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  1. Roger Purple

    sheeet AL dead? who would of guessed
  2. Roger Purple

    @Brodie im your buddy, it such an honor from a person like you.
  3. Roger Purple

    Forum Update Added Added Senior Administrator Group Added Servers Tab Under Drop Menu > Forums Added Premium Member Page Added Premium Page Added Corresponding Tags Next to Staff Name - To Minimise confusion Added Senior Administrator Tab on Staff Directory Added - Tanoa Exile Forum Added - Conan Exiles Forum Added - Development Team - In replacement of Separate Development Areas Changed Changed - Forum Layout of Right hand side of homepage Changed that now - Strayagaming.com and strayagaming.com.au link back to the forums Changed Staff Colours Red = Server Manager Blue = Administrator Light Blue = Moderator Dark Blue = Senior Managers [Community/Development/Operations] Green = Senior Support & Support Team Removed Removed - Global Admin Group Removed - Global Moderator Group Removed - Separate Development Areas Cheers All
  4. Roger Purple

    Hey Everyone! The longer we are here, the bigger we get. we are at 6,000 members, that's crazy and awesome. i remember reaching 3,000 members, April 2016, and now 10 months later, we have doubled, that's just insane, Thank you everyone for your support of StrayaGaming, and making it your home for so long. We Love your support and we are here to make 2017 one of the best years of StrayaGaming for our community members. Im excited to see what installed for all of us in the next 10 months! Cheers Everyone
  5. Roger Purple

    There is a bunch of role play experience on our server, and you should be able to do it, i apolgise for you have this experience, and i will talk to the commissioner and staff about your complaint. In future reference, please contact the Community Manager or Myself if you wish to vent your concerns. Regards Roger Purple Community Lead
  6. Roger Purple

    this will just end in a flame war, and the managers are there to manage staff/community, for our players. so please contact them about your complaint.
  7. Roger Purple

    Hey @Dr. Psycho staff arn't there for customer service, they are there to keep the server clean and fresh. and to make sure players are abiding by our rules, staff shouldn't be hostile towards anyone as tiggati has said, but i dont think this discussion is appropriate for a thread like this, i suggest talking to @TrueBlue or @LEOPARD and go from there with your staff complaint. The players have a right to be treated fairly and with respect, but so do our staff members, they volunteer their time to help players out because of their passion. So please next time message the operation guys before going to a public forum.
  8. Roger Purple

    Welcome bud
  9. Roger Purple

    Hey all just a couple quick changes to the forums have been made Added - Wasteland Veteran Group Added - I&A Veteran Group Added - Community Team Group Added - Graphics/Texture Team Leader Group Added - Articles - Thanks to vizzN Added - Texture/Graphics Team Added - S.G Logo on top of Tabs [Loading Bar] Removed - Texture Developer Group Removed - Graphics Developer Group Removed - Social Media Team Group Changed - Community Lead From CEO - Leading the Community Changed - Supporter Colour and Image Cheers All!
  10. Roger Purple

    You're Welcome
  11. Roger Purple

    plugged by playstation controller in oh damn here i am carrying a plat 1
  12. Roger Purple

    @vizzN i should reply to people like you but i guess you made me...
  13. Roger Purple

    *COUGH* Carried Rainbow Six Siege is defiantly a winner, i just got the division on xbox one and so far iv enjoyed it. Space Engineers is defiantly one i want to try, and i was never a fan of CS:GO
  14. Roger Purple

    Thanks for everything Lachlan, you gave me my support tick <3 Take it easy bud!!
  15. Roger Purple

    At the moment, yes