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  1. Jack Tickletoes

    This was supposed to be out last year December and was said to be out by connor now its gone cause he probably stopped doing it, we were getting updated on the progress and now we aren't so we are best to assume its just going to stay Altis Life how it is as it seems to be working even though most people are bored and want something fresh. To be honest just wait for Altis Life to die again like it did last year cause that will let the dev team know to stop delaying shit and bring it out or atleast tell us something about whats going on.
  2. Jack Tickletoes

    I (Ghilly) like what vitale is on here with as when SP took over the city police informed me that we could wear civ clothes and fight the rebels off which i proceeded to do, lets just say it involved a very salty Rhys Beckett and me getting kicked from the server. If im a civilian and want to help the cops out it should be fine i mean it is our city as well and i say let them go for it if we wear civ clothes that make us not look rebel we should be able to assist. It is pure bullshit that civs have to sit back bored as **** because we cant leave safe zones without SP shooting us which was the main reason me (NaziDrugLord) and a bunch of other guys got some weapons and started to kill SP. I want to fight back i do not want a rebel group controlling my town! Plus we were declared with SP when they shot me so we had every reason to go and kill them so it certainly is something that needs to be worked out. I do agree that it should be monitored so that a shit load of people drive in with rebel vehicles shooting everyone. Just civilians with a katiba or something nothing big.
  3. Jack Tickletoes

    @Jack Tickletoes aka ghilly will be there (Ignore my past <3) Ill see but most of my boys probably wont be on so ill see
  4. Jack Tickletoes

    I would be keen to bring back PMC's which i have already gone and organised ahead of time but if you do not ever want to re add them then ill just have to work something else out. Would love to privately discuss ideas with you and @Rhys Beckett has had the idea and wants to bring them back as well, i would be proud to manage one as i ran Black Hawk Security quite well until the cop force went down. I have an extreme amount of ideas and things i would love to discuss with you after this livestream. Thanks Ghilly