got a mate with like $25k worth of camera gear and all he does is take auto HDR photos of his car hahahahha
  8. Cpt. Duck

    just a nikon d3100 which is pretty bad but best cheap DSLR
  9. Cpt. Duck

    Take photos every now and then... http://finnpettittphotography.tumblr.com/
  10. Cpt. Duck

    You didn't add the part where you shot and killed me then when the public slot cop arrested me without word and then Denis forced me to pay a $75k ticket which I tried to rp my way out of as it was only for wearing the guerrilla smocks which don't even look like rebel clothing, classic day in Sydney #Noflame #onlyflameforlackofrp #REEE #<3 #hashtagsdon'tevenwork <3 I liked the undercover shit though boys, except you were wearing illegal face masks hahahaha and had the 6.5's which kinda blew it away
  11. Cpt. Duck

  12. Cpt. Duck

    Altis is never really wiped what so ever, however recently the vehicles were wiped to make the server run a little better as some inactive players had around 20+ vehicles filled with gear and the server had to load them up every time the server was launched, but don't expect a full wipe anytime soon, and if worst comes to worst and we have to wipe the server there will most likely be a huge notice with a countdown so that you don't lose everything straight away